Google Pixel 3: Initial Rumors from the Media

Google Pixel 3: three devices too?

Another device line on the rumor mill folks! This time Google is stepping in the ring with a new flagship upgrade!

So, everybody’s heard about the $1 Billion deal Google made with HTC on its smartphone division and a lot is riding on that deal for the next Pixel phones. What has Google been up to after the acquisition? The rumor mill has some answers as to what might this be!

At the moment, two things are fairly certain:

  1. there will be new Pixel phones coming out this year and they’re going to be called Pixel 3.
  2. Google themselves accidentally leaked on the Android Open Source Project.


One notable and very early rumor we got is that Google would be releasing 3 devices coming out this year instead of 2. Although this has been an on-off situation with the past releases, this may be for real this time. There may be a notch for these phones too as the tech giant’s latest update to Android has better support for those in the phone display.


On the bright side (for those not a fan of the notch), the entire Google Pixel 3 line may be getting that edge to edge design for a better viewing experience.


The next question you might have is what price are these 3 phones going to be at launch? Right now, one would be a budget friendly version that is targeted for developing countries… and unsure yet if it’s coming to the US. This has another codename: “Desire” that’s reminiscent with HTC’s own mid-range phone line. This will also run on Android One and may even launch as early as July or August compared to its more premium siblings.


Now the next 2 will be premium devices and will be powered by Snapdragon 845 and have the Always-On Display. The screen size is still unknown for the Pixel 3 or smaller device… and we’re not sure if it will have a standard display with lower resolution than its larger counterpart.

For the larger phone (which for the meantime will call the Pixel 3 XL), it’s rumored to have an 18:9 pOLED display  or go larger with 19:9 to accommodate an iPhone X-like look/notch and a QHD+ display.


The expected launch for this year’s Pixel phones is around October just like last year’s Pixel 2, but we might also get surprised with a June launch to get a head start with the new iPhones coming out in September.  

So, it sounds like the next Pixel phones will be awesome! Might you be getting one?


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