Getting ready for the new Apple Watch? How could you not? The new Apple Smart Watch is the first Apple device you actually wear that works seamlessly with your iPhone. Perfect for on the go, the Apple Smart Watch is ideal for the quickest interactions making your life easier while doing it in style.


The features on the new Apple Smart Watch are things like we have never seen come out of Apple before. Astonishing and innovative, the Apple Watch is activated by simply raising your wrist. In order to turn it off, simply lower your wrist.

Every Apple Watch is different and here’s why, it isn’t just because Apple has put out so many different varieties of style, but the Apple Smart Watch, itself, gives you the option to customize your own clock. Instead of Apple deciding for you what your layout would be, like on the iPhone series, you, the customer, are able to transform your Apple Smart Watch into something that reflects who you are.


Once you have created your original home screen, you can now access the variety of applications the Apple Smart Watch provides by simply swiping up or down. For fast interaction and check in, swiping up allows you to view the things you check on a regular basis such as the stock market, the weather, etc. By swiping down, the Apple Smart Watch allows you to check on and respond to any notifications that you might have missed during your busy day.

The newest technology the Apple Watch includes is the process of Force Touch. Instead of buttons that would pollute the screen and or side of the watch, Force Touch allows you to access certain options not provided by swiping. For example, when checking messages, using Force Touch allows you to have reply options. With maps, Force Touch gives you the search options. Force Touch is the easiest and fastest way to access more options from your applications.

The side of the Apple Smart Watch has two things: the Digital Crown, and another button below it. The Digital Crown might be considered as the brain of the Apple Smart Watch. By this, it means that Digital Crown has the ability to access and control any application within the watch itself. It can swipe through apps, zoom in on pictures, access SERI, and anything else that you would need. The button below the Digital Crown takes you straight to the number of people who are in contact with the most so that you can contact them faster than using the phone application on you watch.

Exciting new things are also going to be available on the Apple Smart Watch such as apple pay, activity log, and workout schedule.

The Apple Smart Watch Is up for pre-order right now on Apple’s website. There are three types of Apple Smart Watches and they are: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. Each category is aesthetically different as well as the price. If you plan to buy an Apple Smart Watch, the prices range from lowest being $349 to the highest being $12,000. They come out this week and they will go fast. The Count down is almost over and the watches will be available on April 24, are you ready?