Google Pixel 5 - Rumors

Google Pixel 5 Rumors, Leaks, and Everything in Between

Fall 2020 is fast approaching—aka., the period when smartphone companies ‘wage war’ against each other to woo consumers before the holiday season. As tension and anticipation grow to a fever pitch, we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

One particular device that cannot afford to disappoint is Google’s Pixel 5. Its immediate predecessors—the Pixel 4 and 4 XL—failed to live up to expectations. This year’s flagship is a chance for retribution. A chance to improve where the Pixel 4 failed and win back the favor of consumers. So, what can we expect from the Google Pixel 5 come Fall?



Google Pixel 5 Release Date

Based on their track record, Google has a remarkably consistent release schedule. The Pixel 3 was released in October and so was the Pixel 4. Drawing on this trend, it’s only logical to assume the Pixel 5 will debut right around the same period. Then again, nothing is running according to schedule nowadays—with the COVID 19 pandemic and all. So before you confidently ink October as ‘Pixel month’, prep yourselves for anything.


Rumored Google Pixel 5 Design

Leaks for the Google Pixel 5 have largely been under wraps with little-to-no concrete information to go by. The most notable rumor on the device’s design comes from a rendering of a prototype shared by Jon Prosser on his YouTube channel. The back of one of the prototypes features a peculiar halved-oval design for the camera module. In another leak highlighted by BGR (originally posted by Slashleaks), the front part still has relatively chunky bezels—supposedly housing the Face Unlock feature.

As for the display, we can only expect an improvement or replication of last year’s model. This includes a 5.7-inch or a 6.3-inch display for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4L, respectively. The 2019 flagships also featured OLED panes, a 90Hz refresh rate, and HDR support.


Improved Charging and Power Management?

Last year, users were up in arms criticizing the Pixel 4’s uninspiring battery. A battery capacity of 2,800mAh for a leading smartphone with a 90Hz refresh rate drained significantly faster than its peers.  For this reason, Pixel 5’s battery life will be one of the most sought-after features. Battery capacity aside, Google may introduce an interesting power-management feature—i.e. reverse wireless charging. This is according to data unearthed by XDA Developers.


Other Rumored Features

  • Foregoing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865? Google always ships its Pixel smartphones with the latest Android version and Snapdragon chipset. While the former is true, 9to5Google notes that the Pixel 5 may feature a Snapdragon 765G processor instead.
  • Camera: As shown in the CAD render by Jon Prosser, Google Pixel 5 may finally get a wide-angle lens—which has become a staple in the latest devices.
  • Google might ditch the Soli Sensor: According to a source linked to 9to5Google (via Tom’s Guide), Google may drop its motion-sensing feature. We don’t know how you’d feel about that, but it may translate into a smaller bezel and improved battery life.


Google Pixel 5 Price

Both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 debuted at $799 for the base model and $899 for the XL model. With stiff competition from Samsung Galaxy S20 and the upcoming iPhone 12, it’ll be interesting to see the direction Google takes. There are even rumors that the devices could have a starting price of $699.

Whether or not you’re in the Pixel camp, there’s no denying that the devices tend to have an excellent display. With this in mind, you want to keep it free of blemishes and micro-abrasion. This is possible with a high-quality screen protector—fitted to take the abuse on behalf of your device.