Why Screen Protection?

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how many times a day we rely on the touchscreens of our smartphones and tablets without a second thought?

Whether it’s sharing a funny picture with our best friend, a call from a teenage son to let us know his baseball practice was cancelled, or quickly replying to an urgent work email; we depend on our screen as a conduit for communication with the most important people and events in our lives.

Why not protect that screen with Tech Armor, the industry leader in screen protection?

Are you looking for an HD Clear screen protector to provide optimal touch screen clarity, resist fingerprints and maximize your devices resale value by acting as the first line of defense against scratches from daily wear and tear?

Maybe you would prefer HD Clear + Impact Protection to make sure you’re also protected from those unavoidable drops?

Or, you just have to have Ballistic Glass because you simply will not settle for anything other than the best screen protector that money can buy with it’s .33mm thickness, rounded edges and industry leading 9H hardness rating.

Many people choose Antiglare screen protectors to prevent the sun from making it difficult to see their screen while outside. Some folks need Privacy screen protectors to make sure their information is kept for their eyes only.

Regardless of how you choose to protect your device, Tech Armor has you covered from top to bottom with industry-leading customer support and a full No-Hassle Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty.

Tech Armor Supports a Wide Variety of Devices

Over 4 million devices around the world are protected with Tech Armor screen protectors. We currently support over 300 different devices and that number is growing on a daily basis.

No matter if you are trying to find the best screen protector for the iPhone 5s, or looking for an antiglare screen protector for Amazon Kindle Fire. Whether you are trying to protect your new Samsung Galaxy S5, or in search of an iPad Air Ballistic Glass screen protector, Tech Armor is the only name you need to know.

Our screen protectors are precisely made to fit products from all the top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC, Google, LG, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, and more.

The Tech Armor Difference

Tech Armor takes great pride in providing a premium product at an affordable price. Together with eCommerce partners like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay and Rakuten our goal is to provide customers with access to best-in-class support and the highest quality products without the big mark-up in price associated with big-box retail stores.

Screen protectors are just the beginning of our impressive selection of Tech Armor accessories. We also offer smartphone cases, Apple Certified Lightning Cables, and Dual USB Wall and Car chargers that all reflect the same careful consideration and standards used while developing our screen protectors.

Tech Armor Team

You Play, We Protect!