When people hear the term 'Ballistic Glass', it usually conjures up images of bulletproof glass at a bank window or the glass fitted onto cars of VIPs. And essentially, that's exactly what it is. But we think it's important to understand that ballistic glass is available for a lot of other uses as well – including protecting your mobile devices.

Ballistic glass is a stronger version of glass that is designed to provide maximum protection to whatever it covers while still keeping an unobstructed, unaltered field of view. As a result, it can cost a bit more than traditional glass but the tradeoff of extra strength is well worth it for the improved durability and protection received.

Ballistic glass has begun to get serious attention in the mobile phone and tablet device marketplaces, due in large part to the fact that the options available from Tech Armor are receiving such strong reviews from users. Here are some of the primary features you'll get in a good ballistic glass screen cover.

  • Crystal clear clarity. It will look like there's nothing on your phone or tablet at all
  • Smudge and fingerprint resistance to maintain a good field of view
  • Rounded edges that won't scratch the corners of your screen
  • .33mm thickness that is fully scratch resistant
  • Smooth, easy operation. The glass won't impede your usage of the device
  • Easier to apply to the device than cheaper, thinner options

Ballistic glass stands out from those thin, flimsy screen protectors in numerous ways. The biggest is that it offers far more protection. It's easy for a screen to get damaged through the thin protectors if keys in your pocket scratch up against them or if you accidentally drop the phone. While ballistic glass won't keep the entire phone safe, it will keep the screen in pristine condition.

Of course, the price will be slightly higher when you buy this higher quality glass screen. There are key reasons that it's worth the investment aside from the obvious fact that you'll get better protection. In particular:

  • When you buy a smart phone, you're investing in what is essentially a computer. Even if you have good warranties in place, a replacement screen can cost hundreds of dollars. Ballistic glass makes it almost impossible for your screen to become cracked and damaged, keeping that investment safe.
  • Reselling your phone or tablet when you upgrade is something well worth doing, and something that can help offset the cost of your new device. But if your screen is damaged, you'll essentially lose the ability to sell your new device and will be left with a phone or tablet that's no good to anyone. With screen protection, you preserve your resale value.

There are plenty of different options out there and plenty of reasons to invest in good Ballistic Glass screen protectors. We offer a full lifetime warranty on our protectors, and guarantee that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. To learn more, check out our full selection of ballistic glass products for yourself. You'll be glad you did since it's an investment well worth making.