Super Bowl LIII: Ready for the game?

Super Bowl LIII: Ready for the game?

Hut, hut, HIKE!

Ok folks, time for the game of the season!


Atlanta is pumping as the Rams and Patriots will clash once again for the Lombardi trophy!  We’ve got everyone covered with a few more tips and reminders before the big day!

Got tickets to the game?


Awesome! Bookmark this page from Atlanta Magazine to hit up the awesome parties in the area! Enjoy the fun without worrying about your device with our screen protectors!


Wikipedia image of Mercedes Benz Stadium


Not heading to Atlanta but planning a watch party?


Where to watch? CBS will be televising the event and it will be streaming FREE on their website, so anywhere your are you’ll be updated!


It also ain’t a Super Bowl party without awesome food that’s worth it’s own touchdown moments! We’ve found these excellent recipes you can serve out! Buffalo Wings are always a must during the game, but watch out for greasy fingers on your phone or tablet! Not to worry, our top-rated Cleaning Kit will keep everyone’s screen crystal clear.


Plus various drinks too! From orange juice for the kids to beer and wine for the adults! Oh and hold on, you guys should have a designated driver for safety. Our Wireless Car Charger and Mount will help them through their task of getting everyone home safely!


While the adults are watching, let the kids have their fun too! Some play time ideas you can have are Football Word Search or DIY Foam Fingers. Capture the moments on your phone!


For halftime, you can play outside with Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi (this year’s performers) in the background on your device. Don’t worry about the battery as our power bank can pack a punch!


Stuck working during the game?


That’s brutal… we’ve got a privacy screen protector to help you stay on the loop and secretly watch the game 😉 (We totally understand, it’s the Superbowl!)


Even though Tech Armor is based in Los Angeles, we can be good sports and say “Good luck to both teams!” (*wink.. fingers crossed)

Super Bowl LIII

Image from Sports Illustrated

For your tech needs, we’ve got you covered on our website and Amazon Storefront!


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Super Bowl LII Party Tips

Super Bowl LII Party Tips

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year for NFL fans… Super Bowl!!! Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots continue their NFL dominance or can the Philadelphia Eagles FINALLY get that elusive ring? This is sure to be exciting.

Finalizing your party plans or gearing up for your trip to Minnesota for the game (lucky you by the way!)? None of the above cause you have to go to work? 🙁

We have that all covered below!

Getting Ready

Having a Checklist helps! You can see this one for ideas. Or create your own to make sure everything is set! (Special shoutout to those going to the game)

Food (and drinks) at the party are as important as the game! Whip up amazing and easy to prepare food like Cool Ranch Snack Mix or Mini Nacho Pizzas! Chicken wings are definitely a must and here’s a useful life hack: you can evenly coat them using a salad spinner!


Or to have a more football vibe feeling, you can make some Frozen Footballs or Turkey and Avocado Onigiri Footballs! You can view the recipes on your iPad while cooking to keep track. It’s best to protect the screen from smudges while cooking with our Ballistic Glass Screen Protector– the oleophobic coating helps prevent greasy fingerprints. Here’s another useful tip: the Suction Cup Universal Magnetic Car Mount can also stick right to your countertop to prop up your phone or laptop. This will give you an excellent hands-free view of any recipes or a great stand for streaming the game live!


For the drinks, Costco is a great place to save some money, plus maybe get lots of variety for the party. You may be able to buy even without a membership.


Game On

Where to watch? Lots of online TV streaming services in the US offer NBC Sports so you can start there.  NBC will also have a live streaming on their website and on their Sports App for free.


For those at work, the app can really be helpful! Arm your smartphone with a privacy screen protector so you can watch discreetly (we suggest the 4-way Privacy for maximum invisibility)… just try to keep the cheers to a minimum. Want to watch on a bigger screen at work? We have privacy screen protectors for the Macbooks too. 😉


The game can get intense so it’ll be great to have party games as a stress-buster! You can play Charades… on your phone! It’s easy to play and even make your own list. A case and screen protector for your phone may come in handy especially how the game’s played.

After The Verdict

When it’s time for your guests to leave, make sure your Designated Driver is sober for the ride. To keep them company, they can have some tunes while driving. A Tech Armor car charger and car mount can help them out here.


For those in Minnesota, you can eat their popular Juicy Lucy or have some Walleye… great for celebratory or maybe comfort food… Then get a beer or two and chicken wings from one of their Sports Bars like Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room or Iron Door Pub. It’s best to keep a power bank with you so your phone doesn’t die out!


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