Rumored Mobile Devices for 2018

Lots to expect this year folks!

2018 has just begun but rumors are starting to pile up from top mobile device manufacturers! What awesome gadgets can we expect this year? Read on for the rundown!





The iPhone X was most probably the design refresh everyone was waiting for from the tech giant. This year, we might be seeing 3 versions of that.  Aside from the 5.8-inch screen we’ve seen. There’ll be an iPhone X Plus that can be 6.2-6.5-inches. The third will be a refresh of the iPhone SE with 6.1-inches. Speaking of the iPhone SE2, it may also have wireless charging feature.



The iPad Pros may have less bezels this year with the Touch ID removed in favor of the Face ID. And we might get to see it this summer. There will also be a next gen to the budget-friendly “iPad”... and could become even cheaper at $259 from last year’s $329. Expected release is first half of this year.


Apple Watch

We can also say hello to a different version of the Apple Watch with its design upgrade.  Its launch will be alongside the iPhone in September.



Galaxy S9 and S9+


It's safe to say 2017 was the year of redemption for Samsung after the whole Note 7 debacle. And it delivered! What will they have in store this year? So far one of the good news rumors for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is the fingerprint scanner is moved to the center, to avoid smudging the camera. Another is it’ll have a super slow-motion video feature.

The new devices could launch either February or March. Rumors suggest we may get to see the smartphones for the first time at the Mobile World Congress or on Samsung’s own event just like last year’s “Unpacked”.


Note 9


The Galaxy Note 9 may just have what the iPhone X doesn’t--- in-screen fingerprint scanner. Other than that it’ll also have it’s own version of facial scanning. This device is rumored to be launched either on August or September.


The company is currently working on 3 phones this year with code names Crosshatch, Albacore and Blueline. One of the three-phones will be a budget-friendly version one similar to the old Nexus phones. While it’s high-end is targeted to compete with the iPhone X. Despite having different screen sizes, it’ll all be powered with the Snapdragon 845.

These devices will reportedly be launched in October.



LG G7 will be released with a different name as LG is rumored to let go of the G branding. A new feature reportedly coming to the device is its own version of the iris scanner.  The new flagship device is rumored to launch this February




The OnePlus 6 will reportedly go for a better facial recognition feature. Similar to the iPhone X. While it will most likely have the same design of edge-to-edge screen as its predecessors. The new flagship phone will reportedly be out on June.

Bonus: Honor 7X and Honor View 10


Both the Honor 7X and Honor View 10 are confirmed to be released in the USA sometime this year. The Honor 7X has an 18:9 aspect ratio and a headphone jack to name a few specs.

The Honor View 10 has a 16MP camera and 3750mAh battery. You can get the Honor 7X for $199 while Honor View 10 will cost under $500. Honor is a brand under Huawei.

Whoa... Lots in store for 2018!


And that may be just the tip of the iceberg folks! Don’t worry as we’ll always have you updated! Of course your devices will be protected too! Head on to the Tech Armor website or our Amazon Storefront for the latest!


We promise you can keep on playing, while we protect! ;)


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