LG G6: does it have what it takes?

Can LG’s flagship phone compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S8/S8+?

LG also released its new flagship phone this year: the LG G6.


It’s also one of the first phones that came out this year---which was then followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and in the coming months, the new Apple flagship phone.

So what’s new on the LG G6?

Read on to find out more!


One of the main highlights from LG’s flagship phone is its 18:9 FullVision Display, having an 80% body to screen ratio. That’s a 10% increase on body to screen ratio from last year’s LG G5.

How’s the reviews?

The step up in the display style was not amiss in this review. It showed very little bezels  and creating the screen more vertical which is helpful for viewing lists like Facebook and other apps. Plus the narrow body is easier to hold.


Trusted Reviews also talked about how the LG G6 went back to basics for the design--compared with the G5. This year’s flagship has a sleek look plus a fingerprint scanner that’s not awkwardly placed like of its rival the Galaxy S8/S8+.


Performance-wise, it features the older Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset though there’s not lag evident or concerns when playing high-powered games like Asphalt.


While this review agrees that no problem with the older CPU. It’s also quite easy to use since the phone is thinner that it seems. The software also took advantage of the 18:9 ratio making 2 equal squares for split views.


LG’s Always On Display is a great feature said in this review-- one of the best in the mobile industry.

LG vs Samsung

The two Korean Giants continue to compete as the best Android phone around.


LG right now is in a good shape by reaching an all time high US market share, slimming the gap between them Samsung. So what updates are there between the two?


Netflix fans are in for a treat if they get the LG G6. So far it’s the only Android phone where you could stream HDR and Dolby Vision!


Both phones have single speakers at the bottom which can easily be covered by the hand. But sound quality goes to the LG G6 as it has much fuller and better sound speaker compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.  


If you’re using lots of Google services, you’re in luck with the LG G6 since it has the Google Assistant natively. Major pro in this is it’s easier to search what you’re looking for in the web. Compared to Bixby which helps out more in controlling your phone.


Easier location of the fingerprint unlocker and wide angle option photos also gives a win to the LG G6 compared to the Galaxy S8.


Speaking of photos, after using both this review says macromode is better on the G6 with more features and details. Stabilization is better too. While the Galaxy S8’s photos are more realistic, takes better selfies and has better colors. The overall image is also smoother.


Despite the awesome display the LG G6 has, we can’t ignore the Infinity Display in the Galaxy S8. And in this reviewer's perception, Samsung is overall more stunning with just a little cost gap. One feature is for the full screen extension function on the Galaxy S8.


Digital Trends agrees on this when they compared the phones on the following topics: Specs, Design, Display, Software and additional perks.


For the specs, Galaxy S8 is quite better--like having latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 for the US on paper. The software also has the capability of making your phone a mini-CPU with the DeX. And includes AKG earphones just to name a few.


The LG G6 doesn’t even come with earphones in the box. But both use the 3.5mm headjack so at least that’s a win!!!


One of the other important questions is the price: so just how much are they?


Price range for the phones are:


LG G6 at $650-$720

Galaxy S8 at $720-$750

Galaxy S8+ at $840-$850


Wow, they’re all so expensive…


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