All About PC/TPU

All About PC/TPU

As you browse around Tech Armor’s website you might notice the term “PC/TPU” in some of our detailed product descriptions. But what, exactly, does PC/TPU mean? Let’s begin with the PC part.


Polycarbonate describes a group of thermoplastic polymers that contain carbonates. Since this isn’t Chemistry class, we won’t go into too much detail about what this means chemically speaking. Basically, polycarbonates are strong, durable materials that are easy to work with. They can be easily molded, or thermoformed. Polycarbonate is moldable during the manufacture process but the end result of the thermoforming procedure is a durable, long-lasting product. A phone case, for example, that is made of polycarbonate is going to provide very lightweight but extremely durable protection for your phone.

Some benefits of polycarbonate include:

  • It is highly durable, impact-resistant, and won’t crack or fracture
  • It is heat resistant and therefore easy to mold, making it ideal for a variety of applications
  • It is easily recyclable which means it’s also good for the environment

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is used in a variety of manufacturing applications due to its elasticity and transparency as well as its natural resistance to abrasions and ability to repel grease and oil. Thermoplastic polyurethanes are exceptionally versatile. They are used in the construction and medical industries, and in all manner of gadgetry and tech products. A phone case made from TPU will withstand the little scrapes and scratches that can result from everyday use due to TPU’s innate abrasion resistance. That same TPU phone case will also be smudge proof, or fingerprint resistant, due to the material’s natural resistance to grease and oil.

Some benefits of Thermoplastic Polyurethane include:

  • It is highly abrasion resistant, which protects it from scratches and scrapes
  • Its exceptional elasticity allows it to be easily molded for a variety of applications
  • It is transparent, making it an ideal material for clear phone cases and other see through products
  • It is oil and grease resistant, which keeps grubby prints from sticking to products made from TPU     

Tech Armor uses PC/TPU in a variety of products to bring you some of the most durable, lightweight, long-lasting, scratch and smudge resistant products on the market. Our PC/TPU phone cases are affordable, durable, and feather light.