iPhone XS
iPhone XS

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On August 30th, Apple announced the 2018 fall event ‘Gather round’ where the company is expected to announce its new flagship iPhone lineup. Apple has confirmed on its website that it will indeed livestream the event, from 10 AM PT on September 12, live from the Steve Jobs Theater.

Gather Round

Almost immediately after, 9to5Mac.com posted an exclusive report stating, “we can report with certainty that iPhone XS will be the name" along with the first "official" leaked images from Apple. Time will tell if they're correct, but their reporting history indicates a HARD yes!

Read our newest blog post for the latest rumors about the announcement next week.

What IS certain, is that Tech Armor will continue the tradition of protecting these new iPhone models with premium screen protection and accessories designed to keep your device safe, charged and ready for action!

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Upcoming iPhone XS

product features


Ballistic Glass Screen Protection for the iPhone XS

More than just a piece of shaped glass, the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector is a multi-layered feat of engineering! To achieve a complete protective cover for your iPhone XS, the process requires precision craftsmanship and rigorous, hands-on testing. The final result is a premium screen protector that applies seamlessly to your device to withstand impact, scratching and fingerprints, while maintaining HD clarity and touch sensitivity.


HD Clear Film Screen Protection for the iPhone XS

We put countless hours into selecting only the highest quality PET material available on the market to develop a cost-effective screen protector that shields your iPhone XS from scratches and scuffs, while retaining the brilliant clarity of your OLED display.


Fast and Easy to Install

The iPhone XS will likely keep the unique, Apple 8-pin Lightning connection instead of swapping it out for the USB-C (Type C) slot. Either way, we've got a cable that works for both! Tech Armor Premium Apple MFI Certified Braided Lightning Cables will charge and sync your iPhone X in no time at all! Featuring a sleek, ultra-slim connector, our beautiful Space Gray and White braided cables come with the Tech Armor Industry-Leading Hassle-Free Lifetime-Warranty. For a dual threat, we’ve combined our signature Lightning Cable with a Micro USB connector all in one cable- check out the Dual Cable here! Need a triple threat?? The 3-in-1 cable is for YOU!



Dual USB Chargers

From premium, dual-USB car chargers to triple-USB, smart wall chargers, we make sure your iPhone XS batteries remain full to help power your daily activities. For the heavy business or personal traveler to on-the-go outdoorsmen, we also carry our portable battery-charging powerbank to keep you running when the outlet isn't close by.