Apple Special Event - September 2018 - iPhone XS?

September 12: mark your calendars for the Apple Event!

We officially got word from Apple and we have a surprise of our own for you!

Apple Invitation; Source iMore


What’s official?


Apple officially sent invites for a September 12 event at the Steve Jobs Theater in their new campus at Cupertino, California at 10:00am PST. Head to the Apple site to add the event to your calendar.


What’s [soon to be] official? iPhones, iPad Pros and Apple Watches. Yep, that many!


First off: iPhones!


Just after Apple’s announcement date, 9to5Mac got an exclusive first look of what the iPhone XS will be (we also shared this article on our Facebook page with an exciting info added 😉 #giveaway). The site claims the iPhone XS (pronounced as 10-S) will both be the names of the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones— with the sizes differentiating them(and perhaps a “Plus” name on the larger version). A gold version might also be on the way!

However, CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt says if we follow the rumors, they might be called the iPhone X (5.8-inch), iPhone X (6.1-inch) and iPhone X (6.5-inch). Still, iMore’s Rene Ritchie is eyeing for the iPhone 9 name for the 6.1-inch LCD while iPhone X2 for the next gen from last year’s OLED iPhone while iPhone Plus (with pencil support) for the larger OLED device. So, right now the names for the 3 new devices are still quite up in the air, but we’re confident 9to5Mac will be proven right here.

For the 2 OLED display devices: they’re rumored to have an A12 processor and could carry 4GB of RAM, faster LTE with new Intel chips and camera upgrades. Previous rumors like dual-SIMs for both phones and Apple Pencil support for the larger screen is still uncertain.

Meanwhile, the cheaper LCD device (according to Bloomberg) will be available in multiple colors and boast aluminum edges that might not necessarily be the same as the glass back color of the device.

It appears all 3 will sport the Face ID feature and the edge-to-edge screen from last year’s iPhone X (along with everyone’s favorite “notch” at the top).


Ming-Chi Kuo estimates the price range for the following will be:

  • Second-gen iPhone X: $800-$900
  • 6.5-inch OLED device: $900-$1,000
  • 6.1-inch LCD device: $600-$700


Wouldn’t it be nice if they just gave these away for free?? We already pay for the mobile service, right?

Well… here at Tech Armor, we’re doing JUST THAT! Stay tuned after the Apple Announcement to hear how you can win a FREE iPhone XS!

Just signup on our website and we’ll send instructions straight to your Inbox! 🙂  (we told you we had a surprise for you!)


This year’s Apple Watches (Series 4)


9to5Mac also got a leaked photo of this device. This batch of smartwatches will have an edge-to-edge display giving an estimated 15 percent bigger screen space (which Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed). The analyst added that the California tech-giant might either use smaller bezels or might increase the sizes from 38mm and 42mm to 40mm and 45mm respectively. Either way, it looks like a larger battery might be worked into the design as well.


Hello iPad Pro


Another device that might be launched could be an upgraded iPad Pro whose design (and lack of bezels) will be similar to the iPhone X. Wave goodbye to the home button as we say hello to Face ID on this one too. We might even see TWO new iPad Pros according to Bloomberg: an 11-inch and 12.9-inch model.


Phew! That’s it for this week’s Apple launch rundown!


As always, we’ll make sure to keep your Apple devices safe! Check out our Amazon Storefront Page and our website to get all the latest for your iPhone or iPad!


We’ll also be announcing soon new screen protectors and other accessories for the next iPhones and iPad Pros too! Stay tuned! 😉

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