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  1. iPhone 2018: could these be it?

    iPhone 2018: could these be it?

    iPhone 2018: could these be it?

    We’re getting closer to September folks!


    Let’s get started!

    One of the popular nuggets from the rumor mill is the new 3D mockup bought on Alibaba of the 3 phones namely the iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and the iPhone X SE (at least for the now) . From the looks of it, they are quite identical to the iPhone X, just slightly larger or smaller. In regard to the display, as previously rumored, the 6.1-in LCD for the budget friendly iPhone X SE will be coming from Japan Display Inc., while the 6.5-inch OLED display will be coming from Samsung; also apparently for the 2nd gen iPhone X too.

    All 3 phones will reportedly have the new, signature TrueDepth Camera system used for Face ID (we may have to say goodbye to the Touch ID, folks)! 

    There have also been talks that the most expensive of the 3 (the iPhone X Plus) may have 3 rear-facing cameras for better picture quality and AR improvements.


    Another interesting development we’re following is that these iPhones may be the first to be powered by Intel due to the ongoing debacle between Qualcomm and Apple. Inside will be the XMM 7560 chips (with CDMA support), which will finally allow iPhones to be available on all major carriers.


    Rumors also still prevail for the Apple Pencil or “iPen” support for the iPhones which may be Apple’s response to phablets like the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.


    And the expected fan favorite will be...

    Apple and its pipelines believe it will be either the iPhone X Plus or the iPhone X SE. Korean Publication The Bell forecasts 45 million 6.46-inch panels will be produced for the iPhone X Plus, while the Wall Street Journal reports more than half of the total/global 2018 iPhone line will be coming from the LCD version… which is around 100 million.


    Now for the elephant in the room…

    Ming-Chi Kuo reports that there will be an “aggressive” pricing strategy for the iPhones this year due to the negative impact of the expensive iPhone X from last year as one of the reasons. Price range for the 2nd gen iPhone X will be at $800-900 while its larger sibling the iPhone X Plus will be around $900-$1,000. While the iPhone X SE will be around $600-700.


    Okay, we probably have to talk about the iPhone SE 2 which is currently stuck in "will it or won’t it" limbo… and right now it’s on the “won’t it”. But we’ll keep you guys posted with this one too!


    Bonus: there’s also been talks that Apple will be shifting to USB-C connectors that may start with the this year’s iPhones or with the 2019 line. But for now let’s take this with a grain of salt, as we learn more info about it.


    There you have it folks! That’s it for this blog’s iPhone Rumors. While waiting for Apple’s announcement, make sure to keep your devices armed for any kind of drops, falls, scratches or battery failures when you need it the most. 


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  2. Google Pixel 3: notch that far?

    Google Pixel 3: notch that far?

    Google Pixel 3: notch that far?

    Something very popular is coming to these devices!

    From the iPhone to the Galaxy phones, now we go to the upcoming Google Pixel 3 phones! Read on for the rundown!

    Let’s start with the differences between the two models.


    Both will have larger displays with the Pixel 3 enjoying a 5.3-inch display while the Pixel 3 XL will boast a 6.2-inch screen.

    The XL will feature an Edge-to-Edge screen on the side with a notch at the top (hello, iPhone X), but the smaller version will reportedly look more similar to its predecessor. It’s expected to have 2 front-facing cameras for better bokeh imagery (like Portrait mode on the latest iPhone), authentication and possibly for wide-angled shots too. The notch is somewhat confirmed considering Google’s latest Android P mobile OS update lets users test different notches on the screen.


    For those who like to run a million apps at once (guity, here), the battery is expected to be 3200mAh for the Pixel 3, while the Pixel 3XL will have a little more juice to play with at 3800mAh. Even though both displays may be bigger, the phone size will not be bigger than those of the Pixel 2 and 2XL.


    Specs-wise, we may get to see a model with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM and another with 6GB of RAM!


    Now for the similarities...


    The screen ratio will be 19:9 and both will be ready for AR gaming and upgraded but still single-lens cameras. The next Google phones will both be powered by the Snapdragon 845 for ultra-fast performance.

    And for the price: the new devices may reach $1,000 (or possibly more) It’s also being predicted that these will be launched in October like previous Pixel models. Just like before, Verizon is still the only US carrier---though the phones can still be purchased unlocked and used on other networks


    Any leaked images of the Google Pixel 3?


    There have been renderings of what the Pixel phone could look like and real life photos of the rumored device. From the photos, there’s no headphone jack and has a black glass back.

    Bonus: Budget phone coming too?


    Google may be coming up with a budget-friendly or entry-level version of the Pixel line that’s expected to be launch sometime in the first quarter of 2019 and will run on Android Go. This is for the tech-giant to compete with developing countries so it’s not yet clear if it’ll be available in the US. Stay tuned for more info on this one!


    Excited for the new Pixel devices? We’ll make sure we have these covered for you! ;)


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  3. WWDC 2018: keynote highlights and more!

    WWDC 2018: keynote highlights and more!

    WWDC 2018: keynote highlights and more!

    Apple’s got something new to show!

    The new iPhones may be months away but Apple’s announced huge software updates during the WWDC 2018 keynote that are definitely worth checking out! Don’t fret as we’ve got them outlined below for you!


    Updated operating systems

    iOS 12

    Facing backlash from a less than stellar experience with iOS 11, Apple want to make a comeback with the iOS 12 operating sytem. They are going for a more user-friendly experience with features like privacy settings while browsing the web. Plus, they're making devices faster with performance boosts to accessing the camera and faster app launch even with heavy phone usage.


    The tech giant is also getting more in-depth with AR by introducing ARKit 2. With this new feature you can have the same augmented reality environment in different devices and in their own point of view! Cool! For Animoji lovers, they’ve also added in new animals plus you can create an Animoji of yourself or Memoji (Samsung ring a bell?) ! These are now also supported on FaceTime and you can communicate with 32 people at the same time

    One developer poked around the iOS 12 and saw references of the Face ID feature coming to the iPad which has long been rumored.


    macOS Mojave

    Some might have been waiting for hardware changes but for now, we’ve got an updated OS. So from macOS High Sierra, we now go to macOS Mojave. They also focused on desktop security with strengthened privacy features, especially while you’re browsing on the internet or “fingerprinting” will be more difficult to track by ads firms.


    There’s also the Continuity Camera feature that allows you to take a photo with your iPhone and directly place it on a file in your Mac. Speaking of that connection, Apple also introduced a sneak peak of a shared app platform to migrate iOS apps to macOS apps with minimal code changes.


    Apple Watch OS 5

    One of the notable features is the instant audio messaging app called Walkie-Talkie where you can chat with someone through your Apple watch. Sounds a bit James Bond right? Hardware-wise we only got cases and Apple Watch bands… seems they’re saving the best for the September event!


    That’s it for the overview! Don’t forget to update your Apple devices with the new operating systems so your data is secured with the latest privacy features! As for the hardware, you can update your device protection with us! Check out the Tech Armor Website for all the devices we’re currently protecting… or go to our Amazon Storefront Page if you prefer prime shipping.


    Tech Armor will always be here to help you out! ;)


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  4. Galaxy Note 9: launching early?

    Galaxy Note 9: launching early?

    Galaxy Note 9: launching early?

    Yup, you read that right!

    The rumor mill ain’t sleeping and new info is running down like waterfalls!  Not to worry as we’ve got all the latest key info below:


    How early?


    SamMobile reports that the late July or early August target launch may get a go signal as the tech giant started its production two months earlier this year compared to the Note 8They’re also  fast-tracking the process to get ready to announce the Galaxy X next year which we will discuss in future blogs for sure! ;)


    New additions for the Note 9?


    We got the first leaked photo of the Note 9 courtesy of leaker Ice Universe. Overall, it looks just the same as the previous but with smaller bezels in this case.

    The Note 9 is rumored to have a 6.38-inch Super AMOLED display and Super Speed Dual Pixel camera with an 8MP front camera and dual 12MP rear cameraIt will also be faster as its powered with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

    It has been reported there may be an option of 8GB ram and a whopping 512GB storage! Great for those who love taking pictures and most especially hi-res photos! But this may just be available in selected markets (hopefully US is one of them!). And there would be added cost… there always is! The standard Galaxy Note 9 model will have 64GB storage.

    The Galaxy Note 9 will come equipped with a 3,850mAh battery and rumors suggest a new color: Teddy Brown. TechAdvisor is putting an estimate of £869 or around $ 1,000 for the upcoming device.

    What’s the same?


    We will still see a physical fingerprint sensor since most of the new or revolutionary upgrades may be are saved for the Galaxy X. The Note 9 will still have a micro-SD slot which can add 512GB storage--making it the first phone to have 1TB in total.


    Can we rewind on the price?


    Yep, $1,000. But if your heart’s set on the Note 9, we’ll help keep it protected without adding another dent on your wallet!

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  5. WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    Special rumors edition with WWDC in tow!

    New iOS? New devices? A lot of rumors coming up for the WWDC this June! Get caught up with all the info you need just in time for the event!


    The only sure known info right now is it will be on June 4-8 at the Mc Enery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Their teaser page promises a series of sessions, hand-on labs, consultations and guest speakers (none listed by name). 

    Now for the WWDC rumor mill bits:

    As a developer’s conference, we might get to see the iOS 12 where Apple redeems itself from the issue of the previous software version. The tech-giant will be focusing on improvements like the Face ID, being able to unlock the phone sideways or landscape mode. Plus more Animojis!


    They may also focus on the universal app feature for macOS 10.14 and iOS 12--- making apps compatible for both operating systems---hence, more apps available for Macs. You may remember that Apple purchased Beddit May last year, so we may get to see a sleep-tracking feature on watchOS 5 among other updates.

    What rumors for the devices?...

    The iPhone SE 2 is still a “will they, won’t they” device. If not during the WWDC, it may come out during the third quarter of the year or along with the other iPhones. You can expect a notch and no Touch ID on this one, folks! 

    Speaking of no Touch ID and notch, we may get to see iPad Pros (both the 12.9 and the 10.5-inch models) start to utilize this design too. Though it might not get an OLED display due to supplier issues.


    Now for some iPhone Rumors


    So far everyone seems to agree there will be 3 sure iPhones coming out this year: a refresh to the iPhone X, a larger "plus" version and a smaller, budget-friendly phone model

    A new development maybe the iPen which will support one (or two) of the iPhones. Sounds like the Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t it?


    Phew! That’s a lot of new (and surely expensive) devices!


    Not to worry as we’ve got your back! We’ll surely be protecting these devices as always to help you preserve your investment! As promised: you play, we protect!

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  6. LG G7 ThinQ: revamped flagship

    LG G7 ThinQ: revamped flagship

    LG G7 ThinQ: revamped flagship

    The tech-giant gave it their all on this device!

    After the leaks and waiting, LG has finally released their flagship phone for this year!

    Highlights of the LG G7 ThinQ

    The rise of ThinQ--- a smarter phone. To start off let's talk about their AI cam mode that automatically adjusts to the best mode for the photo like the usual landscape and wide angle and even a pet mode. It’s also the first phone to have the Google Assistant Button. While it also has the Super Far Field Voice recognition so you can ask Google from up to 16 feet away.


    For music or sound experience, they have the Boombox Speaker which amplifies sounds on the inside spaces of the phone. There’s still the 3.5mm headphone jack folks!


    How are the initial reviews?


    For AndroidAuthority, LG was dead serious about the super brightness mode. The 6.1-in IPS LCD display can go from 500 nits to 1000 nits real quick and does not disappoint with its 3,120x1,440 resolution. Keeping with the trend in other flagship phones, the LG G7 is powered by the ultra-fast Snapdragon 845 processor..

    Although they lowered the power of the battery to 3,000mAh compared to the LG G6 battery (not to worry, we have chargers to help you out). For them the most striking feature is the camera’s bright mode which uses pixel binning to turn up the brightness in dark areas.

    While Techradar goes into discussing the notch (yes folks, it’s here to stay). This was LG’s way of expanding the the screen ratio to 19.5:9 making way for space to status icons.

    To make it more personalized, you can either hide it or choose from different colors to the side of the notch for more fun. It’s quite the mainstream familiar and pleasing smartphone of the year. The LG G7 ThinQ is also available in Raspberry Rose and Moroccan Blue colors they think looks better than the New Platinum Gray color.

    While Digital Trends reviews the wide-angle mode of the camera which is very versatile to take 107-degree photos and makes the company one of the only manufacturers to give such spec.


    For those in Canada, it just might be your lucky time to buy the phone! You can get a 43-inch 4K TV when you pre-order the device! This only runs until May 31 so Canadians can think twice or thrice of grabby the opportunity. (Still having our fingers crossed that they’d come up with this too for the US!!!)

    The release date in the US and Canada is June 1 while preorders start as early as May 24 for some US carriers. Rumor has it, the price in the US may be at $740 with a floor price of $650 based on the LG G6.


    I think I’m gonna give this phone a shot!


    Excellent! Once the device is released, we’ll be ready to arm your device for the ultimate protection! For sure, we’ll be releasing our signature Ballistic Glass Screen Protector to cover that wide-range screen. And maybe a few more accessories to help you out ;)


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  7. Kevlar®-Reinforced Lightning Cables: your next must-have!

    Kevlar®-Reinforced Lightning Cables: your next must-have!

    Kevlar®-Reinforced Lightning Cables: your next must-have!

    Tech Armor is stepping up the charging game to help you out!

    How many lightning cables do you have at home? Or maybe a better question is how many have you broken over the years? That will definitely be a thing of the past with our newest lightning cable line!

    Made with Kevlar®?

    Yes, folks! We’ve added Kevlar® on the interior of our cables to provide a stronger, more durable charge and sync solution for your Apple devices. This material is known for for being featherweight while having 8 times the tensile strength or resistance force of a steel wire.  It’s commonly used to create bulletproof vests, car tires, car breaks and strings of archery bows just to name a few.

    As with our other lightning cables, these are also MFi-Certified; they have endured the rigorous testing from Apple and met all their standards. So it’s safe to charge and sync various iPhones and iPads without worry.


    Using products approved by Apple is a great investment since there is strict quality control for these accessories. Plus, starting with the iOS 7, the device can already detect several “fake” cables ensuring your safety from unwanted damage either to your device due to power surges or to you (electric shock, etc.).

    We developed this new line with our signature, external braided nylon jacket for added strength while preventing tangles/crimping. And to put the extra cherry on top, we added a “strain relief” connector on both sides of the cable to prevent breakage at the most vulnerable area: the ends! That’s true 360-degree protection!

    But hold on, we didn’t stop there: these cables also have our Limited Lifetime Warranty, just like our screen protectors, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered!


    Awesome! Are they available now?

    Yes to that too! You can get yours on our website or on (to take advantage of that sweet Amazon Prime shipping). You can choose from Black or Space Gray in 2 ft or 6 ft sizes. Whether you’re looking for a home, office or travel solution, we’ve got you covered!

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    Additional Sources:


  8. Google Pixel 3: Initial Rumors from the Media

    Google Pixel 3: Initial Rumors from the Media

    Google Pixel 3: three devices too?

    Another device line on the rumor mill folks! This time Google is stepping in the ring with a new flagship upgrade!

    So, everybody’s heard about the $1 Billion deal Google made with HTC on its smartphone division and a lot is riding on that deal for the next Pixel phones. What has Google been up to after the acquisition? The rumor mill has some answers as to what might this be!

    At the moment, two things are fairly certain:

    1. there will be new Pixel phones coming out this year and they're going to be called Pixel 3.
    2. Google themselves accidentally leaked on the Android Open Source Project.


    One notable and very early rumor we got is that Google would be releasing 3 devices coming out this year instead of 2. Although this has been an on-off situation with the past releases, this may be for real this time. There may be a notch for these phones too as the tech giant’s latest update to Android has better support for those in the phone display.


    On the bright side (for those not a fan of the notch), the entire Google Pixel 3 line may be getting that edge to edge design for a better viewing experience.


    The next question you might have is what price are these 3 phones going to be at launch? Right now, one would be a budget friendly version that is targeted for developing countries… and unsure yet if it’s coming to the US. This has another codename: “Desire” that’s reminiscent with HTC’s own mid-range phone line. This will also run on Android One and may even launch as early as July or August compared to its more premium siblings.


    Now the next 2 will be premium devices and will be powered by Snapdragon 845 and have the Always-On Display. The screen size is still unknown for the Pixel 3 or smaller device… and we're not sure if it will have a standard display with lower resolution than its larger counterpart.

    For the larger phone (which for the meantime will call the Pixel 3 XL), it’s rumored to have an 18:9 pOLED display  or go larger with 19:9 to accommodate an iPhone X-like look/notch and a QHD+ display.


    The expected launch for this year’s Pixel phones is around October just like last year’s Pixel 2, but we might also get surprised with a June launch to get a head start with the new iPhones coming out in September.  

    So, it sounds like the next Pixel phones will be awesome! Might you be getting one?


    If so, you won’t have to worry about drops and scratches on this device because we’ll make sure you have everything you need to arm, sync and charge this device!  Just like with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Tech Armor will give you nothing but the best! You can check out our Amazon Storefront page or website to get started on your current device now!


    As promised, you keep on playing and we’ll keep on protecting your device!


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  9. iPhone 2018 Rumors: what’s new?

    iPhone 2018 Rumors: what’s new?

    iPhone 2018 Rumors: what’s new?

    The rumor mill doesn’t sleep folks!

    Could the new iPhones set to release in 2018 be a bit cheaper this year? Will there be an iPhone SE 2 in 2018?  Let’s see what the rumor mill has to say about these!


    Cheaper iPhone?


    The 6.1-in LCD display device may be in the works now as Apple made a panel order with Japan Display. And according to Business Insider, this 6.1-in LCD is cheaper to produce, so this iPhone may sell for as low as $550 and as high as $650… that’s for a single-sim model. Yes folks, there may be a dual-sim standby option for this budget-friendly device in the works. But is expected to be a bit more expensive with $650-$750 price range.


    What About the 2nd gen iPhone X?


    Apple has been bargaining with Samsung to lower the cost of the OLED displays, in  hopes of lowering the cost of the next generation iPhones too. Apple’s has also had talks with LG for OLED display production though they are currently having difficultiesIf LG won’t be able fix the issues in time, Samsung would have the monopoly and firm control over the prices of the display...and the iPhones just like last year.

    The 5.8-in OLED display model will be quite similar to the existing iPhone X. The 6.5-in display is the one that said to possibly have additional features like dual-sim card design and use of an “iPen” that may be similar with the Apple Pencil. ( A potential nod to the Galaxy Note series?)


    A May or June iPhone release?


    You read that right! As early as May or June 2018 (at the Worldwide Developer Conference), we may be seeing the iPhone SE 2! There’s been a pattern that after Apple registered devices on the Eurasian Economic Commision database, an announcement of those devices are not far afterFor those who are more into a way more budget friendly phone, this one’s especially for you! It’s said to be quite similar with its first generation, with Touch ID BUT without the headphone jack. (Don't worry we have you covered there with our Lightning Earbuds.) For those with clumsy hands, be careful: the iPhone SE 2 may also have a glass backing.

    Phew! Everything’s going glass….much more breakable!

    We totally understand where you’re coming from... that’s why Tech Armor will always have your back! We’ll protect your iPhones from the daily wear and tear and those heart-stopping (and heartbreaking) drops and scratches!

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  10. Galaxy Note 9: Rumors on what is coming around the corner

    Galaxy Note 9: Rumors on what is coming around the corner

    Galaxy Note 9: Rumors on what is coming around the corner

    Excited for Samsung’s next flagship device?

    After Samsung was able to redeem themselves last year with the Note 8, the next one (codenamed Crown) is definitely on its way! What can we expect from the new phablet? Here’s a rundown from the rumor mill!

    The Korea Herald got an exclusive that Samsung is almost done with their neural processing units or “AI chips”, which can help up their game in the area versus Apple, Huawei and the likes; and most likely will be available for the Note 9. What’s confirmed is we’ll be seeing a Bixby 2.0 in the Note 9 according to mobile chief DJ Koh last Mobile World Congress. We're pretty sure this new device will also be powered by the Snapdragon 845 just like the S9 and S9+.


    What’s new is it may have a larger screen display: a 6.4-inch Infinity Display with 2,960x1,440 pixels and may even 4K resolution too.   

    They’re also going bigger on the battery (yep, they’re going for it even after the Note 7 battery debacle) to 3,850mAh or 4,000mAh to help power up the device.


    Will we see the in-finger sensor?

    Last MWC, an in-fingerprint screen has been launched from a Chinese company. But it’s in the gray area or “will they or won’t they” situation with reports coming from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. For now we can only have fingers crossed...


    The Animojis can make its way to the Note 9 too by the way!


    A new camera feature we might see is HDR video recording which will be a first for Samsung phones . Plus, this device will also have a headphone jack and may come with a free pair of AKG headphones.

    It could be released earlier (than last year’s model) too as the tech-giant wants to make up for the not-so-stellar sales of the Galaxy S9 and S9+; also to launch ahead of the next iPhones this September. We’re looking at around July 2018 or August 2018 launch.

    Of course, the elephant in the room is the price: estimated at around $930 to $960; $100 more from the S9+. There’s also been reported leaked photos of the Note 9 though we might have to take this with a grain of salt.


    Whoa, the phone looks awesome but that price isn’t really nice to look at…

    We totally understand where you’re coming from. Nowadays, to get a flagship phone means shelling out around $1,000. That’s why we at Tech Armor make sure that you get the best protection for your devices at a fraction of the price!

    Right now we’re protecting the latest Samsung Flagships: the Galaxy S9 and S9+ and Apple devices too like the iPhone X.  See more at our Amazon Store Front Page or website to arm your device!


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