A Screen Protector for Your Phone: Why Privacy Should Matter?

There was a time, not too long ago, when computers were the absolute focal points of most people’s lives. They did everything on it: work, gaming and most recently, social networking; if there was something that couldn’t necessarily be done by hand, it was done digitally, and computers were the prime way to do it.

Many of those functions have been taken over by mobile platforms, and the evidence is clear: mobile gaming is bigger than console gaming in some parts of the world, and plenty of companies have been scrambling to make mobile versions of their more popular business solutions so workers can work on the go to maximize productivity: the majority of simplified versions of complex business solutions and productivity apps designed to make our lives that much easier while we are all on our way somewhere. Why? Mobile is simply more convenient: why take out a laptop for business and/or work, or a console when you can do whatever you need to on the go?

Unfortunately, this convenience has come at a price. One with hefty repercussions for the naive and over credulous… PRIVACY. Whenever you’re using a mobile device in public, you can be almost certain that there will be at least the odd person in any crowd with a certain malicious intent who has developed a certain acquired skill at intaking the various passwords, credit card numbers, or even making himself a VIP guest to the very private conversations you might be having with someone you might be chatting with.

In simple terms, this can be called Visual Hacking. A method of hacking that has been around for ages (you may have almost been a victim of luring your PIN code for your credit card or ATM). Today our phones hold and transfer much more personal information and access to much more information than we could have anticipated a decade ago. People are blatantly leaving the content of their screens exposed. Logins, payroll information and countless other sensitive data about you, your friends and family, and the company you work for. All of that! You need to consider if you are okay with this. Or if you should shield this content from visual hackers. How, you ask? There is only one simple and near fail-safe way of doing so, and that is with a privacy screen protector!

A privacy screen protector shields the content of your screen from everyone except you. Simple as that! This means that you can use your phone or tablet everywhere you go without having to worry about visual hackers – or people finding your choice of YouTube video less funny than you!

Privacy screen protectors have a special filter (the privacy filter) that allows light to pass through from certain angles. You can compare screen privacy filters with traditional window blinds. Except, the blinds (the filter in this case) are preset to a narrow front angle, letting you see everything clearly, while people next to you are unable to see the content of your screen. All they see is a darkened/blackened screen. In the case of Tech Armor Screen Protectors, the viewing angle is straight on, but not from the sides. In other words: Only you see what you really want to see and no one else.

Privacy filters are an easy way of keeping strangers from seeing what it is on your phone or tablet. And they are available for laptops as well, meaning you can work on your computer everywhere without having to think about anything but working. This is especially useful if you are handling essential documents, emails e.g., working on public transportation. Or just want to browse your device privately.

You have most likely tried it yourself: The sun is out and it is impossible to see anything on your screen! With an anti-glare coating, light reflections are reduced, letting you see the content of your screen more clearly. This means that you can use your laptop outside when working, something that is practically impossible without an anti-glare coating. Please note, that the screen will be slightly darker when fitted with a privacy screen protector (due to the privacy filter).

Tech Armor’s privacy screen protectors feature blue light reduction. Blue light has been proven to affect your sleep negatively and disrupt your circadian rhythm. This occurs because blue light inhibits the release of sleep hormones, causing us to become more awake. It is for this reason that scientists recommend that exposure to blue light at night is decreased. And this is where privacy screen protectors come in handy. They can reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your device, which decreases the effects of the blue light. You will still get exposed to it, but the effects will be reduced. Without knowing exactly how much the effects are reduced, it is fair to say that using your phone or tablet at night won’t disrupt your sleep as much when using a privacy screen protector.

Bottom Line? Don’t put yourself at risk in this day of age, invest in privacy screen protector that you can absolutely rely on. Your privacy matters to you, so it matters to us, too, and we are committed to your absolute privacy.

Be sure to order your Tech Armor Screen Protector today!

Apple Watch Series 3 Reviews: best partner for your iPhone?

One of the highlights of the recent Apple Event was the new Apple Watch Series 3! Still wondering if it’s worth buying? Is it best to go for the GPS-only or one with cellular LTE connectivity?

Apple Watch

We’ve got some reviews that might help you out!


On the positive side…


Let’s kick it off with positive aspects for both GPS-only and LTE connectivity models!


A great pro is that the Series 3 Watch Screen uses OLED technology which gives clear, vivid and bright images based on Techradar’s review. This type of screen is also highly attractive in the mobile device market.


The iMore team’s review highlighted how great Apple continues to have the the 38mm option aside from the common 42mm wearable size. Consumers have the choice to go for the smaller option because they prefer it or it just fits better on them.


It’s also overall faster and more efficient (which is maybe expected from the new watch). This became more evident when compared side by side with Series 2. Let’s not forget about the water resistance either… that’s a huge plus that carried over from the previous model.

Apple Watch

Now going to the LTE connectivity perks…


It has an always-connected cellular functionality and for the US works on all major cellular carriers which is a nice perk for the folks at CNET. It’s also undeniably  cool to have the LTE network and use the same phone number in your smartwatch.


The Series 3 Watch independently works to connect with your phone: through bluetooth, wi-fi or LTE. And if you’re into fitness, you can stay connected to your phone without having it all the time, which can be quite freeing.


Fitness-wise, it continues to be on a quest to keep you motivated with its activity rings: giving you that notification nudge to help you hit that target.

Apple Watch

Now, for the less positive items…

For both models, there’s still no always-on display unlike other wearables, which can be a turnoff for some. Plus, the battery can drain faster (especially when using the data/LTE connectivity a lot). Speaking of LTE, it can be limited to certain networks and could be costly for some at around $10 for the US. Unfortunately folks, it doesn’t support roaming either.

Going back to connectivity, earlier reviews shared there’s an issue with the Series Watch 3 joining unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks. But the good news is that Apple has fixed the issue.


Sound like the new Apple Watch is a good deal for you?

Awesome! But don’t forget to make sure it’s protected for everyday wear and tear! Especially when you’re using it for exercise! Luckily, we got you covered with our Tech Armor Screen ProtectorsWe know there can really be NO TIME for scratches 😉

It’s a good idea to also pair your iPhone with the best screen protection too! We’ve got you covered for the iPhone 7/7 Plus and the iPhone 8/8Plus! We haven’t forgotten about the iPhone X too!

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5 Favorite Features Of The Apple Watch

The wait is over, and techies are finally able to start buying the Apple Watch – sometimes called the iWatch – and put it to use for themselves. The watch is everything we expected from Apple – sleek, comfortable, stylish, and filled with features.

Those features can of course become a bit overwhelming when you first unbox the watch. After all, with so much room for personalization and performance it’s easy to be at a loss for just where to start. Luckily, we’ve checked out the Apple Watch for ourselves and so have plenty of others. Here’s a quick look at five of the favorite features users are discovering with the watch. Many of these are, naturally, nothing more than apps – but they’re the features that help this watch stand out as a must have for many.

1. Fitness Tracking – Fitness bracelets have become popular over the last few years, and help those who are trying to get healthy figure out just how well they’re doing. But the Apple Watch replaces and enhances those fitness trackers completely. It includes a heart rate sensor and numerous apps that help keep track of what you’ve done. You’ll even get badges as a reward for reaching goals – something that helps add incentive to those who need it most.

2. Remote Control Functionality – The days of losing the remote and struggling to find it are gone. With the Apple Watch you can replace all of your devices. Everything from your garage door to your Apple TV to your iTunes folder playing on your home radio can help you gain better control over everything in your life. It’s a feature we love, and one that you’ll likely feel the same way about.

3. Siri – We can’t leave Siri off the list. Siri makes everything in your life simpler to control. From asking her a question to having her remember different events that are coming up in your life, this is the personal assistant that everyone can have and keep with them wherever they go. She’s easy to use, acts just like she does on the phone, and provide plenty of convenience to you throughout your day.

4.The Digital Crown – The Digital Crown is nothing more than a knob on the side of the watch, and it may not seem like much of a feature. But the reality is that it is the key thing that helps set the Apple Watch apart in our opinion – it makes it much easier to use the watch. Most smartwatches are fairly hard to control due to their smaller display areas, and those with thicker fingers can really struggle. Luckily, the Digital Crown makes it simple to control the phone as it acts like a home button and lets you zoom in and scroll through options on the screen.

5. Apps – While some of the items in the list above are essentially apps, the fact is that Apple is known for its appstore and the robust selection of apps offered in it. The Apple iWatch is no different, and unlike many of the other smartwatches on the market today the Apple Watch will support full, real apps just like those you would expect on a phone.

These are just five of the standout features that have helped us appreciate the Apple Watch as yet another home run for the tech giant. Of course, you’ll want to make certain that you take care of your watch and protect it completely. To help with that, check out our selection of screen protectors designed specifically for the Apple Watch. They’ll keep your investment safe and working the way it should for years to come.

Tech Armor Anti-Glare Screen Protector for the Apple Watch

Coming soon to the world of Apple Watch protection is Tech Armor’s Anti- Glare screen protectors. Word gets around that the Sapphire casing of the Apple Watches have a very high reflective percentage which ruins the color and contrast of the watch’s full-color touchscreen display under any bright lights. Tech Armor has solved that problem by creating an Anti-Glare screen protector that not only holds strong like all of their other products, but also makes it easier for the consumer to take advantage of the full-color display.

new-logo (2)

Each new screen protector is molded and tested to perfection. The new Anti-Glare screen protectors combine scratch protection with a unique matte finish dramatically improving visibility in bright sunlight or office lights. Its protection not only reduces glare and resists fingerprints, but also protects your screen from scratches that reduce the resale value of you Apple Watch.

amazon_warranty-shield-1000x1000_11_4_84It has bubble free installation and features the best protection from scratches, best touchscreen accuracy, anti-fingerprint coating, and of course, the anti-glare technology. The Best part is that each one comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty, which ensures that you get the best possible deals. I am very pleased with this company and it’s products. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Tech Armor Apple Watch Screen Protectors

Apple Watch screens are very protected by the toughness of the Sapphire or the scratch-resistance of the built-in Ion-x glass, but everybody knows that accidents happen. When accidents happen, it is very important that we are insured in some way. That is the reason we have things like, car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, etc. Now that the Apple Watch is out, we all were expecting some kind of insurance, but nothing compares to the insurance Tech Armor has created.

Untitled1Tech Armor has just released a line of screen protectors for the Apple Watch that are the best in production. This company’s dedication to create the toughest protection has stood the test of time as they keep putting out more impressive products after the other. Tech Armor has created a series of Apple Watch screen protectors such as, The HD Clear, The Premium Ballistic glass, and the Premium HD Clear Felxiglass. The Ballistic and Felxiglass are offered one at a time, but the HD clear screen protectors come in a 3-pack and all of these products are protected by Tech Armor’s Hassle free lifetime Warranty.

UntitleddLike I said, insurance! We need to feel protected and Tech Armor creates that safe feeling by not only supplying the best screen protectors on the market, but they also offer you a lifetime warranty just to support you that much more. I support this company completely, and I know I got the best insurance for my Apple Watch, cause even when accidents happen, I’m Tech Armor insured.

Sapphire Vs. Glass Screens

Let’s talk about something that is a concern to us all; let’s talk about glass vs. Sapphire for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch, being the new amazing product that it is, comes with amazing new advances in technology and a stylish new take on how to manage your phone without even pulling it from your pocket. But how well protected is the Apple Watch? In order to answer this question, we need to examine what kind of materials Apple decided to use on its watch.

aAs most of you know, Apple uses Sapphire for most of its high-end watches with the exception of the sport watch, which actually uses Ion-X glass. Sapphire is said to be one of the strongest transparent substances. What is being used to determine the strength of the Sapphire is something called The Mohs Hardness Scale.

bThe Mohs Hardness Scale is a qualitative ordinal scale, which characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. So far, there have already been a handful of reviews done on Sapphire and the glass by means of the MHS, which puts the apple watch to the test to see what will scratch it first. What has been confirmed by reviews is that the Sapphire is almost just as tough as a diamond. A diamond ranks at 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale with Sapphire glass ranking 9.
As strong as Sapphire may be, one thing testing has showed us is that Sapphire nearly doubles the amount of reflected ambient light as apposed to glass. Sapphire has 8.2% reflectance compared to the Apple sport watch, which only has a 4.6% reflectance. What this means is that when you put the Apple Watch under a bright light, it will reduce contrast and color saturation, which robs you of the very impressive aesthetics of the watch’s full-color touchscreen display. In order to remedy this, Apple uses an anti-glare/reflective coating, which will easily scratch off under normal use of the watch. The Sapphire is tough, but maybe it’s a little more Bling Bling than we need.

cThe Apple Sport Watch, however, has the Ion-X glass, which is the same glass used on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The Ion-X glass is scratch resistant and is very similar to Corning Gorilla glass. And Because of its 4.6% reflectance, the Apple Sport Watch can handle bright lights much better than the other Apple Watches.

So when it comes to the fight between Sapphire and glass, who wins? Sapphire is tough but very reflective, and glass is tough enough and barely reflects. If you ask me, I would go with the glass because it won’t reflect and wash out the phone as much as Sapphire and I can just get a protective case from Tech Armor or something to reinforce my watch, but hey, that’s just me.

Prepare For the Apple Watch

Getting ready for the new Apple Watch? How could you not? The new Apple Smart Watch is the first Apple device you actually wear that works seamlessly with your iPhone. Perfect for on the go, the Apple Smart Watch is ideal for the quickest interactions making your life easier while doing it in style.


The features on the new Apple Smart Watch are things like we have never seen come out of Apple before. Astonishing and innovative, the Apple Watch is activated by simply raising your wrist. In order to turn it off, simply lower your wrist.

Every Apple Watch is different and here’s why, it isn’t just because Apple has put out so many different varieties of style, but the Apple Smart Watch, itself, gives you the option to customize your own clock. Instead of Apple deciding for you what your layout would be, like on the iPhone series, you, the customer, are able to transform your Apple Smart Watch into something that reflects who you are.


Once you have created your original home screen, you can now access the variety of applications the Apple Smart Watch provides by simply swiping up or down. For fast interaction and check in, swiping up allows you to view the things you check on a regular basis such as the stock market, the weather, etc. By swiping down, the Apple Smart Watch allows you to check on and respond to any notifications that you might have missed during your busy day.

The newest technology the Apple Watch includes is the process of Force Touch. Instead of buttons that would pollute the screen and or side of the watch, Force Touch allows you to access certain options not provided by swiping. For example, when checking messages, using Force Touch allows you to have reply options. With maps, Force Touch gives you the search options. Force Touch is the easiest and fastest way to access more options from your applications.

The side of the Apple Smart Watch has two things: the Digital Crown, and another button below it. The Digital Crown might be considered as the brain of the Apple Smart Watch. By this, it means that Digital Crown has the ability to access and control any application within the watch itself. It can swipe through apps, zoom in on pictures, access SERI, and anything else that you would need. The button below the Digital Crown takes you straight to the number of people who are in contact with the most so that you can contact them faster than using the phone application on you watch.

Exciting new things are also going to be available on the Apple Smart Watch such as apple pay, activity log, and workout schedule.

The Apple Smart Watch Is up for pre-order right now on Apple’s website. There are three types of Apple Smart Watches and they are: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. Each category is aesthetically different as well as the price. If you plan to buy an Apple Smart Watch, the prices range from lowest being $349 to the highest being $12,000. They come out this week and they will go fast. The Count down is almost over and the watches will be available on April 24, are you ready?