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iPhone X


Introducing Tech Armor ENHANCE Screen Protectors Embedded With CLEAR™ Technology – the next generation in smartphone protection that eliminates the potentially harmful effects of radiation, boosts your signal, and extends your battery charge – all delivered in a standard easy-toapply, anti-smudge, anti-scratch and anti-glare screen protector.

Radiation Alarm


Your mobile device emits potentially harmful radiation that can produce damaging effects when exposed to the sensitive tissues in your head and brain. Studies have indicated the correlation between cell phone radiation exposure and various types of brain tumors.

Why not protect your device and yourself?

Tech Armor ENHANCE

product features


Radiation Shielding

The most important area of the smartphone to protect is the area that is held closest to the head and brain, which is the screen. CLEAR™ technology is applied as a screen protector to redirect up to 100% of the the emissions up and away from the head and brain.


Stronger Signal

Regardless of your position on the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, tests have shown the redirection of these emissions away from the phone concentrates and provides a stronger usable signal. Whether you're on the go, living in a low-signal environment or just plain tired of dropped calls and slow page loads, then Tech Armor ENHANCE is for you!


Extended Battery

Like anything else, when you work less you spend less energy. So as the CLEAR™ Technology strengthens your signal, your smartphone works less and the drain on your battery is reduced. Now your phone can last longer between charges… up to 40% longer.


Precision Layering

Our engineers worked to incorporate CLEAR™ technology into the existing multi-layered design of our premium Ballistic Glass without compromising the effects of the other components. This means you will still enjoy a screen that is free of scratches and cracks with HD clarity viewing, excellent touchscreen sensitivity and bubble-free installation. We also kept our oleophobic coating to minimize smudges and fingerprints.


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"Interestingly, in one spot where we consistently had two bars of service, the iPhone X with Enhance did show significant signal improvement of three or four bars." - Digital Trends

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