Cleaning and Care for Mobile Devices

Name a better duo than your mobile phones and hands…we’ll wait. Research shows that we touch our screens up to over 5,000 times for us heavy user. We would likely spiral into a series of tantrums or feel completely lost if we misplaced our mobile devices.

But how often do you stop to consider the host of illness-causing germs (including the COVID-19 virus) that live on the surfaces of your must-have mobile devices? Unless you’re a self-proclaimed germophobe, we’ll assume it’s not that often.

Covering your face, washing your hands, and observing social distancing protocols is great! But failing to clean some of you most-touched surfaces leaves you susceptible to illnesses and grossly unsightly devices.

Now comes the million-dollar question; how do you remove gunk, clear fingerprints, and disinfect your phone without compromising its surface with an eye-sore of scratches?

Read on for our phone cleaning tips…

Tips to Cleaning and Sanitizing Cell Phones and Other Mobile Devices

First things first; know your cleaning products! Start by differentiating between what works and what will cause more harm than good to your mobile devices.

As a rule of thumb, clean your mobile devices with a textured microfiber cloth and a water-based disinfectant. Steer clear of window cleaners, hand sanitizers, kitchen cleaners, paper towels, ammonia-based cleaners, makeup removers, vinegar, and dish soap. So put down that bottle of bleach unless you’re planning to fork out extra dollars to get a new high-end phone.

Here’s how to clean and care for different mobile devices:

  • Tablet, Laptop, and Phone Cleaning: Did you know that it’s advisable to clean your phone at least once every day? Sanitizing cell phones or laptops may not be the first thing on your mind—but it’s necessary, especially as COVID-19 cases continue to soar around the globe. If you’re using a cleaning solution, first turn off your device, apply the formula on a microfiber cloth, and gently wiping your devices. Alternatively, you can use specialized disinfectant wipes.
  • Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers: If there was a hierarchy of the most touched mobile devices, smartwatches and fitness trackers would be second in command after cell phones. And like phone cleaning, you can use both wipes and microfiber cloth bathed in a cleaning solution for a lint-free, streak-free wipe-down.
  • Cleaning Earphones and Headphones: Use a microfiber cloth dampened with a water-based disinfectant cleaning solution. And don’t forget to dig into the gunk or wax sitting in grille parts of your AirPods.
  • Cleaning Flat Screen TVs: Okay, this isn’t really a mobile device but it’s an often-neglected piece of tech—and it deserves some love (cleaning) from time to time. Turn the device off and apply some cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth before going over the surface. And ensure your remote control gets in on the action.

Tech Armor – Protect Your Screen, Protect Your Health

Remember that water-based disinfectant we mentioned earlier? Well, this is it! We have not one; not two; not three; but four cleaning kits to keep your mobile devices gleaming and germ-free.

If you want to go all-in—leaving no stone unturned—you can grab the complete cleaning kit.  And if you’re always on the go and carrying an entire set of cleaning products in your back pocket doesn’t sound appealing, maybe a pack of 100 Tech Armor Purify Go Cleaning Wipes will do. You can also buy a cleaning kit with our Extramove formula.

In other words; Say Adios to grime, smudge, fingerprint, and pesky germs! Tech Armor has phone cleaning solutions to keep your devices sparkly clean at a microscopic level.

2019: Return of the Apple iPod?

2019: Return of the Apple iPod?

Retro is in and a lot of things have returned (like the Jedi) and Apple has their own ideas to follow suit.

Apple iPod

And yes… you read the title right: the Apple iPod may be having a comeback!


Macotakara got wind (from Apple suppliers that were in CES 2019) of info that a 7th generation Apple iPod touch is currently in the works. A revamp of the looks/hardware might be in store too.


This just got more solidified as Apple applied for the device’s trademark that would expand its abilities to units for electronic games and handheld game consoles


To put the cherry on top of that confirmation: there’s also found codes of an unreleased of an “iPod9,1” on the iOS 12.2.


What’s in the new Apple iPod?


Quite little is known about the device (Apple and their surprises, right?) but we’ve got some info going to help paint a picture of the iPod! This new device most likely will use the A12 Bionic chip found in the 2018 iPhone models.


Another source indicates that (so far) this will not have Face ID nor Touch ID. Apple may have another interesting surprise for its security picture other than the usual passcode. As for the overall look, it’s still quite unknown if the iPods will be slimmer with a 4-in display or go larger (similar to the iPhone XR).


BUT! There’s a popular render going around about what the new device will look like (plus a glimpse of iPhone 11) with a 7-in Retina Display

Apple iPod

One more thing: we might see it by March according to EverythingApplePro!

Apple iPod

Bonus: It’s not only the iPod we’ll keep an eye on: new iPads may also be on the way. It may be a 9.7-in iPad entry level and an iPad Mini, both with cellular + Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi option only. Which all may be released together in March. Check out our future blogs for more info! 😉


Suddenly feeling nostalgic? We totally understand. Hope your current iPod screen is still intact! From then until now, our promise of “You Play We Protect” is just as strong as our products are!


Head on over to our website or Amazon Storefront to arm your latest devices with our latest products!


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Super Bowl LIII: Ready for the game?

Super Bowl LIII: Ready for the game?

Hut, hut, HIKE!

Ok folks, time for the game of the season!


Atlanta is pumping as the Rams and Patriots will clash once again for the Lombardi trophy!  We’ve got everyone covered with a few more tips and reminders before the big day!

Got tickets to the game?


Awesome! Bookmark this page from Atlanta Magazine to hit up the awesome parties in the area! Enjoy the fun without worrying about your device with our screen protectors!


Wikipedia image of Mercedes Benz Stadium


Not heading to Atlanta but planning a watch party?


Where to watch? CBS will be televising the event and it will be streaming FREE on their website, so anywhere your are you’ll be updated!


It also ain’t a Super Bowl party without awesome food that’s worth it’s own touchdown moments! We’ve found these excellent recipes you can serve out! Buffalo Wings are always a must during the game, but watch out for greasy fingers on your phone or tablet! Not to worry, our top-rated Cleaning Kit will keep everyone’s screen crystal clear.


Plus various drinks too! From orange juice for the kids to beer and wine for the adults! Oh and hold on, you guys should have a designated driver for safety. Our Wireless Car Charger and Mount will help them through their task of getting everyone home safely!


While the adults are watching, let the kids have their fun too! Some play time ideas you can have are Football Word Search or DIY Foam Fingers. Capture the moments on your phone!


For halftime, you can play outside with Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi (this year’s performers) in the background on your device. Don’t worry about the battery as our power bank can pack a punch!


Stuck working during the game?


That’s brutal… we’ve got a privacy screen protector to help you stay on the loop and secretly watch the game 😉 (We totally understand, it’s the Superbowl!)


Even though Tech Armor is based in Los Angeles, we can be good sports and say “Good luck to both teams!” (*wink.. fingers crossed)

Super Bowl LIII

Image from Sports Illustrated

For your tech needs, we’ve got you covered on our website and Amazon Storefront!


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Testimonial: Tech Armor Screen Protector + iPhone 8 Plus vs. Freeway at 65mph!

Testimonial: Tech Armor Screen Protector + iPhone 8 Plus vs. Freeway at 65mph!

We love reading stories about the abuse some people put their phones and tablets through (hey, we’ve all been there).

Your mobile devices are with you every day, so it stands to reason that things go a little haywire from time to time. Over the years, our customer service team has received emails from the TA Nation that detail seemingly horrific events. Crazy things that should have destroyed their screen (remember the riding lawnmower incident???), yet after the smoke cleared, the device lived!

Well, recently Joe accidentally left his iPhone 8 Plus on top of his car and hit the freeway! Normally, that spells death for any device, but he was armed with Ballistic Glass from Tech Armor… we’ll let Mr. Daniels explain:

I have used your ballistic glass and cases for years.  Your products are unequalled by far.  Recently, I accidentally left my phone on top of my car and it fell off at 65 MPH on the freeway.  It somehow got trapped under my car because I thought I had hit something in the road. 

Hours later when I discovered my phone was missing, I pieced together what had happened and what the noise I heard must have been.  I tried calling my phone and to my surprise it rang four times before going to voicemail.  I then used the Find my phone app and located it.  I could not believe it was still on and transmitting.  I went looking for it and found it damaged, but still working!  Unbelievable!! 

It flew off on the freeway, got tangled up with my car and God knows how many others, it was more than 100 feet from the freeway laying on the side of the road and still working.  I attached some photos.

Great product.


Joe Daniels

iPhone 8 Plus survivor

OK… so, is this iPhone 8 Plus pretty?

No, not really… but thanks to premium gear from Tech Armor, it lives to fight another day! The iPhone 8 Plus has a pretty massive screen, so the fact that this was able to take a fall from a moving car on the freeway at 65 mph and still function is a testament to our Ballistic Glass and case technology.

Imagine NFL football players or extreme sports athletes without a helmet or padding… At Tech Armor, we take the hit, so your phone or tablet can play on! Is your device ready for tomorrow?

Arm your mobile gear today!

Are you more of an Amazon shopper (us too!)? Not to worry, we’ve created a custom Amazon Storefront, so you can bypass the clutter of endless search results and arm yourself with premium gear backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

You Play, We Protect

New Mobile Devices for 2019: Rise of 5G?

New Mobile Devices for 2019: Rise of 5G?

2019 may still be a couple weeks away but the internet is already buzzing with talk of new and exciting mobile devices! Adding even more excitement, is the increasing talk about the emergence of 5G, something ALL devices will benefit from in the near future.

We’ve got a list here to help you see what is up for the next year!


Let’s start first with the 5G!


First off, let’s explain what 5G is: this newest data network will allow you to step up mobile internet connectivity with faster speeds on a more reliable network for your devices.


Plus, with higher bandwidth, you’ll enjoy better video call quality and 360-degree video streaming to name a few. Its power will be evident once major carriers are also ready to go after their speed tests.


Qualcomm will be taking on 5G with its Snapdragon X50 and Snapdragon 855, which will most likely be featured on several flagship devices net year.

Which flagship phones might see 5G?


Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus


This is a big possibility for the South Korean company and Samsung may have given a sneak peak of what may be a prototype of the device. The ETA of the device (likely called the S10) will be around the Mobile World Congress just as in 2018 so it may be the first in the year!


Samsung Galaxy Note 10


The next Samsung device will follow suit with the level-up processor which was quite confirmed by by AT&T in its press release. If past years are any indication, you can expect a midsummer launch for this popular phablet.


iPhone(s) (2019)


Apple phones always have something under their sleeve! They’ll have the chance to deploy 5G, but will use Intel chips instead of Qualcomm because of their on-going feud.

How many iPhones will be coming out, you may ask? We’ll help with that in upcoming blogs in 2019 as the rumor mill churns! 😉


OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7T


Yep, they will also be going with the 5G as its CEO Pete Lau confirmed it during the Mobile World Congress Shanghai. The goal for this new device is to compete with the Samsung phones.


LG/Sprint 5G Phone


LG will be releasing a Sprint exclusive 5G-ready smartphone coming early 2019. The fast speed will first be available in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington D.C. with the rest of the U.S. to follow.


LG G8 ThinQ


The newest G Series device from LG should be 5G ready too with Snapdragon 855, which will be out mid-2019. It is rumored the phone will adopt a 4K resolution LCD screen.


Other phones coming out next year?


There will certainly be phones coming out that won’t boast 5G compatibility, but can DEFINITELY still be a head-turner. Let’s check them out:


Pixel 3 Lite and 3 XL


Rumors about these devices have been a will they, won’t they kind of scenario. ETA (if it will come out) is either CES or MWC 2019. Both will be powered by Snapdragon 670 and will be made of plastic instead of glass.


So far, those are the early previews for the 2019 mobile devices! But surely a lot more will be coming our way!


We’ll keep an eye on them and help you out when the time comes by making sure they are protected from any kind of heartbreaking scenario! For now you can check out our website or Amazon Storefront Page to keep your current device intact at ALL costs!




Travel Mode: Holiday Season Must-Do List!

Travel Mode: Holiday Season Must-Do List!

Packed and ready to go?

Holiday travel and rush is among us, folks! Before the craziness reaches to the highest level, here’s a checklist to help you out:


Download travel apps

Our phones or tablets are a great companion when it comes to traveling thanks to apps that can help you search for updates on your flight like Dash Mobile. For road trips, you can get immediate road assistance with NAC Road Service.


Know shortcuts and use them when possible


Take advantage of online check-in and early screening programs like TSA PreCheck or CLEAR to avoid long lines. Not sure which one to sign up for? Forbes breaks down the pros/cons in their article HERE. It’s also smart to keep an online copy of your boarding passes (on 2 devices if you want to be extra sure) and other files needed.


Minimalist packing is a go! 


If you can bring just a carry-on, the better! The Travel Channel suggests avoiding checked bags if possible to reduce travel time. You’ll have no hassle with the conveyor belt or at worst: losing any of your bags. If you do have a checked bags, place all important and immediate documents / items with you in your carry-on at all times.


Mail holiday gifts instead of packing it with you.


Less to bring, less hassle when it comes to your bags on your trip. Security might also ask you to open them if you’ve wrapped it for security reasons. Did you know you can send gifts directly from Amazon to the doorstep of your friends? For example, you can easily send from our Storefront Page 😉


Look at the bright side!


Flight delayed? Long hour or two in the airport? Stuck in traffic? Take it in as newfound time to have fun! Spend time with the fam, enjoy the moment, play games, take photos and capture memories! (Just make sure your devices have enough power for it all!). Every moment is worthwhile 🙂

Have a plan B-Z on your trips


It’s best to be a boy or girl scout most especially on these days. You never know when mishaps might happen like a delayed flight, highly congested traffic (for whatever reason) or your phone suddenly dying while navigating on the road (that last one we can help with!).


Plan a long lead time on your travel days


Less rush, less stress: that’s the dream when traveling! Take time going through security, checking the bags you brought and even go to a lounge. Relax and enjoy the trip, enjoy the ride… and probably more time to focus on calming and having fun with the kids! Also, know the best and worst days to travel during this season to hopefully avoid them 🙂

Download entertainment on your devices


Make sure there’s additional charge in your battery for movies or shows to watch on the plane (if the shows available in-flight are not your cup of tea). For those Also if you prefer a certain list of songs for road trips, download them all to your phone for a fun adventure! Don’t worry about anyone peeking with our privacy screen protectors!


Hopefully our checklist will be able to help you out on your trips! Most tech-related needs for your devices are covered by Tech Armor! From screen protectors, power banks, USB car chargers, MFi-Certified lightning cables… we got them all!

Check out our website and Tech Armor Amazon Storefront!


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LG V40 ThinQ: your next phone?

LG V40 ThinQ: your next phone?

It’s officially here folks! With an interesting feature too!

Yes folks, LG recently announced its new phone, the LG V40 ThinQ with one interesting twist: 5 cameras. You read that right… 5 cameras in one device!! Plus other upgrades were introduced too. Could this be the device you’ve been waiting for? Read on for more info!


Let’s go first with the specs:


First off, the LG V40 ThinQ has a 6.4” QHD+ OLED FullVision Display and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. It’s got a notch too by the way. While the breakdown of the cameras are 3 at the back while 2 on the front.

The 3 rear cameras shoot at the same time with the following photos: standard, telephoto zoom and super wide-angle.


While the front shoots 2 selfie photos at the same time: standard and wide (mostly for a huge group photos)


The audio is tuned with Meridian giving it a boombox speaker, Quad DAC and DTS:X 3D Surround Sound.  It’s also one of the few that still has a headphone jack!


Available in Aurora Black and Moroccan Blue in the US.


Release will be on October 18.


There’s also initial reviews out! Let’s check them out:


CNET’s Lynn La gave it a 8.8 over 10 as it gives out a number of photo options and still easy to hold even with the huge screen. Also one of the very few devices that has a headphone jack.


Android Central’s Andrew Martonik gives it 4 out of 5 stars highlighting the perks of the wide-angle camera as a favorite perk to mix up different photos. Combination of the 3 cameras with LG’s software make the device a downright fun phone to shoot with.


The Verge’s Dan Seifert gives the device a good 8 over 10 score highlighting fast performance and great camera system. While cons can be that LG is still quite slow with software updates.


While Business Insider’s Antonio Villas-Boas says it has “the most versatile camera system on a smartphone to date” as he talks about the cameras of the LG device. Its DAC has better sounds compared to other premium smartphones which can be more evident with music better for it.


Then BGR’s Chris Smith says maybe just hold your horses a bit as there may be a bit more upcoming surprises down the road…that might be worth your while.


Android Authority’s David Imel says the battery of 3,300mAh is a bit small for their liking given the big screen (we can help solve that problem though 😉 )


TechRadar’s Matt Swider gives it a 3.5 over 5 stars  as it may have five fun cameras but may not be always the best and the battery’s a bit of a turnoff (we got that last one covered!)


Ok folks, we haven’t forgotten about the price. It’ll range from $900-$980 and may also depend on your carrier:


Verizon: $980

AT&T: $950

T-Mobile: $920

Sprint: $960

US Cellular: $900


That’s it for the rundown of the new device and initial reviews! Have you decided to buy? That almost $1,000 price isn’t a walk in the park so it’s best to keep is safe at all cost!


Stay tuned on our website and social media channels to be updated 😉


For now you can head on to our website or Amazon Storefront page to get our signature Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector and other mobile accessories like cables, chargers, power banks for your current device (you can use these with your other devices as well!)

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LG V40/ThinQ: renders and launch date revealed?

LG V40 / ThinQ: renders and launch date revealed?

Another ThinQ ?

What’s popular right now is the tag team render from Slashleaks and Onleaks based on factory CAD images.

Render from Onleaks and Slashleaks


For the name, the rumor mill is juggling between the names LG V40 and LG V40 ThinQ (following the other latest releases of the tech-company along with their AI).


Going back to the renders, they seem to agree with Android Authority’s report that this device will be a mix of the V35 Thin Q and G7 ThinQ. The estimated dimensions floating around right now are 158.8 x 75.8 x 7.8-8.2mm and it appears this will also be all-glass with a 6.3-in display (most likely an  OLED screen). This phone is said to be 0.3-inches larger than the LG V30 ThinQ.


Speaking of screen, you might not like it, but it’s still happening… a notch on the display. The Apple iPhone X trend is still alive and well in 2018 and it doesn’t look to be going away with the new LG device. The good news is, the LG notch is rumored to hold 2 selfie shooter cameras.


LG V35 ThinQ


The LG V40 [ThinQ] will also have a horizontal 3-camera set up at the back (this is a first for LG phones)So all in all, if the rumors are correct, this device has a total of 5 CAMERAS in its arsenal! There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack which may feature the Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio and a side-mounted power button and a dedicated Assistant button.


As for the launch date, LG senior official Lee Myung-bak said it could be early-mid October (like October 18). Although the display renders show a November 14 date so there may be a possibility it may be between that timelineHowever, Android Authority estimates a September launch with the phone being available as early as October 5. We’ll keep our eyes peeled on that.


LG V35 ThinQ


The estimated price for the new LG device will be around $700-$900 depending mostly on internal storage or sale prices. That’s it for this rumor round-up! Which rumor are you most interested to come true? For now, let’s make sure your current LG phone is armed with the best protection from drops and scratches! Plus, get other accessories to arm your phone  like Car Mounts, Chargers, Cables and Cleaning Kits!

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Tech Armor Enhance Screen Protectors: The Next Generation in Smartphone Protection

Tech Armor Enhance Screen Protectors: The Next Generation in Smartphone Protection

Defend your phone and yourself!

Keeping your iPhone screen safe from drops and scratches is a founding principle of Tech Armor… something we have focused our efforts on consistently improving over the years to keep up with new device screen technology and shapes. Keeping YOURSELF safe from the potentially harmful radiation coming from your smartphone? Now that’s a whole new angle that has been approached by other companies, but not perfected… until NOW.


Our cellphones emit radio frequency energy and there is increasing evidence that exposure to these waves could increase the risk of cancer. The National Cancer Institute also adds that additional studies must also be done for kids as their nervous systems are still developing and their skulls are thinner- smaller making them potentially more vulnerable.


Even when the phone is just turned on, they still emit radiation to get signal or communicate with cell towers. But the highest dose of radiation is when it’s near your head or even just tweeting or texting in front of your face. Yes, even the selfie could be harming you depending on how close you choose to put the phone to your face.

It’s important to note that the science is still inconclusive here, but the potential downsides are QUITE alarming. Fortunately, cell phones have been around for decades, the number of users has grown exponentially along with the time spent on these devices. That means that all of us have been involved in an active experiment and the amount of data available for research will continue to grow. We must rely on more studies in the coming years to truly understand the effects of these crucial devices.


Compounding the issue, a recent article from The Nation points to the possibility of an industry cover-up where major wireless firms have purposely pushed a campaign of disinformation to squash any scientific notion that cell phones are unsafeRather than wait for what could be decades before definitive answers are reached, Tech Armor has decided to tackle the issue head-on!


That’s why we’ve taken protection to a whole new level with our newest ENHANCE screen protectors!

Aside from arming your device from drops, scratches, and even chipping with our signature Ballistic Glass —- we’ll help redirect the radiation, increase your phone signal and prolong battery life too!


Our Tech Armor Enhance Screen Protectors use our signature Ballistic Glass with a brand new layer of CLEAR Technology from the Venti Group who has a long and proven track record in the antenna space.

“This is a commercial technology that’s been proven and used in cellphone towers and the antennas that are being used in the commercial space that’s been modified with the same technology down to a consumer product which we have here” our GM Joe Jaconi explained during the podcast with KTLA 5 reporter Rich DeMuro.

Photo from RICH DEMURO  


Stronger Cell Signal

Yes, that’s right… protection is only the beginning. Even though our original intent was always to focus on deflecting potentially harmful radiations, CLEAR™ Technology, when embedded in a smartphone screen protector is actually doing more. Third party tests have shown that redirection of these emissions away from the phone concentrates and provides a stronger usable signal. So, in addition to peace of mind, you can enjoy clearer calls, as well as faster data downloads, even in locations that have poorer coverage. Whether you’re on the go, living in a low-signal environment or just plain tired of dropped calls and slow page loads, then Tech Armor ENHANCE is for you!


Longer Battery Charge

It stands to reason that if your phone signal is stronger, your device is working less to establish and maintain a connection to the network, which in turn leads to a slower drain on your battery. We all use our phone in different capacities, running many different tasks and apps, so the prolonged battery charge will vary from person to person. Still, in a closed lab environment, the initial tests have demonstrated up to 40% longer battery life! For a more practical test, check out this review from Zollotech:


More good news: it’s available NOW!

We’ve rolled out these new screens for the most popular iPhone devices: iPhone X, iPhone 6, 7, 8 (and the Plus models) and also the iPhone SE/5s too!  You can get yours now at our Enhance page website or on Amazon!

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Additional Sources:



LG G7 ThinQ: revamped flagship

LG G7 ThinQ: revamped flagship

The tech-giant gave it their all on this device!

After the leaks and waiting, LG has finally released their flagship phone for this year!

Highlights of the LG G7 ThinQ

The rise of ThinQ— a smarter phone. To start off let’s talk about their AI cam mode that automatically adjusts to the best mode for the photo like the usual landscape and wide angle and even a pet mode. It’s also the first phone to have the Google Assistant Button. While it also has the Super Far Field Voice recognition so you can ask Google from up to 16 feet away.


For music or sound experience, they have the Boombox Speaker which amplifies sounds on the inside spaces of the phone. There’s still the 3.5mm headphone jack folks!


How are the initial reviews?


For AndroidAuthority, LG was dead serious about the super brightness mode. The 6.1-in IPS LCD display can go from 500 nits to 1000 nits real quick and does not disappoint with its 3,120×1,440 resolution. Keeping with the trend in other flagship phones, the LG G7 is powered by the ultra-fast Snapdragon 845 processor..

Although they lowered the power of the battery to 3,000mAh compared to the LG G6 battery (not to worry, we have chargers to help you out). For them the most striking feature is the camera’s bright mode which uses pixel binning to turn up the brightness in dark areas.

While Techradar goes into discussing the notch (yes folks, it’s here to stay). This was LG’s way of expanding the the screen ratio to 19.5:9 making way for space to status icons.

To make it more personalized, you can either hide it or choose from different colors to the side of the notch for more fun. It’s quite the mainstream familiar and pleasing smartphone of the year. The LG G7 ThinQ is also available in Raspberry Rose and Moroccan Blue colors they think looks better than the New Platinum Gray color.

While Digital Trends reviews the wide-angle mode of the camera which is very versatile to take 107-degree photos and makes the company one of the only manufacturers to give such spec.


For those in Canada, it just might be your lucky time to buy the phone! You can get a 43-inch 4K TV when you pre-order the device! This only runs until May 31 so Canadians can think twice or thrice of grabby the opportunity. (Still having our fingers crossed that they’d come up with this too for the US!!!)

The release date in the US and Canada is June 1 while preorders start as early as May 24 for some US carriers. Rumor has it, the price in the US may be at $740 with a floor price of $650 based on the LG G6.


I think I’m gonna give this phone a shot!


Excellent! Once the device is released, we’ll be ready to arm your device for the ultimate protection! For sure, we’ll be releasing our signature Ballistic Glass Screen Protector to cover that wide-range screen. And maybe a few more accessories to help you out 😉


Enjoy your new device with no worries of drops or cracks with Tech Armor! Check out the latest products we have to help you out with your device worries on our website and Amazon Storefront Page.

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