Skipping ahead a bit (as anticipated) from 5 to 7, Samsung has announced its latest addition to the Note family with the Galaxy Note 7. Check out the latest specs below and read the complete press release HERE. Watch the official video release HERE.



Are you curious how the Galaxy Note 7 will stack up to the Galaxy Note 5?

The good folks at Samsung have prepared a useful infographic to help differentiate the specs on each. Check that out HERE.

Arm Your Galaxy Note 7 with Tech Armor

Screen Protection

With any new device, the need for protection is always our prime directive and this is certainly true with the new Galaxy Note 7. We're currently in production with our signature Ballistic Glass, which should be available in the next few weeks to keep your Note 7 screen in pristine condition. Stay tuned!

Battery Life

We don't just protect the exterior of your mobile devices... Our Active Series Power Bank line exists to make sure your battery remains charged and ready for whatever your day throws at it! From the ultra-mobile 3000 mAh model all the way up to the powerhouse 20800 mAh, you can rest easy knowing that your device is charged and ready.


Whether transferring a charge or uploading a file, you need a cable that can stand the test of time. Constructed from premium materials, Tech Armor Type C Cables are dual-shielded for MAXIMUM signal strength, with a user-friendly, reversible connection to fit your device in any direction. Whether you’re replacing your original cable or adding a spare, this high quality cable combines fast, efficient charging with data transfer!