Tech Armor Enhance Screen Protectors: The Next Generation in Smartphone Protection

Tech Armor Enhance Screen Protectors: The Next Generation in Smartphone Protection

Defend your phone and yourself!

Keeping your iPhone screen safe from drops and scratches is a founding principle of Tech Armor… something we have focused our efforts on consistently improving over the years to keep up with new device screen technology and shapes. Keeping YOURSELF safe from the potentially harmful radiation coming from your smartphone? Now that’s a whole new angle that has been approached by other companies, but not perfected… until NOW.


Our cellphones emit radio frequency energy and there is increasing evidence that exposure to these waves could increase the risk of cancer. The National Cancer Institute also adds that additional studies must also be done for kids as their nervous systems are still developing and their skulls are thinner- smaller making them potentially more vulnerable.


Even when the phone is just turned on, they still emit radiation to get signal or communicate with cell towers. But the highest dose of radiation is when it’s near your head or even just tweeting or texting in front of your face. Yes, even the selfie could be harming you depending on how close you choose to put the phone to your face.

It’s important to note that the science is still inconclusive here, but the potential downsides are QUITE alarming. Fortunately, cell phones have been around for decades, the number of users has grown exponentially along with the time spent on these devices. That means that all of us have been involved in an active experiment and the amount of data available for research will continue to grow. We must rely on more studies in the coming years to truly understand the effects of these crucial devices.


Compounding the issue, a recent article from The Nation points to the possibility of an industry cover-up where major wireless firms have purposely pushed a campaign of disinformation to squash any scientific notion that cell phones are unsafeRather than wait for what could be decades before definitive answers are reached, Tech Armor has decided to tackle the issue head-on!


That’s why we’ve taken protection to a whole new level with our newest ENHANCE screen protectors!

Aside from arming your device from drops, scratches, and even chipping with our signature Ballistic Glass —- we’ll help redirect the radiation, increase your phone signal and prolong battery life too!


Our Tech Armor Enhance Screen Protectors use our signature Ballistic Glass with a brand new layer of CLEAR Technology from the Venti Group who has a long and proven track record in the antenna space.

“This is a commercial technology that’s been proven and used in cellphone towers and the antennas that are being used in the commercial space that’s been modified with the same technology down to a consumer product which we have here” our GM Joe Jaconi explained during the podcast with KTLA 5 reporter Rich DeMuro.

Photo from RICH DEMURO  


Stronger Cell Signal

Yes, that’s right… protection is only the beginning. Even though our original intent was always to focus on deflecting potentially harmful radiations, CLEAR™ Technology, when embedded in a smartphone screen protector is actually doing more. Third party tests have shown that redirection of these emissions away from the phone concentrates and provides a stronger usable signal. So, in addition to peace of mind, you can enjoy clearer calls, as well as faster data downloads, even in locations that have poorer coverage. Whether you’re on the go, living in a low-signal environment or just plain tired of dropped calls and slow page loads, then Tech Armor ENHANCE is for you!


Longer Battery Charge

It stands to reason that if your phone signal is stronger, your device is working less to establish and maintain a connection to the network, which in turn leads to a slower drain on your battery. We all use our phone in different capacities, running many different tasks and apps, so the prolonged battery charge will vary from person to person. Still, in a closed lab environment, the initial tests have demonstrated up to 40% longer battery life! For a more practical test, check out this review from Zollotech:


More good news: it’s available NOW!

We’ve rolled out these new screens for the most popular iPhone devices: iPhone X, iPhone 6, 7, 8 (and the Plus models) and also the iPhone SE/5s too!  You can get yours now at our Enhance page website or on Amazon!

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