Imaging strapping a football helmet on your iPhone! Our cases use the same technology as NFL-caliber helmets to keep your device safe from anything life throws at it!

This weekend as we sit down to watch two stellar defenses clash heads for the 50th Super Bowl title, we are reminded of how far the sport has come in the last 50 years. In terms of innovation and impact on the sport, we can debate endlessly on everything from the the west coast offense to the wildcat formation. In our opinion, however, the introduction of polycarbonate helmets was a MAJOR step forward in protecting what matters most: the health and safety of the players (from pop warner all the way up to the elite NFL).

At Tech Armor, the health and safety of YOUR device is our prime concern, which is why we use the same polycarbonate materials in our Active Case Series and our new HYBRID Edge to Edge screen protectors!

We chose this material for the same reason the NFL (and nearly all other football associations at any age level) use it to protect their players: polycarbonate is tough (yet lightweight) and highly moldable without losing integrity. Thanks to its unique ability to absorb and distribute impact (while retaining a rigid, lightweight profile) polycarbonate offers PREMIERE protection for both NFL players and YOUR phone!!

Active Series Cases

It’s like strapping an NFL helmet on your phone! (without the face mask of course) Using a superior polycarbonate alloy to conform to the shape of your iPhone 6/6s or 6/6s Plus, the Active Series case was built for action! Our cases are also Military Drop Tested to withstand anything life throws their way, while retaining a slim profile to keep your phone from splitting your purse/pockets!

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HYBRID Edge-to-Edge

Covering your phone’s complete front face (from edge to edge) is certainly NOT a new concept, however we’ve taken it to the next level! Think of the last time you dropped your phone… did it land perfectly flat? The vast majority of the impact is going to affect the edge of your phone screen, so we decided to reinforce that area with a polycarbonate resin. The benefits are twofold:
STRENGTH: A shock-absorbing (NFL-caliber) ring of protection around the front face of your device
VERSATILITY: The liquid nature of polycarbonate allows us to develop an edge that wraps around the curves of your device (instead of sitting on top of it) to allow a seamless fit.

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