Wimhen the Galaxy S 6 came out in April, it was said to be arguably the most advanced smart phone ever made. If that is even close to true, why is it that Samsung has not been selling a lot of them? Thus far, 10 million units have been sold since it was released. The iPhone 6 sold that many in it’s first weekend! So what could be causing the Galaxy S 6 to be struggling? The Galaxy S 6 has exceptional cover design, and has the same great functions as any smart phone worth its salt. Reviewers have been praising its amazing technical performance and its excellent, clear cameras, however, does that make up for its lack of a microSD slot for storage expansion, its non-removable battery, or its smudgy glass bodywork? Maybe these are the things that are turning customers away from Samsung and moving to Apple or any other company for that matter. How can they fix this?

Well Samsung has answered that question and has been taking steps in order to sweeten the deal and get customers turning their attention back to them. Since Samsung is a huge sponsor of the Avenger movies, they decided to finally mix the two together. A new Galaxy S 6 Iron Man version has been created. It features the Iron Man’s darkish red color throughout the phone’s outer appearance accompanied by the Iron Man etched gold face on the back of the phone by the camera. It comes in a beautiful box that im2has the phone and charging pad side by side creating an aesthetically pleasing site. The charging pad is designed to look like the reactor in Tony Stark’s chest. Beneath that, there are 3 little boxes: one is holding the chord to the charger, the other has a phone protector for the back of the phone, and the last has your manual on how to use your action packed phone.

This phone will not be sold everywhere yet. It will start selling in South Korea on May 27th followed by Hong Kong and China in June. Samsung hopes that this will help sales with the new Galaxy S 6 phone, but will this design help customers to ignore certain physically/ technical functions it may lack, or will it tank just like the original release of the Galaxy S 6? We shall see.