Tech Armor knows a bit about smart phone screen protector options. After all, we’ve built our reputation on creating the best screen protectors for Apple, Asus, HTC, Amazon, LG, Google, Nokia, OPPO, Samsung and Sony devices. There are lots of smartphone screen protector brands out there, but if you insist on having the best, there’s only one brand to choose: Tech Armor.

Each of our protectors is made with the highest quality Japanese PET material for its function, is backed by a Hassle-Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty, and comes with a smoothing card and a lint-free polishing cloth that make applying the product and keeping it smudge-free a breeze. If you’re looking for the very best smart tablet or cell phone screen protector with a bubble-free guarantee, find it by visiting our online store today!     

Asus Memo Pad

The Asus Memo Pad has gotten some great reviews for its colorful screen. To ensure you notice its brilliant display and not scratches that overlay it, protect your Asus Memo Pad with our anti-glare, anti-fingerprint screen protector or premium high-definition clear screen protector. Both protectors are designed exclusively for the Asus Memo Pad 2013 HD version.

iPad 4 / 3 / 2


Whether you are using an iPad 2 or have upgraded to the iPad 4, we have the protector you need to keep the screen of your smart tablet looking smooth and new. Our HD clear screen iPad protectors are easy to apply and make the device look as if it’s wearing no protector at all.

iPhone 4 / 4s

Using an iPhone 4 model? If so, keep its screen looking clean and new with a smartphone screen protector from Tech Armor. Choose between our anti-glare, anti-fingerprint protector, classic high-definition clear screen protector, and 360-degree privacy screen protector whose darkened plastic simultaneously guards against scratches and prying eyes.

iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c

If you’ve upgraded to an iPhone 5 model but don’t have a screen protector for the device, choose between our Ballistic Glass for ultimate protection, HD Clear + Impact Protection, Antiglare for bright light and outdoor daytime use, 4-way privacy protector whose darkened plastic keeps the contents on your screen private, RetinaShield blue light filter protector that reduces eyestrain, and high-definition HD Clear screen protector that defies scratches and makes the phone’s Retina display appear crystal clear.

iPod Touch 5ipod_touch5_hd_screen_protector_13.jpg

The iPad Touch 5 gives you access to your favorite music at the swipe of a finger. Protect its screen with our premium high-definition clear screen protector that’s specially designed for the device. With this crystal clear protector in place, the screen of your iPod will stay free of scuffs and scratches as you enjoy access to thousands of songs on a single smart device.

iPad Mini

The iPad mini is just large enough to offer an awesome viewing experience and just small enough to tote wherever you go. To ensure the screen doesn’t get scuffed and scratched during transit, protect it with our high-definition screen protector or RetinaShield blue light filter screen protector that reduces eyestrain. Both protectors fit the iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina display.   

HTC One / Max

We offer a premium anti-glare, anti-fingerprint screen protector for the original HTC One, the All New HTC One and the HTC One Max, and a high-definition clear screen protector for the HTC One. If you’re looking for the clearest screen cover for these devices, visit our online store and place an order for one of our flawlessly crafted HTC One screen protectors that offer the perfect protection and fit.    

HTC Windows Phone X8


The Windows Phone X8 from HTC has a unique, Windows-based display that allows simultaneous viewing of pictures, applications, streaming media, and more. To ensure you notice the device’s cool display and not scratches on top of it, protect its screen with our high-definition clear screen protector for the HTC Windows Phone X8. 

Kindle Fire HD 8.9” (1st Generation)

Don’t let scuffs and scratches on the screen get in the way of your reading pleasure with the first generation Kindle Fire HD. Protect the tablet’s display with our high-definition clear screen protector that’s as transparent as thin air. We also offer an anti-glare protector for the Kindle Fire HD that’s great for reading in low light.

LG G Flex

Looking for the best cell phone screen protector for your LG G Flex? Get our high-definition screen protector and say goodbye to worrying about scuffs and scratches on the screen. Compatible with LG G Flex phones across all carriers and models, this protector is specially designed for the G Flex’s curved, wide screen. Get it from our online store today!   

Nexus 5 / 7 FHD (2nd Generation)

Google put serious effort into designing the display for the Nexus 5, calling it “stunning”, a description that equally applies to the display of the second generation Nexus 7 FHD. If you use these devices, show them some love by protecting the Nexus 5 with our screen guard that offers impact protection and the Nexus 7 FHD with our high-definition clear screen protector.   

Nokia Lumina 1520nokia-1520-hd.jpg

Nokia’s Lumina 1520 smartphone has catapulted a once strong cell phone designer into competition with a new generation of competitors. Of particular note is the device’s fantastic Windows-based display, which is why you should protect it with Tech Armor’s anti-glare and anti-fingerprint protector, or our premium high-definition clear screen protector. Take your pick!  


Is the OPPO N1 a phone or a tablet? Some say it’s both, that it offers a handheld user experience, but has a screen large enough for a tablet. Our anti-glare, anti-fingerprint protector or premium high-definition clear screen protector is the perfect option.

Pebble Steel

If you wear a smart device on your wrist in the form of the Pebble Steel, Tech Armor gives you the option of protecting its display. Choose between a high-definition clear screen protector and an anti-glare, anti-fingerprint protector. Most watches don’t have the benefit of screen protectors, but Tech Armor’s protectors for the Pebble Steel can keep its face forever scratch-free.

Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / S4 SIV / S5

Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones gives Apple tough competition in the smartphone market. We offer a variety of screen protectors for the devices above, including an anti-glare, anti-fingerprint protector, 4-way privacy protector, and more. To keep your Samsung smartphone looking as good as it performs, protect it with one of our specially designed Samsung screen protectors. hero-galaxy-s3-hd_1.jpg

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

If your eyes get weary from looking at the brilliant display of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, protect your eyes and the device’s screen at the same time with our blue light filter protector that reduces eyestrain. This protector is perfect for Galaxy Tab 3 users who frequently view their device in low light or spend long periods of time viewing the device each day.

Samsung Galaxy Note II / 3 / 8.0

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is a unique line of smartphones and tablets that feature a stylus that lets you select screen options. Because the stylus contacts the screen, it’s a good idea to protect the latter with one of Tech Armor’s premium screen protectors for Galaxy Note Devices. Available with impact protection, our Galaxy Note screen protectors are the best.

Sony Smartwatch 2

A competitor to the Pebble Steel, Sony’s Smartwatch 2 has an interactive display that integrates with your smartphone using Bluetooth. An awesome item for tech lovers, the watch features a smooth screen that could easily scratch and scuff without protection. Tech Armor offers an anti-glare, anti-fingerprint protector and high-definition clear screen protector for this watch.  

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