1. Are your Lightning cables Apple (MFi) certified?

All Tech Armor Lightning cables are MFi certified and are 100% guaranteed to work with all Apple devices. Tech Armor is proud to have been part of Apple’s MFI Program since 2013.

2. What is the warranty on your cables?

All our cables have a Limited Lifetime Replacement warranty. This covers an array of issues, but the main point is that if your cable stops working at any time during normal use we will send you one for free with very few questions asked.

  • If you need a replacement please click here for our easy-to-use online replacement form.
  • If you need more information on our Limited Lifetime Warranty please click here.

3. What Type-C cables do you have?

Soon we will have the Type-C to USB-A cables and Type-C to Type-C cables. Please see our website for more information on these products.