Apple Watch Series 3 Reviews: best partner for your iPhone?

One of the highlights of the recent Apple Event was the new Apple Watch Series 3! Still wondering if it’s worth buying? Is it best to go for the GPS-only or one with cellular LTE connectivity?

Apple Watch

We’ve got some reviews that might help you out!


On the positive side…


Let’s kick it off with positive aspects for both GPS-only and LTE connectivity models!


A great pro is that the Series 3 Watch Screen uses OLED technology which gives clear, vivid and bright images based on Techradar’s review. This type of screen is also highly attractive in the mobile device market.


The iMore team’s review highlighted how great Apple continues to have the the 38mm option aside from the common 42mm wearable size. Consumers have the choice to go for the smaller option because they prefer it or it just fits better on them.


It’s also overall faster and more efficient (which is maybe expected from the new watch). This became more evident when compared side by side with Series 2. Let’s not forget about the water resistance either… that’s a huge plus that carried over from the previous model.

Apple Watch

Now going to the LTE connectivity perks…


It has an always-connected cellular functionality and for the US works on all major cellular carriers which is a nice perk for the folks at CNET. It’s also undeniably  cool to have the LTE network and use the same phone number in your smartwatch.


The Series 3 Watch independently works to connect with your phone: through bluetooth, wi-fi or LTE. And if you’re into fitness, you can stay connected to your phone without having it all the time, which can be quite freeing.


Fitness-wise, it continues to be on a quest to keep you motivated with its activity rings: giving you that notification nudge to help you hit that target.

Apple Watch

Now, for the less positive items…

For both models, there’s still no always-on display unlike other wearables, which can be a turnoff for some. Plus, the battery can drain faster (especially when using the data/LTE connectivity a lot). Speaking of LTE, it can be limited to certain networks and could be costly for some at around $10 for the US. Unfortunately folks, it doesn’t support roaming either.

Going back to connectivity, earlier reviews shared there’s an issue with the Series Watch 3 joining unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks. But the good news is that Apple has fixed the issue.


Sound like the new Apple Watch is a good deal for you?

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