iPhone X 2018: info from the rumor mill!

iPhone X 2018: info from the rumor mill!

New way to charge?

Only a month away and there’s been popular info coming from the rumor mill about Apple’s newest flagship phones and we’ve got that covered here!


Let’s get started!

iPhone X 2018 rumors

iPhone X 2018 rumors

First off, is the rumored 18-watt, USB-C charger added to the iPhone box along with the lightning cable. Like the lightning cables, it will require authentication/certification (rumored to be called C-AUTH). If uncertified, it may display a warning and limit charging speed on the iPhones.

The next batch of iPhones will be powered by the new A12 processors with better performance by 20% plus faster LTE data speeds and there will also be improved facial recognition through Face ID using the True Depth Camera.


Now another great topic for this round of rumors is that one of the phones from this batch (likely the larger “X Plus”) could feature dual-sim technology. If so, that’s a first for Apple since they’ve never offered a smartphone with dual-sim capabilities (only iPads). The eSIM will allow customers to easily switch between network carriers: U.S. carriers won’t be thrilled about this.


Another perk might for the iPhone X Plus might be a three-lens camera at the back. Don’t hold your breath here as this news is far from certain (it was grabbed from an unconfirmed iPhone X Plus rendering).


What can almost be confirmed from another known leaker, Ice Universe, is that screens for the 3 will be quite identical to one another… looking like the iPhone X.


Externally, the new and revived option from the previous iPhones will be new color options according to Ming-Chi Kuo. And that will be for the entry-level 6.1-inch LCD:  gray, white, blue, red and orange.

iPhone X 2018 rumors

So… when can you get one?

As of right now, estimated dates to remember are:

  • If the announcement date will be September 18-20, the release date may be September 28
  • If the announcement will be around September 25-27, the release date may be a little later on October 5.


That’s it for this rumor rundown for the iPhone 2018!


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