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  1. Apple iPad line: the current news on the tablet

    Apple iPad line: the current news on the tablet

    Apple iPad line: the current news on the tablet

    What developments happened in the iPad line so far?

    Apple’s got a lot under their sleeves this year. Just in their iPad line alone, there’s already so much happening! And as always, we’ve got you covered! ;)

    What’s happened so far?

    It’s one of the first from the US tech giant to silently announced a new iPad. Incidentally simply called iPad as publicized just through a press release last March. This is considered as a first, since before it has enjoyed its own event announcement.

    The new “iPad (2017)” or “iPad (5th generation)” “new iPad 9.7,” so not to confuse with Apple’s other tablets, is sold at an affordable price that starts at $329. Quite a number of reviews have already been released about it!

    A great and most noticeable pro for the new tablet is it’s quite affordable. You also get to experience having an iPad without the super expensive cost it’s known for.

    The new tablet is powered by Apple’s dual-core A9 chipset and 2GB RAM. As with the other iPads, it also uses the known Retina Display.

    While one considered con is it can be harder to use under the sun; the tablet  does not have lamination and anti-reflectivity.

    You might hear some clunking too when tapping on the glass display since the LCD isn’t laminated to the glass (unlike the other iPads). And there’s no True Tone Display.

    What can we expect in the coming weeks?

    Talks about a new iPad Pro 2 10.5-inch currently in the works continue to go around.

    A second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro is also expected to be announced. It’s been said these upcoming tablets will have an A10X Processor and upgraded internals.

    Previous rumors predicted a March or April launch (along with the Apple Campus opening).. Now the anticipated announcement schedule is either May or June; and may or may not coincide with the WWDC.

    The 10.5-inch iPad Pro will probably be the highlight or basically what everyone’s excited about since it is said to be a great refresh from all the other iPads.

    It’ll sport a bezel-less screen while still having the same size as the 9.7-inch iPad. It’ll be quite reminiscent to the Infinity display Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ has.

    Market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also expects it the new type of iPad is targeted for the educational and professional sector as one of the high end tablets they can utilize.


    So many to choose from. What can be the best to get?

    We’ve got that too! Read on to know more about the pros and cons for the current iPad line in the market.

    What they all have in common:

    • All have the Silver, Gold and Space Gray colors
    • Choice of Wifi only and Wifi + Cellular models
    • Runs on iOS 10
    • Have 3.5 mm headphone jack
    • Touch ID

    iPad Pro Line

    It’s considered as Apple’s top of the line tablets. They also market this as a mini-PC--- substituting the laptops.


    Consumers can choose from the 2 options it has: the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch displays.


    This line is powered by the A9X generation chip. The iPad Pro tablets are the only Apple tablets compatible with the Apple Pencil, Smart Connector and Smart Keyboard.


    Between the two, the huge Retina display of the 12.9-inch, its 2732-by-2048 resolution and 4GB memory is a few of its biggest perk.


    While the 9.7-inch iPad Pro contains the most features between the two. It’s the only iPad so far that sports Apple’s True Tone and Wide Color Display technology. And only one that has the True Tone Flash. Plus it’s more portable and the only one in the entire iPad line to have the Rose Gold color option.

    iPad Mini 4

    This iPad is the smallest Apple tablet in the market. It has 7.9-inch Retina Display and runs on the A8 chip. It definitely is one of the most portable given its full size of 5.3-inch height and 8.0-inch width but still mighty powerful.  


    iPad (2017, 5th generation, 9.7)

    The newest of the bunch. It’s greatest strength is the price. In a way, it’s an enhanced iPad Air 2 but a downgrade from the iPad Air 1. One of the cons is the air gap display. This tablet is specifically targeted to consumers with old iPads as a way to convince them to upgrade.


    One of the magical question for some: how much is it?

    Price range for the iPad (2017) is $329-$559, the iPad Mini 4 at $399-$529. While the 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s price range is at $599-$929 and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $799 to a whopping $1,129.


    So far, so great! But still pretty expensive...

    With the iPad, those large screen can get big cracks from those accidental drops. And the Glare is higher given the bigger screen.

    But as always, not to worry! Tech Armor’s here to help you protect your devices! ;)

    Getting the iPad Pro? Whether it’s the 12.9-inch or the 9.7-inch you choose, we’ve got that covered with our various Screen Protectors here!


    If you’re set to buy the iPad Mini 4, we’ve also got Screen Protectors you can arm your tablet here!

    Decided the iPad (2017) is the best option for you? Then these Screen Protectors are your best bet to protecting that display!

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  2. Which is the better choice? iPhone 7 / 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 / S8+

    Which is the better choice? iPhone 7 / 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 / S8+

    Which is the better choice? iPhone 7/7 Plus vs. Galaxy S8/S8+

    Still wondering which phone to get?

    As always Samsung and Apple are always quick to say they offer the best phone around. Still deciding which phone is the best to invest in? We’ve got you covered! Read on below to see a review of the pros and cons of both phones!


    Just by looking at the phones it’s safe to say there’s definitely a huge difference between the 4 screens.

    Spec-wise for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ we see 5.8” and 6.2” displays respectively. Both having Quad HD + Super AMOLED and certified with Mobile HDR Premium TM by the UHD Alliance. Most are pretty impressed with Samsung’s new achievement and its sharper looking screen.

    While the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus that have 4.7” and 5.5” Retina HD displays respectively. Both have wide color display and dual-domain pixels for wide viewing angles.

    Samsung also has a higher screen-to-body ratio phones compared to Apple’s.

    Display win goes to Samsung: by a landslide.


    On paper, both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have a 8MP AF front camera that has F1.7 Aperture and a rear camera of Dual Pixel 12MP AF and F1.7 Aperture. The phone’s camera is reminiscent of the camera hardware from Galaxy S7.

    While the iPhone 7 has a 12MP camera with f/1.8 aperture and the iPhone 7 Plus has a 12MP wide-angle (f/1.8 aperture) and telephoto (f/2.8 aperture) cameras.

    These phones were tested on the field by various reviewers. One of the highlights found is the iPhone 7 Plus gives a more natural image while the Galaxy S8+ gets better low light photos in this video. While this video shows Samsung’s flagship phone having vibrant colors while the iPhone 7 Plus has smoother panning.

    Software and Processor

    Apple is still considered having a smoother, updated yet simple platform that users can easily navigate through. And almost all Apple users, with 79% of active iOS devices are up to date with updates.

    Unlike Android where only 4.9% of active devices use the latest Android Nougat. Most users are still using the Android Lollipop which was first released November 2014. Google can make a comeback by pushing through with their policies for their third-party apps.

    Several reviewers initially tried to check out the performances of the phones such as this and this one in different ways.

    Safe to say, both phones have their pros and cons and it’s a tie.

    More than just superphones

    During the launch, Samsung launched a lot of other devices that go with their flagship phone. There’s the new Gear 360, Gear VR, different types of unlocking the phone and the new DeX Station---making the device a mini-CPU.

    For the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus we’ve also noticed different devices that can go with it. There’s the new Hover Camera Passport, Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0 Tactile Musical Interface, iDevices Switch Gamevice Controllers and more.

    Bonus: Pretty sure at the back of your mind (and we can’t blame you) is this question: is there any chance the new Galaxy phones can or will burst into flames? Other than there’s no reports, we got to see this video. So it’s highly unlikely it’ll burst unlike the last one. Kudos Samsung!

    Both seems to be great phones! But with greatness comes cost…

    And Tech Armor is here to help you out whichever you choose! ;)

    For the Galaxy S8 and S8+, choose from our screen protectors that best fits your lifestyle!

    If you prefer tempered glass to protect that all-glass screen, we have the 3D-Edge Ballistic Glass Screen Protector in Clear and Black. If an elastic film is more your type, we have the HD FlexiClear Film Screen Protectors. You can check them out here!

    For the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus we’ve crafted the COMPLETE PROTECTION just for your device!

    Choose from our various screen protectors to make sure you won’t be spending $100 or even more just for a screen replacement! Choose from our awesome list of screen protectors here!

    And pair that up with our cases so you won’t have to worry of any drops and scratches that might come your way. For any type of style you’d want for your phone, we got it for you! Take your pick on which case to pair you screen protector here!

    Nothing says armed and protected like Tech Armor! ;)

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  3. The Next iPhone: wildfire of rumors

    The Next iPhone: wildfire of rumors

    The Next iPhone: wildfire of rumors

    What can we expect from the new phone?

    With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ launched and about to be released, all eyes are now on Apple for their upcoming flagship phone. Although it’s still a few months out, rumors are pouring in like waterfalls! Read on to get on track!

    Just exactly what will the phone be called?

    First, do they have a name yet? A number of names are circulating all over the web. There’s the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and even the iPhone Edition pairing it with the recently released Apple Watch Edition. But for now, let’s go with the iPhone 8 as that is the most popular rumor.

    The New iPhone: Time for a refresh

    A great change in design is probably what everyone is hoping for in Apple’s upcoming phone. Many websites seem to agree that several prototypes are being tested for Apple’s next flagship phone.

    MacRumors report that Apple will be releasing 3 versions for the iPhone 8. Two versions with the standard LCD displays (4.7-in and 5.5-in models) and one with the major and premium redesign.

    The one with the major redesign is expected to have an edge-to edge screen display based on the sketches said to be made by a factory employee knowing of the plans. It similarly looks like the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones.

    This leaked schematics may be the origin of the sketches as it shows the bezel-less design. Another notable feature from the sketches is it implies the Touch ID sensor is embedded in the screen.

    Apple has taken into consideration of placing the sensors in front to beneath the display for quite some time and already has this U.S. Patent on how they’ll do just about that.

    Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also agrees to rumors that one version (most probably the premium one) will use a curved AMOLED display. This version will have a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen. 5.2-inch will be the usable area in the phone.

    Next question: who will be supplying the display screens? The Korea Herald reported that Apple has already ordered plastic OLED displays from Samsung Display. Yes, you read that right!

    Apple may or may not be bringing the Smart Connector to the new iPhone. This may be used for augmented/virtual reality accessories. It’s added that new Apple TV Streamer and Airplay may be on the way that supports AR/VR.

    Other possible specs we might see in the new flagship screen are: the True Tone Technology, Apple’s next generation processor: the A10X or A11 and a shift from aluminum to a glass and stainless steel body.

    As everyone is excited for the upcoming anniversary phone, many renderings of the device have circulated; the retro or reminiscent look to the very first iPhone is quite popular in the web.

    News on the launch and release date?

    Launch and preorder is still expected to push through on September. But Apple analyst Brian White says deliveries for the 5.8-inch starts “several weeks later.” Although it might have some delay, it’s expected to be here on or before this year’s holiday season. The reason for the delay is said to be regarding the 3D-sensing technology.

    How much will the new iPhone be?

    Rumored prices start at $850-$900 USD for the entry level or 64GB model. There have been talks that the price may spike up to $1,000 USD---as of now there’s no confirmation about this yet.

    Wow, it just keeps getting and getting more expensive…

    That means screen replacement will likely be more costly as well. Don’t worry because Tech Armor will always have your back! We will have lots of products for you to arm your future iPhone 8 with like our signature Ballistic Glass and 3D Curved Ballistic. Without worries you can keep on playing and we’ll do the protecting! ;)

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  4. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: unboxed, unpacked, unveiled

    Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: unboxed, unpacked, unveiled

    Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: unboxed, unpacked, unveiled

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are set to arrive on April 21!!!

    With the launch of the flagship phone, it’s time to confirm and put to rest the months of unending rumors! This may just be the big break the company’s been waiting for to blast the Note 7 fiasco in the past---and earn the lost trust from customers.

    Read on below as we give you the rundown what’s been announced!

    Samsung: “A New Era of Smartphones”

    Just as rumored, the new phones have an “Infinity Display” removing all bezels in front and using an ALL GLASS edge-to-edge screen. Plus smooth curved edges.

    The screen is finally confirmed to have a 5.8-inch display and with dimensions of 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0mm for the Galaxy S8. While the Galaxy S8+ has a 6.2-inch display and dimensions of 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1mm.

    Both phones have an 18.5:9 display ratio. Another display detail is the Always On Display feature.

    With the larger screen, users can now multitask easier in the screen like watching a video while texting a friend. It’s also the first mobile globally to be certified with the Mobile HDR PremiumTM  by the UHD Alliance.

    Samsung also strengthened the security features. There are now 5 ways to make sure your phone and the data in it are secured. One is the fingerprint scanner which is beside the camera at the back. You can also choose from the traditional password and pattern security. The other two are the Iris Scanner and Face Recognition for a more unique security.

    Samsung also says the devices’ performance will run at an incredibly fast speed as they have placed the most advanced 10nm processor: a first in the world.

    Siri’s got competition. For this Galaxy line, you get to say hello to Bixby. The AI can respond through different means like taking a picture of an object and search online. The tech giant placed a dedicated button for Bixby in the new phones.

    Final battery power for the Galaxy S8 is 3,000mAh and 3,500mAh for the Galaxy S8+. It also uses a Type C-Cable. And yes it has a 3.55mm headphone jack! The phones’ earphones are created by AKG.

    Samsung became more colorful with this line as 5 colors will be released for both models: Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver and Maple Gold.

    Here comes additional perks: Samsung also released a new Gear 360 and Gear VR to pair with the phones. What’s more is it’s connected to Samsung Pay and a better version of Samsung Connect.

    Another new and unique perk is the Samsung Dex where you could use the phone as a computer; this was also one of the previously rumored.  

    There’s also something new for Samsung Health. In the US, it partnered up with leading online providers like Amwell. You’ll be able to connect with a doctor online in minutes---at your own time!

    It was also announced during the unveil, the flagship phones will be available by April 21. While pre order from carriers is now ongoing. But you can also wait for the unlocked version pre orders starting on May 9.

    Expected price for the Galaxy S8 is $750 USD while the Galaxy S8+ at $850. Samsung did not release a price during the launch or as of this writing.

    ALL GLASS SCREEN? Won’t that be more prone to cracks though?

    Here at Tech Armor, we’re confident that won’t happen when you arm those devices with us! ;)

    For an all glass screen display, we procured an all-display solution to give the best protection. You can choose from our two screen protectors  (available NOW):

    First is the Tech Armor FlexiClear Film Screen Protector which we’ve created with our polyurethane film that grips and covers the edges of the screen; plus flexible enough to help absorb impact and prevents costly scratches.

    If you prefer a glass protector, this second one’s for you: the Tech Armor 3D Curved Ballistic Glass Screen Protector! We used only Asahi-branded Japanese glass for the best protection on your screen. Also by molding it with heat-bending technology, it’s created to be a perfect fit for the all glass screen to protect it from drops and scratches.

    And the good news is we’ve already released them! Our engineers have been hard at work perfecting the screens with different tests. As always, the screen protectors went through Tech Armor’s rigorous drop tests too!

    Don’t worry as we’ll keep everyone posted on how they can PRE ORDER these screen protectors! Just in time for your Galaxy S8 when it arrives. You can also head over to Amazon and check out more details:

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  5. Samsung Galaxy S8: More News and Rumors

    Samsung Galaxy S8: More News and Rumors

    Samsung Galaxy S8: More in store

    The leaks and rumors just keep on coming!

    With just around a week left before the unveiling of Samsung’s new flagship phone, lots of rumors and leaks again surfaced in the web!

    Read below as we give you the latest info on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus:

    Any updates from Samsung?

    Recently, the Korean giant launched a TV ad for the Galaxy S8 in their home country.

    Other than that, the launch is still a go on March 29 at 11am EDT in New York.

    What’s new from the web?

    It’s said the TV ad is one of the ways to keep buyers interested in waiting for Samsung’s new phone after LG G6 was launched in South Korea.

    A new investor note from Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities also predicts the line will have 2 sizes: one will have a 5.8-inch display and the larger a 6.2-inch display as previously rumored. Both will have OLED screens with WQHD+ resolutions of 2960x2400.

    He adds processors for phone sold in the U.S., Japan and China will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor while those in Europe and rest of Asia will contain Samsung’s Exynos 8895 processor.

    While The Investor reported Samsung had to forego the plans of fingerprint scanning for the Galaxy S8. Its partner Synaptics ran out of time to develop the technology for the phones.

    This feature was one of the much awaited from the company especially with the large screen the new phones have. It was then a last minute decision of the Korean giant to place a fingerprint scanner on the back---near the camera.

    For Apple, this can be a good news as they’re also aiming for a fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 8.

    To compensate for the last minute change, it’s expected the Galaxy S8 will also have an iris scanner to give users another way to unlock their phones with a quick eye scan.

    New leaked screenshots of the launcher and app icons have recently been published too.

    The photos show the latest version of Samsung’s Smart Switch application. Claims of an all screen display may be confirmed with the lower buttons shown. It’s also predicted the phones will run on Android 7.0 Nougat.

    A photo leak of the battery for the Galaxy 8 recently came up as well. This may be designed by Samsung SDI and assembled in Vietnam. It’s expected they would also source batteries from Murata Manufacturing Works in Japan.

    More colors are now in the loop for the Samsung Galaxy S8! Another photo shows the range of new possible colors for the phone: White, Blue, Silver, Gold, Glossy and Regular Black. Previously rumored colors were: Black, Silver and Violet.

    One of the other notable features that can come with the phone is being able to connect it with a monitor--to use it like a computer.

    When launched, it will likely be the most expensive smartphone to date. Latest rumored prices posted in the web are for the UK with the Galaxy S8 selling at £799 or $971.34 USD and £899 or $1,092.91 for Galaxy 8 Plus.

    HELP! How can I protect my future new phone?

    GOOD NEWS! Tech Armor’s got you covered!

    We’ve got just the screen protectors to suit your lifestyle. Our team is hard at work to make sure they’re all set when the phones are released.

    As Samsung’s flagship phones are curved screen, we decided the best solution is to have FULL edge-to-edge coverage for maximum protection. Especially the bigger the screen, the larger the possible cracks. (Yikes!)

    One is the 3D Curved Ballistic Glass Screen Protector. Using heat-bending technology, we’ve curved our flagship screen, the Ballistic Glass, to make it a perfect fit- making it easy to install too!

    Another is the FlexiClear Film! This was originally named as the HD Clear Film, Edge-to-Edge Screen Protector in our previous Galaxy S8 blogs. Its elastic nature will help absorb the falls and prevent those scratches. Another bright side is you get to enjoy a high definition view every time you use the device!

    So far that’s the latest on Samsung’s upcoming flagship phones. Just as everyone, we’re excited for the announcement! Stay tuned as we give you the newest details on the phone and we can help you protect it! ;)


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  6. Samsung Galaxy S8: Leaks and updates

    Samsung Galaxy S8: Leaks and updates

    Samsung Galaxy S8: Leaks and updates

    More leaks have come up as the launch date grows near

    Just a few more weeks before the Galaxy S8 (and so far the Galaxy S8 Plus) is officially introduced to the world! And with it, more rumors and even leaks about the flagship phone are found all over the web!

    Not to worry! We’ve got them here to help you out:

    What we know for sure:

    Samsung finally confirmed the launch date of their flagship phone on March 29 at 11am EDT in New York. The company also released a video teaser in line with the launch.

    New Leaks and Rumors from the web:

    One leak floating around the web is about the global release date. The expected sale or release date that is still in the running is April 21. Although it’s now suggested it may likely be pushed a week later to April 28No specific reason was given for the move but Samsung has been known to be cautious after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

    But there’s also another rumor that pre order for the phone will be available on April 10.

    Another recent leak published on BGR displays the blueprint / renders of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. You can see that the sizes of these phones are compared to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The Samsung flagship phones are almost the same size as Apple’s flagship phones. The former will just be a bit slimmer in width and wider in height.

    However, one important characteristic from the leaked image is the display sizes of the phones. The Galaxy S8 will have a 5.8-inch display and the Galaxy S8 Plus a massive 6.2-inch display. This is compared to the 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone 7 and the 5.5 screen of the iPhone 7 Plus. It in a way strengthens/confirms the previously rumored Galaxy display sizes and Samsung pushing through with the all-screen front plan.

    The “infinity display” may also be here to stay! Samsung has a trademark filing for it and may now be the name for its new low-bezel screen.

    What’s more interesting is the actual phones may already have been leaked out to the web! It can be seen in the photo and video from SlashLeaks showing the big screen display of the phone in the sleek color black.

    Yes, the colors black and silver are still in the running for Samsung’s new flagship phone, but now there's a rumored third color: Violet, replacing the Orchid GreyNew rumored prices are now HIGHER with the Galaxy S8 at $972(USD) and the Galaxy S8 Plus at a whopping $1,0964(USD)!

    Samsung Galaxy S8 3D glass

    Update/development on how Tech Armor plans to protect the phone:

    With the higher rumored prices, it’s definitely time to think about how you can protect your investment!

    We’ll be releasing two screen protectors to arm your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Since it’s a curved screen, we aimed to cover the entire screen for maximum protection.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 film

    First is our HD Clear Film, Edge-to-Edge Screen Protector to cover the entire screen display while giving you a high definition view. The elastic nature of this protector will also help it absorb shock and wrap around the curved edges of the display. 

    Another is the 3D Curved Ballistic Glass Screen Protector. We’ve used heat-bending technology on our top-rated Ballistic Glass to match the round display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 for seamless installation and impact protection for your phone.

    Our engineers are currently in the process of testing out these screen protectors (as shown in the leading image above). Everything from screen fit and adherence to touch response and clarity is being tested and initial results are excellent! Samsung has baked in several pulldown menus/features on the edges of the display and we've experienced zero interference when swiping laterally from the curved edges. Up next: drop tests!!!

    And that’s the recap of most of the latest leaks from the web! Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung’s flagship phone and our screen protectors to help you protect it! ;)



  7. Apple Event 2017: Surprises in Store

    Apple Event 2017: Surprises in Store

    Apple Event 2017: Surprises in Store

    The latest news, rumors, reports on the Apple’s Spring event this year.

    There have been rumors that Apple will have a Spring Event this March. If recent years are any indication, we should expect an announcement soon. And as always lots of speculation of what to expect has exploded on the internet! From the new line of iPads to the new version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus we’ve all got them covered here!

    Let’s do a recap of what we have come up with so far:


    When and where will it be held?

    Rumors surfaced that it will take place in early March. Venue for the event may take place in the Bay Area such as the Infinite Loop Town Hall in Cupertino, Yerba Buena Center in downtown San Francisco or even in the new Apple Campus 2 (if completed in time).

    Update: However, recent rumors suggest the launch will happen March 20 or as far as April 4. The latter date will possibly coincide with the opening of Apple Park, the company’s new headquarters.

    What will Apple announce?

    New iPad Pro 2 lineup

    In the upcoming event, Mac Otakara predicts that 4 new models of iPad Pro will be announced. The sizes are 12.9, 10.5, 9.7 and 7.9 inches.

    The 12.9 and 9.7 inches will be an updated version while the 10.5 and 7.9 inches are new additions to the line. The 7.9-inch iPad will feature a Smart Connector and may possibly replace the iPad mini.

    Most talked about though, is the new 10.5-inch model. This tablet may have the same display as the 9.7-inch since it will have a smaller bezel. Some rumors indicate this model may have an edge-to-edge display screen with no Home button! The expected screen resolution for this is 2,224 x 1,668 pixels.

    An A9 processor will reportedly be used for the 9.7-inch model while the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models will have the A10X processor. There are also plans Apple will standardize the features for all the tablets like having quad microphones.

    There’ve been talks that a possible upgrade for the line is shifting from LCD panels with LED backlight to OLED displays. Rumor has it that it’s Apple’s way of testing the waters for the iPhone 8. This type of display has also been rumored for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

    All models will be launched during the event but shipping for the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models could still be in May or June.

    Update: There’s also a speculation that the new devices may be available the same day they’re announced.

    Rumored prices for the second-gen 9.7-inch iPad Pro can start at $499 while the 10.5-inch at $599; estimated prices for the rest are still unknown.

    So far the only response from Apple are the recently released new iPad Pro Ads showing they can be the next PCs.

    Higher-capacity iPhone SE

    Apple will add to the iPhone SE line as well with a 128GB storage option to the existing 16GB and 64GB. Estimated price for the new phone is around $559.13-$621.25 (USD).

    iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in color Red?

    An iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in Red may finally be on its way to the shelves this year! This could be Apple’s way of gaining more sales before any refresh will be made.


    How Tech Armor plans to protect these devices

    Right now, we’re fairly confident our existing Ballistic Glass, HD Clear Film and Prime Glass screen protectors for the 12.9” and 9.7” iPad Pro will be compatible with the new models, but we can’t be 100% until the event. We are currently developing potential solutions for the 10.5” and 7.9” models and we will protect these devices with our HD Clear and Ballistic Glass screen protectors as soon as they’re launched. Our Prime Glass screens will be released shortly after. Since Prime Glass is more costly to manufacture, we MUST be 110% certain on the installed fit before we proceed.

    So far that’s a rundown of the talks about the Apple Spring Event this 2017. Stay tuned as we update this article for any development. And of course how you can protect these next set of devices with Tech Armor! ;)


    Update Sources:


  8. Samsung Galaxy S8 : Rumors, News, Reports

    Samsung Galaxy S8 : Rumors, News, Reports

    Samsung Galaxy S8: Rising from the Ashes

    The latest news, rumors, reports on Samsung’s newest flagship device

     After the fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s hopefully on its way to making a return with the Galaxy S8. With the excitement and even great expectations to their flagship phone, lots of rumors have come up.

     So we’ve compiled here the rumors to help you get on track:

     When would it be released?

     Launch is said to be on March 29 in New York with the release date on April 21. Another possible release date floating around is on April 18. UPDATE: Samsung just officially released a statement that their new flagship phone will be launched at 11am EDT in New York on March 29.

     It was originally believed that Samsung will launch the phone during the Mobile World Congress. But according to The Korea Herald the company will be launching the new Galaxy Tab S3. While we can expect the glimpse of the new Galaxy S8 with a video clip. Unveiling of tablet can be confirmed by the teaser tweet Samsung Mobile posted.

     Rumor has it that the launch delay of the smartphone is due to safety issues from the Note 7 explosions.


     What is/are sizes of the phone(s)?

     It’s speculated that the phone will have 2 sizes just like the previous flagship phones released: namely the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus.

     GSM Arena currently released these dimensions for the phones:


    Screen size/shape of the phone?

     The rumored screen size for the Galaxy S8 measures 5.8 inches while the Galaxy 8 “Plus” will be 6.2 inches (larger than the iPhone 7 Plus). What’s new and possibly an awesome feature is it will have an “infinity display”  covering the majority of the front panel. There wouldn’t even be room for a home button or maybe even Samsung’s logo!

     Korea’s ETNews reported that the company wanted to remove the home button and have it virtually integrated like the rumored iPhone 8/X. It was also released Samsung wanted to have an all-screen front. 

    The trend of a curved-edge display will be seen in the Galaxy 8 and combined with the next-gen organic light-emitting diode (OLED). The phone in the YouTube video published by Samsung Display may already be a glimpse of the new smartphone.

    There may also be an upgrade to 4K display especially with virtual reality currently trending. In addition this will also help Samsung if it has plans to push for their Gear VR. This updated screen will give an enhanced and less pixelated view.


    Possible new features to the phone/s?

    After the blast they had with the batteries of Note 7, Samsung made changes to make sure it won’t happen again. The new flagship phones’ batteries are tested with the company’s eight-point battery testing procedure and manufactured by a different company.

    In Galaxy 8, you might say hello to Bixby. This is said to be the AI assistant they’d be using for the phone which may also have its own button. The Viv Labs Technology-based assistant will likely replace the S Voice.

    Another unique component that Samsung’s new flagship phone might have is about their fingerprint sensor. A photo released by Cnet Korea shows that it will be on the back of the phone beside the camera.

    Galaxy 8 may have a better back camera too. We’ve seen an impressive one with the Galaxy S7 where they used “Dual Pixel” Technology plus a large f/1.7 lens aperture and 1/2.6-inch sensor. Right now, Samsung is in the works to perfect a 1/1.7-inch sensor for smartphones. Though no confirmation of this can be used in time for the Galaxy 8.

    There have been talks that the Galaxy 8 will be using USB-C instead of the Micro USB. It will be following suit from the Galaxy Note 7 and can be the best path since Samsung’s new Gear VR supports USB-C (originally paired up with Note 7). Fortunately, we have developed several Type C Accessories that are already available in case this rumor is true!

    To lose or not to lose the 3.5mm headset jack? One of the questions is if will see this in Samsung’s new flagship phone. There was a rumor that the headjack will be removed and Bluetooth headphones will be used, maximizing the USB-C port. Although a more recent rumor suggest the headset jack will stay.

    How Tech Armor plans to protect the phone?

    There is no doubt that we will support the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with our flagship Ballistic Glass and we are currently in development as this article is released. The questions we are currently wrestling with are how to most effectively protect the curved edges with other materials as well. We are also currently looking into a completely clear 3D glass option (as opposed to the colored glass seen in many rumor sites) that would work on ALL device options. With such an extremely curved phone (similar to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge), our flat glass solution (although cost effective and case-friendly) does present some challenges.



    How much will the phone cost?

    Rumored prices for Galaxy S8 ranges from $850-$950 (USD) while the S8 Plus is at $958.65-$1,050 (USD).

    So far that’s the recap of most that’s been circulating all about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus up to date. Stay tuned for more updates on the phone and how we can help you protect it! ;)



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  10. Apple iPhone 7 Media Event Confirmed for September 7th

    Apple today sent out media invites for an iPhone-centric event that will be held on Wednesday, September 7 at 10:00 am at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California. Media invites (via The Verge) offer up a first look at the theme of the event and feature the simple tagline: "See you on the 7th."

    The fall 2016 event is expected to see the debut of the next-generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are rumored to feature improved cameras, better processors, and improved water resistance, implemented through the removal of the headphone jack and the introduction of a new flush, pressure-sensitive home button. Both devices are said to look similar to the iPhone 6s, with the same general size and shape, but with relocated antenna bands that no longer span the back of the devices.

    Faster LTE and Wi-Fi speeds are rumored, as is a jump in storage space with 32GB positioned as the new minimum and a 256GB option rumored at the high end (possibility limited to iPhone 7 Plus). Display improvements first introduced in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, including the True Tone feature able to adjust the display to match ambient lighting could be offered, and the larger iPhone 7 Plus is expected to have exclusive features like 3GB RAM and a dual-lens camera for crisper, brighter images.

    Apple may use the event to debut a second-generation Apple Watch, said to include better waterproofing, an improved processor, and a built-in GPS chip. Design changes are not expected for the next-generation Apple Watch, but new materials and new bands are always a possibility. Apple rotates its Apple Watch band offerings on a regular basis and we expect to see new designs this fall.

    Most of Apple's Mac lineup is due for an update, but the most highly anticipated machine, the MacBook Pro, will reportedly not be debuting at the event, coming later in the year instead. It's not known if other Macs will see a refresh announcement at the event, but it's unlikely, and we're also not expecting any iPad announcements at this time.

    We will, however, get an update on the prospective launch dates of iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, and tvOS 10. We're expecting to see iOS 10 and watchOS 3 launch shortly ahead of the release date of the next-generation iPhone (rumored to beSeptember 16 or September 23), while macOS Sierra could come a bit later, perhaps towards the end of the month. tvOS 10, as a new operating system, could launch alongside iOS 10 or alongside macOS Sierra.

    In line with past events, the September 7 event will begin at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. As it has done with several past events, Apple is likely to stream the event live on its website and on the Apple TV.


    via MacRumors

    Update: Apple has announced it will indeed be live streaming the event.

    Note: We are already in production of Ballistic Glass and a brand new case line for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus! We're launching in step with Apple so you can protect your new iPhone 7 on Day ONE! Check out our website to stay in the know!!