2019: Return of the Apple iPod?

2019: Return of the Apple iPod?

Retro is in and a lot of things have returned (like the Jedi) and Apple has their own ideas to follow suit.

Apple iPod

And yes… you read the title right: the Apple iPod may be having a comeback!


Macotakara got wind (from Apple suppliers that were in CES 2019) of info that a 7th generation Apple iPod touch is currently in the works. A revamp of the looks/hardware might be in store too.


This just got more solidified as Apple applied for the device’s trademark that would expand its abilities to units for electronic games and handheld game consoles


To put the cherry on top of that confirmation: there’s also found codes of an unreleased of an “iPod9,1” on the iOS 12.2.


What’s in the new Apple iPod?


Quite little is known about the device (Apple and their surprises, right?) but we’ve got some info going to help paint a picture of the iPod! This new device most likely will use the A12 Bionic chip found in the 2018 iPhone models.


Another source indicates that (so far) this will not have Face ID nor Touch ID. Apple may have another interesting surprise for its security picture other than the usual passcode. As for the overall look, it’s still quite unknown if the iPods will be slimmer with a 4-in display or go larger (similar to the iPhone XR).


BUT! There’s a popular render going around about what the new device will look like (plus a glimpse of iPhone 11) with a 7-in Retina Display

Apple iPod

One more thing: we might see it by March according to EverythingApplePro!

Apple iPod

Bonus: It’s not only the iPod we’ll keep an eye on: new iPads may also be on the way. It may be a 9.7-in iPad entry level and an iPad Mini, both with cellular + Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi option only. Which all may be released together in March. Check out our future blogs for more info! 😉


Suddenly feeling nostalgic? We totally understand. Hope your current iPod screen is still intact! From then until now, our promise of “You Play We Protect” is just as strong as our products are!


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