What’s New From Apple? iOS 11.3, New Models and More!

They sure have been busy!

We’re still just in February and we’ve got a lot of announcements from Apple! (and a few more rumors too) ;)


What have they been up to?


The tech giant released a second iOS 11.3 beta with new updates like a few more animojis. Here are a couple! :)



Plus, you can choose to get all your messages synced in all your macOS and iOS devices by storing it and encrypting it on iCloud. The official iOS version is expected to be released sometime this Spring.


But starting now you can get your device ready for the new update with some info from GottaBeMobile. A few tips they provide are clearing some device storage for the new update and keeping your device charged to start the installation process (we can help out with that last one).


Speaking of charge, a lot of Apple fans are pretty upset that the tech giant DOES secretly throttle with its older iPhones. In the new iOS they’re trying to address the situation in the battery settings section.

And Apple is giving the option of buying a new battery at $29 (from the original $79 price). If you choose the latter, it’s reported there’s now a shortened time period for getting the battery replacements.


There’s also talks about being on team Touch ID and team Face ID.  Both has its pros and cons (from the looks of it, Face ID is the future for Apple), so it’s just a matter of what your cup of tea is...for now.

If you’re trying to save a few bucks but want a great iPhone, Apple’s now selling refurbished iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices and at a great steal according to the Business Insider.


You can pair that too with refurbished Apple Watch Series 3. It’s also Apple certified like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus so not much to worry on the quality.


Of course how can we forget: the Apple HomePod is here! It got some hits like Siri’s quick response to your commands and always has your music requests covered plus 360 degree room filling sound.


And some misses too like limited commands you can give Siri unlike with Amazon’s Alexa. The HomePod also leaves marks on wood furniture which can be caused by reaction of the silicone base and the surface table.


What could be next?


Even this early, everyone’s already excited with the next batch of iPhones! It’s been previously rumored that there’ll be 3 iPhones launched this year.

What we can add right now for that is the next batch might have smaller notches. Apple is currently trying to adjust the TrueDepth Camera to make it happen.

Most talks in the rumor mill currently are for the iPhone X SE or also known as the budget friendly edition version. Rumor has it that model will replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and sell a total of 100 million units according to Ming-Chi Kuo. And the price can be as low as $699


We also have a few info for the upcoming iPad Pro. Its new design would mostly be based on the iPhone X. Don’t worry about the notch part--- reportedly none would be in the tablet. We’ll probably get to see the new iPad Pros this summer.


Wow, not sure which one to pick!


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So you can continue playing, while we do the protecting! ;)


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