CES 2019: what happened?

CES 2019: what happened?

New tech, a lot of surprises and more!

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… well, not this one at least!


The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is all wrapped up!


There has been a lot of buzz from different tech companies (about 4,500 companies) that came to show awesome new gadgets and open another chapter of innovation at CES 2019.


What new tech? We’ve got a glimpse below to help you catch up!


In regard to smartphones, the talk of the town was the bendable phone called Flexpai from Royole. It’s out in the market for a colossal price of $1,588. (That price definitely reminds us of the recent iPhones, really).


Unfortunately, while it sounds impressive, the first impressions are not really that goodreviewed as having poor user experience and rushed to be released by TrustedReviews. Still, there is a LOT of talk surrounding this technology, so we’re sure to hear more in 2019.

CES 2019

Another new device released is the Honor View 20. The bad news is there’s no certainty if it’ll be available in the US, but it’s said to be a glimpse into how the Galaxy S10 notch will look like.

CES 2019

Speaking of Samsung…

CES 2019 showed no sight of the Galaxy S10, but spec hints were pretty much there: Snapdragon 855 chipset in several countries like the US and Exynos 9820 for the rest of the world. And of course, the much-discussed topic during the event: 5G.

The Korean giant shared that it’s the first company to get FCC approval for commercial 5G approval. It’s likely that 5G will be available for the device straight out of the box.

As for the rest of 5G, it was all the rave as the future of devices during the event but all available devices were not for public consumption yet.


Other tech announcements:


While Apple is known for not joining in the CES fun, its presence was still definitely felt. They got air time when Samsung, LG and Vizio announced that AirPlay 2 compatibility will be available on their smart TVs. It didn’t stop there: Samsung TVs will also get iTunes. All a first for the different companies.


The Cupertino company also took up a whole building billboard to promote its privacy policy.


New phones are out from Alcatel too! There are 2 new available devices namely the 1X (2019) and the Alcatel 1C (2019) which will go on sale in selected markets like North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


As always, Google made its way to dominate the event! Same as last year the Google Assistant got great new specs to share with the world:  to start off, it can translate to 27 languages so travelling can be easier in 2019. Google also teamed-up with Lenovo for a smart clock focused to really wake you up, check the weather and know your daily commute ETA.

CES 2019

That’s it for CES 2019! We’ll keep on the watch to hook you up with the latest tech info out there!


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New Mobile Devices for 2019: Rise of 5G?

New Mobile Devices for 2019: Rise of 5G?

2019 may still be a couple weeks away but the internet is already buzzing with talk of new and exciting mobile devices! Adding even more excitement, is the increasing talk about the emergence of 5G, something ALL devices will benefit from in the near future.

We’ve got a list here to help you see what is up for the next year!


Let’s start first with the 5G!


First off, let’s explain what 5G is: this newest data network will allow you to step up mobile internet connectivity with faster speeds on a more reliable network for your devices.


Plus, with higher bandwidth, you’ll enjoy better video call quality and 360-degree video streaming to name a few. Its power will be evident once major carriers are also ready to go after their speed tests.


Qualcomm will be taking on 5G with its Snapdragon X50 and Snapdragon 855, which will most likely be featured on several flagship devices net year.

Which flagship phones might see 5G?


Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus


This is a big possibility for the South Korean company and Samsung may have given a sneak peak of what may be a prototype of the device. The ETA of the device (likely called the S10) will be around the Mobile World Congress just as in 2018 so it may be the first in the year!


Samsung Galaxy Note 10


The next Samsung device will follow suit with the level-up processor which was quite confirmed by by AT&T in its press release. If past years are any indication, you can expect a midsummer launch for this popular phablet.


iPhone(s) (2019)


Apple phones always have something under their sleeve! They’ll have the chance to deploy 5G, but will use Intel chips instead of Qualcomm because of their on-going feud.

How many iPhones will be coming out, you may ask? We’ll help with that in upcoming blogs in 2019 as the rumor mill churns! 😉


OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7T


Yep, they will also be going with the 5G as its CEO Pete Lau confirmed it during the Mobile World Congress Shanghai. The goal for this new device is to compete with the Samsung phones.


LG/Sprint 5G Phone


LG will be releasing a Sprint exclusive 5G-ready smartphone coming early 2019. The fast speed will first be available in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington D.C. with the rest of the U.S. to follow.


LG G8 ThinQ


The newest G Series device from LG should be 5G ready too with Snapdragon 855, which will be out mid-2019. It is rumored the phone will adopt a 4K resolution LCD screen.


Other phones coming out next year?


There will certainly be phones coming out that won’t boast 5G compatibility, but can DEFINITELY still be a head-turner. Let’s check them out:


Pixel 3 Lite and 3 XL


Rumors about these devices have been a will they, won’t they kind of scenario. ETA (if it will come out) is either CES or MWC 2019. Both will be powered by Snapdragon 670 and will be made of plastic instead of glass.


So far, those are the early previews for the 2019 mobile devices! But surely a lot more will be coming our way!


We’ll keep an eye on them and help you out when the time comes by making sure they are protected from any kind of heartbreaking scenario! For now you can check out our website or Amazon Storefront Page to keep your current device intact at ALL costs!