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  1. iPhone 7 tipped to launch September 16

    iPhone 7 tipped to launch September 16 - CNET



    Apple will launch the iPhone 7 on September 16, according to known and generally reliable leaker Evan Blass, aka @evleaks.

    Blass offered his prognostication via a tweet on Saturday, saying the new iPhone will launch the week of September 12 and then specifying September 16 as the actual rollout date to consumers. The forecast is a safe bet given that Apple typically kicks off a new iPhone around mid-September with a Friday as opening day so the company can rake in a full weekend of initial sales.

    September 16 is slightly earlier compared with 2015 when the iPhone 6S rolled out on September 25. But Apple generally likes to count on a couple of weeks of sales for new iPhones each September. This way the sales can help boost results for the company's fiscal fourth quarter, which runs from July through September.

    Analysts and Apple watchers will be closely eyeing the iPhone 7. Apple phone sales dropped for the first time during the first three months of 2016 and likely did the same in the second calendar quarter. Apple needs to find a way to boost demand for its phone. However, many reports say this year's iPhone will sport only minor changes and that next year's edition will be the one outfitted with sexy, must-have features...


    via CNET

    July 25, 2016 at 01:06AM

  2. Video Depicts iPhone 7 Mockups in Gold, Rose Gold, and 'Space Black'

    Another video has emerged online showing probable mockups of iPhone 7 units, but this time viewers are given a better idea of what the new handset might look like in three colors that Apple may offer this September.

    The video was posted to YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone yesterday and shows the iPhone 7 in Rose Gold, Gold, and what the titling calls "Space Black".

    Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.58.03
    The mockups depict the now familiar design expectations such as protruding camera, repositioned antenna bands, and no headphone jack, but it's the "Space Black" reference that stands out as a curiosity this time around.

    Rumors in June pointed to the possibility that Apple was readying a darker variant of its traditional Space Grey color, described by one source as "close to black, though not quite black". This so-called "new, darker shade" was thought to more closely resemble the look of the "space black" stainless steel Apple Watch, which is darker than the "space gray" aluminum Apple Watch Sport.

    However, earlier this month, alleged photographs of Apple's proposed iPhone 7 colorways stuck to showing the company's typical four variants of Rose Gold, Space Gray, Gold, and Silver, similar to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


    The "Space Black" variant depicted in the latest video does look darker than a typical iPhone 6s Space Grey unit, but the poor lighting makes identification a guessing game, and it could be just as likely that the unusual naming convention is simply a botched amalgam of previous rumors.

    On the other hand, Apple has used different shades of "space gray" and "black and slate" across its device lineups over the years. The iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, for example, each have a lighter shade of "space gray" compared to the iPhone 5s and original iPad Air respectively.

    The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be officially unveiled by Apple in the fall. In addition to the aforementioned features, the smartphones are expected to have faster Apple A10 processors, 32GB of base storage, improved waterproofing, and faster LTE and Wi-Fi.

    from MacRumors


  3. Would you give up the iPhone 7's headphone jack for better battery life? - CNET

    Would you give up the iPhone 7's headphone jack for better battery life? - CNET

    Would you give up the iPhone 7's headphone jack for better battery life?
    For the last several months the prevailing rumor about the next-generation iPhones has been that Apple would do away with the headphone jack to help make the hardware thinner. But in recent days the latest chatter has been about the size of the next ...


    via CNET

    July 19, 2016 at 08:20AM

  4. News: Questionable photos claim to show ‘iPhone 7 Pro’

    News: Questionable photos claim to show ‘iPhone 7 Pro’


    A new round of photos unearthed by NowhereElse on Chinese search engine Weibo purport to show three new iPhone models, an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the rumored iPhone 7 Pro. When viewed from the screen side, the devices labeled Plus and Pro are virtually identical in size and shape. But in images of the back, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus both feature a single camera lens, where the iPhone Pro features a dual-lens camera and what appears to be a Smart Connector.

    Alleged schematics leaked in April support the existence of an iPhone 7 Pro that looks strikingly like the one pictured, but the new photos do provide a reason to be wary: The phones all feature the “S” tag currently seen on the iPhone 6s. While there has been some speculation that this year’s new iPhone may be the start of Apple moving to a three-year improvement cycle, the company using the same “S” tag that accompanied the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that were released last year seems unlikely.


    via iLounge | All Things iPod, iPhone, iPad and Beyond

    July 18, 2016 at 03:04AM

  5. Three alleged iPhone 7 models revealed in leaked images - CNET

    Three alleged iPhone 7 models revealed in leaked images - CNET

    If the photos are legit, they lend credence to previous rumors that we'll see an iPhone 7, as well as a Pro and Plus this year.

    Tech Sites

    via CNET iPhone Update

    July 19, 2016 at 02:41AM

  6. News: New video shows alleged iPhone 7 lacks headphone jack, still has mute switch

    News: New video shows alleged iPhone 7 lacks headphone jack, still has mute switch

    By Dan Pye ● 23 minutes ago


    A new, longer Weibo video comparing a purported iPhone 7 and an iPhone 6s shows extended views of what was seen in a much shorter video last week, seeming to confirm that the new device lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack and features an updated camera, redesigned antenna lines and two speaker grills. The new video also provides one new update: The new phone still has a mute switch just like the iPhone 6s, contrary to other leaked photos that showed the switch would be eliminated in an iPhone featuring a dual-camera setup.

    The user who posted the video also included photos of the side by side comparisons, showing the new phone to be apparently identical in size to the iPhone 6s. The photos only show one iPhone 7, but last week another set of leaks seemed to indicate that the new phones would still only be available in the same four colors as the current model. The latest photos also only show the base model iPhone 7, shedding no new light on rumors that this time around there will be a third “iPhone Pro” released alongside an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. [via NowhereElse]


    Tech Sites

    via iLounge | All Things iPod, iPhone, iPad and Beyond

    July 17, 2016 at 11:54PM

  7. iPhone 7 to Start at 32GB of Storage, Replacing 16GB Base Model

    iPhone 7 to Start at 32GB of Storage, Replacing 16GB Base Model


    In a wide-ranging commentary piece about why now is a bad time to buy a new iPhone, The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the iPhone 7 will start with 32GB of storage, replacing the infamous 16GB base tier offered since the iPhone 3GS.

    The new iPhones are expected to have more storage for those photos. Instead of 16GB as a starting point for the entry-level iPhone, the new starting point will be 32GB, according to a person familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans. Hallelujah! I’ve long said that keeping the 16GB iPhone was just a ploy for Apple to get people to buy the 64GB model—for $100 extra.

    The bump from 16GB to 32GB of entry-level storage has already been widely rumored by multiple Asian sources connected with Apple's supply chain, but confirmation from The Wall Street Journal makes the claim much more credible.

    Two of the three storage options for iPhone 7 will likely be 32GB and 128GB, while multiple sources have said that at least the larger Plus-sized 5.5-inch model will be available with 256GB of storage. It is unclear if the 4.7-inch model will also have a 256GB storage option. The current storage options for both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus include 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

    The Wall Street Journal previously confirmed that the iPhone 7 will have a thinner iPhone 6s-like design with no headphone jack and improved waterproofing. Other rumored features include a faster Apple A10 processor, repositioned antenna bands, faster LTE and Wi-Fi, and camera improvements, possibly including a dual-lens camera (and 3GB of RAM) exclusive to the 5.5-inch model.

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    via MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - Front Page

    July 5, 2016 at 05:39AM

  8. Tech Armor Field Test: iPhone 6 Plus vs. Lawnmower

    Tech Armor Field Test: iPhone 6 Plus vs. Lawnmower

    When developing superior protection for top devices like the iPhone 6 Plus, we often field test our products to see how they stand up to the rigors of daily use. From standard drop tests and bike ride mishaps to two-story falls on concrete, we feel our methods yield superior results. Still, one of our loyal Twitter followers in the Tech Armor nation shared a story with us this week that raised the bar!! We couldn't help but share it here with you:



    @TA_TechArmor thx ur case & screen protector saved my phone! Works perfect still #MowedOverMyPhone#FlexProtectAir"

    He couldn't be serious, right?

    That's what we thought, so we reached out to Nic for more info on how this happened and some proof of life on the phone. Fortunately, he was more than willing to share the story and imagery! We'll let him take it from here...

    "My name is, Nic Hale, from Oklahoma and I just want to send a praise to Tech Armor products! I have an iPhone 6 Plus, so I bought: a Tech Armor glass screen protector, as well as the Flex Protect Air case.  I bought this case because of it's sleek, simple design while protecting the phone. Still, little did I know I was going to truly put the product to the ultimate test!  

    Last Sunday morning, I went out to our property to mow. I had my Bluetooth headphones on, rocking out,  while I drove  around on the mower.  I made a few passes around the yard and next thing I know my music stops and then my headphones warned of a "low signal". I stopped the mower, realizing my phone wasn't in my pocket and thinking, "hmm I must have left it in the truck". Well, it couldn't be in the truck, because I was closer to the truck than before and I didn't lose signal...  I thought 'oh no that's not good', I quickly retraced my last pass of the mower and as I walked over, I saw my phone laying face down in the grass.  As I got closer, I realized the case is no longer on the phone. I thought to myself, "there is no way this phone is not completely obliterated!"  

    I reached down and grabbed my phone, much to my surprise, there is very little damage, considering, what had just happened.  My screen was perfect, with no scratches, cracks, chips, nothing!!  The back of the phone had a small chunk out of the bottom corner and a few surface scratches...  A true testament to the case taking the initial blow is the fact that the phone is actually bent and the screen (like I said before) is still perfect.  This small, thin case saved my phone!  I believe the case took the first, major impact when going into the mower. It launched the phone out of the case, out of the mower and then the case must have stayed in the mower longer, because it ended up completely destroyed!  



    Check out his video on YouTube!

    Basically, I'm writing this letter to tell you, thank you for making a great product!! I truly believe that had your case not been on my phone, I wouldn't be typing this message on that same phone today! "


    Well, Nic, we thank you for sharing the story and upping the ante on our field test process!! 

    Looking to protect your iPhone 6/6s or 6/6s Plus just like this? Look no further than Tech Armor! Our top-rated screens and cases deliver MAXIMUM protection for a fraction of the retail price. Not really an "Apple person"? Not to worry, we carry our premium Ballistic Glass for several top devices including the new Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, LG G5 and more! Backed by our industry-leading, Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can be sure that we've got you covered!

    For those of you who prefer to purchase your products on Amazon (trust me, we LOVE Amazon Prime too), you're in luck! All Tech Armor products can be found on Amazon as well, so stop by our Amazon storefront today and arm your device!



  9. My Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protector Doesn’t Fit!?!

    The “perfect fit” for the Samsung Galaxy S7… how do we go about achieving this goal and what does it even mean? Back in the days of the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5, developing a screen protector that fits the device “perfectly” was a relatively easy task. The flat-glass screens offered a two-dimensional problem that was easy to solve: simply define the edges (height and width) and provide precise cuts for all camera and speaker holes. Done!

    Now the game has changed with recent device launches as manufacturers have embraced the curved screen. Our once simple problem has expanded to include a 3rd, curved dimension! In order to provide a low-cost solution using flat glass or film, we MUST now account for this curve to avoid installation issues.

    With the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7, we’ve received some complaints from loyal Tech Armor fans who claim our HD Clear and Ballistic Glass screen protectors were improperly cut and thus do not fit. At first glance, their imagery seems to lend validity to that assumption, however our product was deliberately designed to avoid the increased curve of the new S7 screen.
    Samsung Galaxy S7 reviews
    Look at the comparison below… On the LEFT, you can see how the glass rests on the flat areas of the glass- providing a perfect seal to protect the flat areas of the screen. On the RIGHT, we’ve created this image to illustrate what would happen if we extended our screen to “perfectly fit” the device.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 comparison
    The flat shape of our screen protectors would create a gap between the device and allow air, dirt and debris to creep under. Every time you pulled the device out of your pocket or purse, the potential for peeling would drastically increase!

    At Tech Armor, we pride ourselves on seamless installation with a bubble-free guarantee and we take great care in the design of our products to ensure this promise. While the competition scrambles to redesign their glass and film options (we’ve heard rumors of some manufacturers recalling product), we’re standing by our designs to avoid the curve.

    Check out this video demonstration below for a live look at how our Ballistic Glass (at 60mm width) provides seamless coverage vs. a Zagg screen protector (at 64mm) which produces the less-desirable halo effect.

    That being said, what about those customers who are willing to pay a little bit more for a COMPLETE edge-to-edge solution? Tech Armor recognizes that a flat glass or film solution offers the lowest possible price, but some customers are willing to invest more… we have not ignored this demand!

    Available right now:


    FlexiClear Edge to Edge TPU Screen Protection

    From scratches to high impact drops, your Samsung Galaxy S7 is completely covered with our shock-absorbing, precision cut TPU (thermoplastic) screen protector.

    Experience COMPLETE edge-to-edge coverage! The flexible nature of our FlexiClear screen reaches the edges of your device and conforms around the curved profile for MAXIMUM coverage!

    Coming soon:

    • 3D Curved Glass Edge to Edge Screen Protection
    • Galaxy S7 Edge Curved HD Clear Film
    • Galaxy S7 Edge Curved Ballistic Glass
  10. 6 Unofficial Facts About The Samsung Galaxy S7

    6 Unofficial Facts About The Samsung Galaxy S7

    The official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be on February 21st, but in the lead-up to the main event itself a lot of information about it has been “leaked” as a way to drive up buzz.  The following tidbits are currently floating around the technology pressrooms (and keep in mind that all these facts map prove untrue):

    1. 1. The Micro USB Remains

    While the new Type C USB cables were all the buzz at CES in January, it seems that Samsung has decided not to incorporate this new universal standard as a recently leaked image shows the phone with the same standard connection as the GS6 model.

    1. 2. Water Proof?

    With the debate still ongoing as to whether the S7 Edge+ will remain available or if the S7 Edge will stand alone, one interesting feature seems to be included on the new models: water resistance! It appear someone "accidentally" leaked this video, on an unlisted Samsung Indonesia channel showing "The Next Galaxy" with no actual mention of the phone model. The sustained shots of the phone in the rain could confirm the rumor that this new model is water proof (or at least resistant).

    1. 3. The Price Is Lower

    According to a European rumor mill, the Galaxy S7 is going to retail at 699 euros, and the S7 Edge will add 100 to that for a total of 799.  This is roughly 50 euros less than how much the Galaxy S6 cost when it was first introduced, and it undercuts the iPhone S6 by about the same as well.  Thus, unless Apple plans on cutting its own prices for the iPhone S7 by the same mount, the Galaxy is going to be seriously cheaper.  The exact numbers in American dollars aren’t out just yet, perhaps in part due to the way every carrier has a slightly different price, but it’s expected to follow Europe’s example.

    1. 4. The Battery Is Bigger

    This one we’ve got a pretty good grasp on since it’s a government agency disclosing some official information.  While previous models of the Samsung Galaxy were content with 2600 mAh, the new S7 is going to jump up to 3600 mAh.  This means the S7 can provide 6 more hours of calls, 5 more hours of video playback, or 19 more hours of audio playback than the S6,

    1. 5. The Glass Animal Is Different

    Instead of sticking with the industry standard Gorilla Glass, the Galaxy S7 may be using a new variety called Turtle Glass, a name which Samsung registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in September of 2015.  According to some rumors, Turtle Glass may even be a real contender for the toughest mobile device glass available and not just a way for Samsung to insource its glass production.

    1. 6. The Camera Size Is Changing

    Physically, the Galaxy S7’s camera is going to be smaller and flush with the back of the phone instead of sticking out the way it does with the S6.  However, this smaller size may have led to a smaller resolution – unless it hasn’t.  The current Galaxy S6 uses a 16 megapixel resolution, and while some rumors expect this to grow to 20 megapixels, others claim it will drop to 12 instead.  Either way, it’s expected that the color depth and light balance technology will be taking a step forward.

    Something else you can expect to be coming out soon is Tech Armor’s Galaxy S7 screen protectors and accessories.  While Turtle Glass may turn out to be tougher than the original Gorilla, the fact is that glass is still glass and a bad drop onto concrete or a sandy beach will likely mean an expensive repair or replacement, and even if it’s covered under your warranty it’ll mean having to wait days as the phone goes through a round trip for its repairs.  But if a screen protector takes the damage instead, you’re only out a few dollars while your phone is still good to go.

    Statement:  Samsung is leaking like a faucet as the Galaxy S7 prepares for primetime.

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