Important Instructions for Installing Your iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus Screen Protectors

An important note about installing your new iPhone screen protector from Tech Armor

With every exiting new iPhone release from Apple, you have come to expect great screen protection options from Tech Armor. As you know, the new iPhone is amazing and different from inside and out. That's why we want to give some special, specific guidance for how to get the best possible installation experience.

Because of the new curved edges on the iPhone screen, it's important to make sure your Tech Armor screen protector is installed on the flat part of the display. Be sure that the sides of the screen protector are on the flat surface of the iPhone display, and not resting on the curves as this could cause lift and allow dust to get under the screen protector.

This should be a piece of cake as long as you start at the top using the oval speaker cutout as a guide and continue by using the home button to align at the bottom. If your first try isn't perfect and the screen protector goes into the curved area at any point, carefully lift and adjust.

You can also check out our installation videos at

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