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  1. Work From Home Fun

    After a few weeks of everyone working from home we decided to break the monotony and challenge everyone to the Getty Museum Challenge of recreating a famous work of art with only items around your house.  The simple rules are as follows:


    1. Choose a painting/sculpture/work of art.

    2. Use only things around your house (no buying anything) as props.

    3. Recreate the art using these props.


    The rules were strictly (kind of) adhered to and below are a few of the recreations the team came up with.  We were pleasantly surprised and I think there were some awesome submissions.  Take a look for yourself and feel free to reach out to shout out to us on Facebook, IG or Twitter if you also take on the challenge!


    We hope you're staying safe and healthy wherever you.

  2. A Screen Protector for Your Phone: Why Privacy Should Matter?

    There was a time, not too long ago, when computers were the absolute focal points of most people's lives. They did everything on it: work, gaming and most recently, social networking; if there was something that couldn't necessarily be done by hand, it was done digitally, and computers were the prime way to do it.

    Many of those functions have been taken over by mobile platforms, and the evidence is clear: mobile gaming is bigger than console gaming in some parts of the world, and plenty of companies have been scrambling to make mobile versions of their more popular business solutions so workers can work on the go to maximize productivity: the majority of simplified versions of complex business solutions and productivity apps designed to make our lives that much easier while we are all on our way somewhere. Why? Mobile is simply more convenient: why take out a laptop for business and/or work, or a console when you can do whatever you need to on the go?

    Unfortunately, this convenience has come at a price. One with hefty repercussions for the naive and over credulous… PRIVACY. Whenever you're using a mobile device in public, you can be almost certain that there will be at least the odd person in any crowd with a certain malicious intent who has developed a certain acquired skill at intaking the various passwords, credit card numbers, or even making himself a VIP guest to the very private conversations you might be having with someone you might be chatting with.

    In simple terms, this can be called Visual Hacking. A method of hacking that has been around for ages (you may have almost been a victim of luring your PIN code for your credit card or ATM). Today our phones hold and transfer much more personal information and access to much more information than we could have anticipated a decade ago. People are blatantly leaving the content of their screens exposed. Logins, payroll information and countless other sensitive data about you, your friends and family, and the company you work for. All of that! You need to consider if you are okay with this. Or if you should shield this content from visual hackers. How, you ask? There is only one simple and near fail-safe way of doing so, and that is with a privacy screen protector!

    A privacy screen protector shields the content of your screen from everyone except you. Simple as that! This means that you can use your phone or tablet everywhere you go without having to worry about visual hackers - or people finding your choice of YouTube video less funny than you!

    Privacy screen protectors have a special filter (the privacy filter) that allows light to pass through from certain angles. You can compare screen privacy filters with traditional window blinds. Except, the blinds (the filter in this case) are preset to a narrow front angle, letting you see everything clearly, while people next to you are unable to see the content of your screen. All they see is a darkened/blackened screen. In the case of Tech Armor Screen Protectors, the viewing angle is straight on, but not from the sides. In other words: Only you see what you really want to see and no one else.

    Privacy filters are an easy way of keeping strangers from seeing what it is on your phone or tablet. And they are available for laptops as well, meaning you can work on your computer everywhere without having to think about anything but working. This is especially useful if you are handling essential documents, emails e.g., working on public transportation. Or just want to browse your device privately.

    You have most likely tried it yourself: The sun is out and it is impossible to see anything on your screen! With an anti-glare coating, light reflections are reduced, letting you see the content of your screen more clearly. This means that you can use your laptop outside when working, something that is practically impossible without an anti-glare coating. Please note, that the screen will be slightly darker when fitted with a privacy screen protector (due to the privacy filter).

    Tech Armor’s privacy screen protectors feature blue light reduction. Blue light has been proven to affect your sleep negatively and disrupt your circadian rhythm. This occurs because blue light inhibits the release of sleep hormones, causing us to become more awake. It is for this reason that scientists recommend that exposure to blue light at night is decreased. And this is where privacy screen protectors come in handy. They can reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your device, which decreases the effects of the blue light. You will still get exposed to it, but the effects will be reduced. Without knowing exactly how much the effects are reduced, it is fair to say that using your phone or tablet at night won't disrupt your sleep as much when using a privacy screen protector.

    Bottom Line? Don’t put yourself at risk in this day of age, invest in privacy screen protector that you can absolutely rely on. Your privacy matters to you, so it matters to us, too, and we are committed to your absolute privacy.

    Be sure to order your Tech Armor Screen Protector today!

  3. The Apple iPhone 11: Unveiled!

    So, here we are! After a year of intense rumors, supply chain chatter, mockups, and renders, Apple has unveiled the long-awaited 2019 iPhone lineup: iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 to the public. 

    If you missed the event, no worries, we've got you covered.
    Here is a quick run-down on the new features, the tech specs, and importantly what it's going to cost you out of the gates!

    At the very core of this update is the integration of Apple's brand new processor, the 123 Bionic, which Apple claims, is the fastest CPU and GPU we have yet to see in any other smartphone, ever.

    Powered by 7-nanometer architecture, it packs 8.5 billion transistors into the package, a massive upgrade compared to the A12 Bionic, which has 6.9 billion transistors. THAT is a whole lot of processing power! 

    The A13 bionic features four high-efficiency cores which are 20 percent faster and consume 40 percent less battery power than the previous generation, and two high-performance cores, which are 20 percent fast and 30 percent more efficient than the A12 Bionic.

    The GPU is also 20 percent faster and 40 percent more efficient, while the neural engine come equipped with eight cores, is 20 percent faster and consumes 15 percent less power.


      • New finishes: Space grey,silver,gold,and midnight green
      • 5.8- and 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR display, highest pixel density of any display Apple makes
      • A13 Bionic processor with new Machine Learning Controller and low-power design (most efficient 7m, architecture, 8.5 billion transistors)
      • All-day battery life (4 hours more battery life than the the iPhone XS)
      • Fast-charge 18W adapter included
      • 12-megapixel wide camera (26-mm,f1.8,6-element)
      • 12-megapixel telephoto (52-mm,f2.0,6-element)
      • 4K 60fps extended dynamic range video
      • 12-megapixel front-facing TrueDepth camera with 4K video support and slo-mo selfies (slofies)


    The iPhone 11 Pto starts at $999 USD, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1,099 USD


      • 6.1-inch LED Retina display
      • Anodized aluminum 
      • Six new colors
      • Dolby Atmos
      • 12-megapixel wide camera (26-mm, f1.8, 6-element)
      • 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera (13-mm, f2.4, 5-element, 120-degree view)
      • Updated image signal processing
      • Next-generation smart HDR
      • Portrait Lighting with Light Control
      • Night mode for low-light photography
      • 4k video at 60fps
      • 12-megapixel front-facing TrueDepth camera with 4K video support and slo-mo selfies (slofies)
      • A13 Bionic processor (fastest CPU and GPU in a smartphone)
      • All-day battery life (1 hour more battery life than the iPhone XR)


    Pricing for the iPhone 11 starts at $699 USD.

    For all things Apple and iPhone 11 related as they transpired following the Apple Special Launch Event today, check out this Apple iPhone resource page on The Next Web 

    We'll continue forward all month with more coverage of this exciting for Apple's new iPhone. Stay tuned for further coverage and don't forget to share your initial thoughts on what you thought of what Apple presented yesterday. We would love to hear from you!

    Thanks for reading.

  4. The iPhone 11: Everything We Can Maybe Expect


    With the iPhone XS,  iPhone XS, and iPhone XR now halfway through their estimated life spans, rumors about the upcoming iPhone have swirling as We are now literally counting down the house to Apple's big launch event draws ever near. Apple's iPhone 11 could include a variety of upgrades ranging from a new design to a triple-lens camera and other enhanced features. Here is everything we might expect about the devices so far. With Apple's launch event going down just in the next few hours, we're all pretty excited how any of these rumors might turn out to be absolute realities.



    New Year,  New Model

    In 2019, sequels to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are thought to be highly likely, and most leaked specifications and details seem to relate to these models. In a recent report from 9to5Mac , it is suggested that the new iPhone 11 models are known as the "D42", which is the iPhone XS replacement, the "D43", which replaces the iPhoneXS Max, and the N104, which is a sequel to the iPhone XR.

    But with all things Apple, they may be planning an iPhone X-style surprise, that is, in that they may also launch two completely new phones this year. The unnamed iPhone devices may feature triple-lens cameras, while the other three iPhone devices will only receive internal updates. If this is the case, it may mean Apple will announce five new iPhone models for September 10th's launch event.


    So, what is there to know about the technical specifications for the 2019 iPhone? Well the processor is surely to get an upgrade, according to an article posted on 9to5 Mac . The article notes that all three rumored models will feature a new Apple A13 chip, currently code-named Cebu. The same article also notes that a new iPhone 11 will have a Taptic Engine, which would help provide better haptic feedback in the absence of 3D Touch.

    One rumor that continues to spread these days is the introduction of what is going to be called "bilateral wireless charging", or two-way charging, which will let the iPhone wirelessly charge other devices. Huawei introduced a similar feature with the Mate 20 Pro, and Samsung followed suit for the Galaxy 10. In an investors report, an analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo said that he expects the 2019 iPhone models to support this feature, indicating it may be available across the range, rather than limited to one single model.


    The camera has always been on the iPhone's top features. So how will Apple upgrade it in 2019?  There are several reports, including one article again from 9to5Mac, linking this year's iPhone models to a three-camera setup, and possibly a 3D sensor as well. Each camera may have 12 megapixels and be produced by Sony, with a telephoto, wide-angle, and super wide-angle configurations, according to research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The selfie camera may also have 12 megapixels, up from 7 megapixels in the current range. According to the 9to5Mac report, the three-camera setup will enable a new feature called "Smart Frame",

    which would essentially capture the area around the framed area, allowing the user to adjust the framing even after taking the photo.


    What will Apple do with the iPhone design for 2019? It could look very different from the current iPhone, particularly from the back, where a new camera lens array may split opinion on the design. The unofficial renders and case leaks mostly show a large camera bump in the rear top containing several camera lenses and a flash unit. Aside from the unusual arrangement of the lenses, what stands out is that the rear panel may be made of a single piece of glass. The front of the iPhone in renders and leaks shows the screen retains the same wide notch introduced on the iPhone X.

    The Apple Launch Event

    We are literally counting the house. As momentum and excitement builds for the anticipation of news and launch of a new iPhone product, be sure to keep up to date by checking back here often for future blog posts. We'll be continuing with our series of posts leading up to the launch of the new iPhone and keeping you informed of the latest iPhone news as it becomes available.


    What are your predictions and hopes for the next iPhone device? Please feel free to share your thoughts.


    Be sure to check out our latest screen protectors and accessories for your iPhone.


    Thanks for Reading!





  5. 5 Features We Would Love to See in the Next iPhone


    It may seem hard to believe, but the next iteration of the iPhones are just within a day's reach for launch, but like many, we've already thinking well ahead. Here are a few of the features we would love to see in the next iPhone, and more rumors you to be aware of.

    So What New Features Will the next iPhone Have?

    1.A Triple-lens camera

    There is substantial evidence to suggest the next iPhones will have three lenses instead of two. This will give smartphone snappers greater flexibility, and perhaps improve the functionality of portrait mode.

    This would not be the first time we’ve seen three lenses on a phone - Huawei P20 Pro has a trio of lenses. Its possible Apple feels the pressure to keep up the pace.

    2.Bilateral Charging

    We talked about this in a prior blog post but it’s worth mentioning again. The next generation of iPhones may be able to receive and give power, much like the 2018 iPad Pro. This will mean you could charge your iPhone, and then use the device to also charge your AirPods, for example. It’s a small feature that could be really useful in the real world.

    3.Upgrade FaceID

    In-screen fingerprint sensors probably won’t make it into this year’s iPhone. However, we may see an upgraded version of FaceID sooner than later.

    Instead of simply scanned the shape of one’s face, the new iPhones may use a technology called “Flood Illumination”. This allows the device to see every vein in your face - a pattern that is as your fingerprint.

    4.Folding Screen

    Recently it came to light that Apple filed a patent for folding smartphone. After Samsung and Huawei went to market this year , it would not be completely surprising to finally see a foldable smartphone.

    That being said, Apple has never been one to chase any new fad. Until the company can produce something worthwhile at a competitive price point, we might not see a folding iPhone anytime soon. This might be something we will have to wait for in the years to come.




    According to a report by the Verge last year , Apple already has a patent for a waterproof lightning connector design. It would be great to see it this year.

    Well this would cover all the new features we would love to see in the next upcoming iPhone. Do you know of any others?   What are the other iPhone rumors you’ve heard? Share with us your comments!





  6. 10 Reasons to Wait for iPhone 11


    Has it been a while since you've upgraded your phone - perhaps waiting year over year for the ideal phone? The 2018 iPhones are still be all means, an excellent choice for anyone, but Apple's rumored 2019 iPhones, the iPhone 11, might be the best choice of all. Those of you in the market for a new phone might be wise to go hands-on with Apple's latest iPhones before (or waiting to buy) your next phone.

    Others might want to start thinking about waiting for this year's crop of iPhones. Being literally just a day from Apple's iPhones announcements, the rumors of credible merit have of course been pouring out of ever major tech blog and website online for months.

    The iPhone 11 Rumors

    Ahead of any official announcement, Apple's registered eleven new iPhone models in the Eurasian Economic Commission database.

    According to Indian blog MySmartPrice , these models most likely represent Apple's new crop of iPhones. EEC filings often come several months ahead of any release and we're already preparing for this month's launch date.

    This shouldn't really come as much of a surprise. The new iPhones will reportedly feature a new A13 Processor, a new camera setup, 4 GB of RAM and a dual-camera setup on the iPhone XR's successor, OLED and LCD displays without 3D Touchm and Apple Pencil support.

    Rumors also claim that the new iPhone 11 ditch Lightning in favor of USB-C like Apple's newest iPad Prods. Other reports claim the company will keep Lightning as the standard on the iPhone 11.

    With all of this and so much more in mind, let's take a look at some reasons to consider Apple's new iPhones.

    Why Wait for the iPhone 11 Launch

    If you absolutely must upgrade your phone, don't wait for the iPhone 11 if you need to upgrade in the very near future and affordability is a primary factor. This being said, if you absolutely must have the latest iPhone and cost isn't so much a factor, you're going to definitely want to tune-in to Apple's iPhone 11 launch event (being tomorrow!) for all the excitement for the new iPhone before making that decision to buy the phone.

    Wait for the best version of iOS 13

    New iPhones typically are released with some exclusive software features so if you want the absolute best version of iOS 13, you might want to hang on for that.  According to some credible rumors, the new iPhones will come with a camera upgrade that rivals Google's Night Sight feature. The feature would help the new iPhones shoot better photos in low light environments.

    Wait for the Powerful Cameras

    The 2018 iPhones come with Apple's arguably best cameras, but if the upgrades aren't enough, you'll want to think about waiting for the potential change coming with the next iPhone.  the iPhone 11 rumors have repeatedly pointed to a new camera setup. Specifically, hinting at a triple-lens rear camera system complete with advanced 3D sensing (for use with Augmented Reality) and stereoscoping imaging.


    Wait for Potential Apple Pencil Support

    Trendforce claimed Apple would be bringing Apple Pencil support to the 2018 iPhone models but this didn't happen. Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple Pencil Support will come to the iPhone at some point, but he hasn't said anything about the iPhone 11.


    Wait for Better Wi0Fi & LTE

    The 2019 iPhones might not support 5G, but they could come with improve Wi-Fi.  According to a Barclays analyst, Apple's new iPhones could deliver support for Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax.  Apple may take its time with 5G, but there still stands a chance Apple is among the first to offer the new Wi-Fi standard on its product line.

    If Apple does install Wi-Fi 6 support on its new iPhones, we can expect better data rates, better service in crowded areas like sporting events and concerts, and improved battery performance.









    Wait for Performance Improvements

    The new iPhones will likely retain Apple's Lightning standard, but it looks like they will come with some improvements to the internal better and a new charging capability.  A report out of Korea claims the new version of the iPhone XR will come with a 3110 mAh battery which would be more than a 5% improvement from the 2942 mAH battery on the current model.  In addition, it looks like the new devices will include "bilateral wireless charging for charging other devices." So in other words, we might be able to use the phones to charge other devices like your AirPods.

    Wait for Better Speakers

    There is a rumor that suggests Apple is making some improvements to the stereo speaker setup.  There isn't much in the way of specifics, but if you want booming sound on your next iPhone, you might want to hang around and see what Apple does with this year's models.

    Wait for Face ID Improvements

    According to some other credible rumor reports, Apple is preparing an upgraded system that lets you use wider angles with unlocking your phone.  iOS will bring improvements to Face ID as well.









    Wait for New Colors

    It looks like the 2019 version of the iPhone XR will come in some new colors.  Japanese blog Mac Otakara claims the new iPhone XR will come in six colors like its predecessor but it looks like two colors will get swapped out.  Specifically, it is looking like Blue and Coral will be swapped out for Green and Lavender. Apple will continue to offer the iPhone XR in black, white, yellow, and (Product) red.

    Wait for More Base Storage

    Rumor has it that Apple plans to increase the base storage on this year's iPhone models.  According to some leaked news, Apple's 2019 iPhone lineup will start with 128GB of storage. Right now, Apple's flagship iPhones start at 64GB of storage and then jump up to 256GB.  This is a huge deal if Apple keeps the base models at the same starting prices. The iPhone XS starts at $999 USD without a trade-in and the larger iPhone XS Max starts at $1099.










    We hope we've provided ample amount of great reasons why the 2019 iPhone could be your next ideal phone. Plenty of what we've discussed here are based on credible news and report sources but expect more details and specifications to be further speculated on in the coming weeks.

    As the new iPhone launch date quickly draws near, we'll continue to share more about our thoughts and opinions on what the public can expect from the next great Apple phone. Stay tuned as we continue with our insights and what we can expect with the launch of the new iPhone.

    What are your thoughts? does what we share here stand for good reasons to wait for the next iPhone?  Feel free to share your comments.

    Thanks for Reading!

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  7. Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10E: finally!

    Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10E: finally!

    Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10E: finally!

    Samsung did not hold back this year with a Fold version too!

    Although it was preceded by a vast amount of leaks and early imagery, this year’s Unpacked was definitely an eventful one with lots more devices coming from Samsung. Let’s do a rundown with the first impressions for these new offerings.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Yep, the South Korean tech-giant took it up a notch by adding the Galaxy S10e this year (guessing as a nod to the iPhone XR) and we were treated to an intro for the new Galaxy Fold too.


    First off, here’s a rundown of specs for the 4 smartphones:


    Device Screen Colors (in the US) Price
    Galaxy S10 (LTE) 6.1-in curved Quad HD+ AMOLED

    (Infinity-O Display)

    Prism White, Prism Black, Flamingo Pink, Prism Blue Starts at $899
    Galaxy S10 (5G) 6.7-in Dynamic AMOLED (still to be announced... available end of April)
    Galaxy S10+ 6.4-in curved Quad AMOLED

    (Infinity-O Display)

    Prism White, Prism Black, Flamingo Pink, Prism Blue, Ceramic White, Ceramic Black Starts at $999
    Galaxy S10E 5.8-in flat Full HD+ AMOLED Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Flamingo Pink Starts at $749
    Galaxy Fold 4.6-in display that takes up about 3/4ths of the frontWhen opened 7.3-in tablet Cosmo Black, Space Silver, Martian Green, Astro Blue Starts at $1,980

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

    After a long period of "will they or won’t they", the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will in fact be the first mobile devices from Samsung to feature an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner from Qualcomm behind the display, while the Galaxy S10e can be unlocked with a Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor on the side button.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Now for the hands on/first impression reviews:


    • Sam Rutherford from Gizmodo sees the GS10 as packed with hard to find mobile tech as Wi-Fi 6 and a new take on the notched selfie cam compared to its predecessor and in the US. Being the first Samsung device powered by the new Snapdragon 855 chipset was also impressive. Meanwhile, the Galaxy 10E can be the phone for those who want a non-curved screen without breaking the bank. Plus, one of the very few who does not have a notch but instead have an Infinity-O hole giving more screen surface usage.
    • Matt Swider of of Tech Radar sees the high 93.1% screen-to-body ratio and in-screen fingerprint sensor is definitely a pro in the Galaxy S10. The painful part is the price and (for the non-Bixby fans), there’s still the Bixby button unfortunately. Initially the same with the S10 Plus sentiments.
    • CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt immediately noticed the S10 Plus as very slippery to the point it fell landing on her purse or lap (yikes). While the Infinity-O display blends with the large screen with slim bezels.


    Ready to get yours?


    Preorders for the Galaxy S10 line (all LTE) already started and will be available by March 8! For those looking for a luxury mobile device, the official launch for the Galaxy Fold shows its availability by April 26.


    You can also check out the offers other carriers are giving for these new devices.


    As for the Galaxy S10 5G, it’ll arrive by Q2 this year as Verizon exclusive with Sprint and T-Mobile to follow.


    Decided to preorder yours? We’ll make sure your new phone’s screen is armed to help with the slippery concerns on the devices.


    Checkout our websiteand get the first dibs on our screen protectors for the new devices! Browse around for other tech accessories to get the signature Tech Armor protection!

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  8. MWC 2019: New wave of devices ahead?

    MWC 2019: New wave of devices ahead?

    MWC 2019: New wave of devices ahead?

    Which one are you excited for?

    mwc 2019

    Barcelona is buzzing with the Mobile World Congress! With various tech giants getting ready... and some even holding an event before the MWC (hello, Samsung), a lot can definitely be expected! Which companies may be arriving with new devices? Let’s have a look at all the info going around:




    What’s confirmed is LG will be announcing a 5G phone which will be sold in the U.S through Sprint (unknown carriers for Europe). This may be the LG V50 that would include a 6-inch display and a Qualcomm 855 chipset. It will go on sale by March.



    We all know by now this tech-giant has a confirmed press conferencewhich may lead to the introduction of the S10 line. Additional announcements may include the Galaxy F/X (the foldable phone) and even a Galaxy Watch Active.




    Sony is still getting into the game with its Xperia XZ4 (rumored to be launched some time in the event). It will be equipped with a 6.2-inch screen in a tall 21:9 aspect ratio and powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor. A compact version is still debatable with consumers wanting bigger screens now.



    While this everlasting brand might launch the Nokia 9 PureView “Beholder”  (through HMD) that boasts 5 rear cameras!! Plus, rumor has it a surprise nostalgic phone could be announced too, which they’ve done for the past years with the Nokia 8110 and the Nokia 3310.




    We may get an official look of the Huawei P30 which is rumored to be available by March. It will be powered by Kirin 980 and may pack 3 or 4 rear cameras.




    With a press event schedule for February 24, we may get to see the Mi Mix 3 5G version and the release of the Mi 9 flagship with a 6.4-in AMOLED screen and a tear drop style notch at the top.




    Yep you read that right. The battery behemoth will have its own booth where they will be displaying 26 devices. Yes folks, 26 devices! It will include a foldable phone, a phone with pop-up camera, and a phone with a notch and for sure a whole lot more. One thing is for sure, a brand known for batteries should be able to able to produce a device that holds a serious charge!!


    Which new phones are you excited for? Let us know in the comment box below!


    Let’s arm your current phone now to keep the resale value high… helping you out in the future when you trade it in for your next device ;)


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  9. Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus: Launching Soon!

    Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus: Launching Soon!

    Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus: Launching Soon!

    Leaks all around? Feb 20: save the date!


    What’s confirmed?


    The South Korean tech giant officially released an invite for February 20 for an Unpacked event in San Francisco with syndicated launch in London.


    What can we expect?


    3 devices will come out for the Galaxy S10 line: Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and the Galaxy S10E (or Lite) which is said to be Samsung’s answer to the iPhone XR.

    Device screen sizes are:


    Device Screen size
    Galaxy S10 6.1-inch screen
    Galaxy S10 Plus 6.4-inch screen
    Galaxy S10 E (or Lite) 5.8-inch screen and


    From the popular Infinity Display and the notches comes now the Infinity-O display for the S10 line. Another interesting new feature is a sound-emitting screen that’s been created by Samsung Display as replacement for the built-in speaker.


    Will the Galaxy S10 have an in-display fingerprint scanner? So far it’s a yes for all three with the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus having an ultrasonic tech while common optical sensor. It’s also rumored to be powered by Qualcomm’s next-generation chipset the Snapdragon 855 for the U.S Market.

    As for the camera specs, the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will have a triple camera system while the E version will have the dual-camera setup.


    For the storage capacity, the S10 will be available in 128GB and 512GB. While the S10 Plus will have 128GB, 512GB and 1TB options. While the S10 E or Lite will have a 128GB storage.

    4G or 5G phones?


    Initially launched will be 4G devices with the 5G version will start being produced during first half of 2019 according to Samsung’s supplier firms. South Korea might get the first dibs on the 5G versions.


    For those decided to get one of the new Galaxy devices, get ready as pre order may be right after the announcement while phone release date will be by March 8.


    Next question you probably might have is how much will I need to get one? Here’s leaked prices for Italy to give you an idea:


    Device Price
    Galaxy S10 Lite 6GB RAM/128GB storage €779 ($894)
    Galaxy S10 6GB RAM/128GB storage €929 ($1,066)
    Galaxy S10 8GB RAM/512GB storage €1,179 ($1,352)
    Galaxy S10 Plus 6GB RAM/128GB storage €1,049 ($1,203)
    Galaxy S10 Plus 8GB RAM/512GB storage €1,299 ($1,490)
    Galaxy S10 Plus 12GB RAM/1TB storage €1,600 ($1,835)

    As always, Tech Armor will have you covered! Let’s keep your current device armed for any type of scenario: head onto our website or Amazon Storefront to get you going!


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  10. 2019: Return of the Apple iPod?

    2019: Return of the Apple iPod?

    2019: Return of the Apple iPod?

    Retro is in and a lot of things have returned (like the Jedi) and Apple has their own ideas to follow suit.

    Apple iPod

    And yes... you read the title right: the Apple iPod may be having a comeback!


    Macotakara got wind (from Apple suppliers that were in CES 2019) of info that a 7th generation Apple iPod touch is currently in the works. A revamp of the looks/hardware might be in store too.


    This just got more solidified as Apple applied for the device’s trademark that would expand its abilities to units for electronic games and handheld game consoles


    To put the cherry on top of that confirmation: there’s also found codes of an unreleased of an “iPod9,1” on the iOS 12.2.


    What’s in the new Apple iPod?


    Quite little is known about the device (Apple and their surprises, right?) but we’ve got some info going to help paint a picture of the iPod! This new device most likely will use the A12 Bionic chip found in the 2018 iPhone models.


    Another source indicates that (so far) this will not have Face ID nor Touch ID. Apple may have another interesting surprise for its security picture other than the usual passcode. As for the overall look, it’s still quite unknown if the iPods will be slimmer with a 4-in display or go larger (similar to the iPhone XR).


    BUT! There’s a popular render going around about what the new device will look like (plus a glimpse of iPhone 11) with a 7-in Retina Display

    Apple iPod

    One more thing: we might see it by March according to EverythingApplePro!

    Apple iPod

    Bonus: It’s not only the iPod we’ll keep an eye on: new iPads may also be on the way. It may be a 9.7-in iPad entry level and an iPad Mini, both with cellular + Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi option only. Which all may be released together in March. Check out our future blogs for more info! ;)


    Suddenly feeling nostalgic? We totally understand. Hope your current iPod screen is still intact! From then until now, our promise of “You Play We Protect” is just as strong as our products are!


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