Tech Armor Mobile Cleaning Kit with ExtraMove formula

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Complete Cleaning Kit with ExtraMove formula, Microfiber Cloths and 20 Screen Wipes

Tech Armor 8ml Mobile Cleaning Kit with ExtraMove formula

Tech Armor Mobile Cleaning Kit with ExtraMove formula

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Keep your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and all other mobile devices clean on the go! The TechClean Purify Go mobile screen cleaner kit is compact and easy to carry. The pre-moistened microfiber cloth and the anti-static, alcohol & ammonia free cleaning gel come with Tech Armor's promise of quality and discounted price.

The TechClean Purify Go mobile screen cleaner kit mixes the antibacterial & anti-static power of the gel with the double-strength of microfiber cloths to make your mobile devices crystal-clear and hygienic. Ingredients: De-Ionized Water, Micro-Emulsion Disinfectant, Paraffin Oil, and Bio T Max.


How to use the TechClean Purify Go Kit:
1. Turn off your device;
2. Apply the cleaning solution to the cleaning cloth;
3. Gently wipe your mobile device screen until all dust, grime, and fingerprints are removed. Use the cleaning gel and wipes on the go, at home, or in the office!

TechClean Purify Go Kit Warnings:
1. Call a Poison Control Center immediately if you or someone else ingests some mobile screen cleaner;
2. Do NOT mix the gel with other chemicals;
3. Do NOT spray the cleaning gel in or around eyes;
4. Keep the cleaning gel & cleaning wipes out of the reach of children.


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