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  1. LG V30: launching this August 31?

    LG V30: launching this August 31?

    Will it use OLED displays too?

    LG might just release a new phone on their V series line. Exactly your cup of tea? Let us help you out to get the latest on the rumor mill! ;)

    Specs to expect: lots of upgrades

    Display: joining the bandwagon?

    The Investor reported earlier this year that LG will also start using OLED screens,

    beginning with the LG V30. Which may look like the Galaxy S8.


    Though it’ll still have the V series signature second screen. But this time it might slide out from under the main screen.  


    What’s under the hood?


    The new LG phone will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 835, along with 6GB of RAM. And the device will have an audio boost with the upgraded Quad DAC.


    It’ll also be one of the first devices to be Daydream-ready. It’s Google’s new virtual reality platform that revolves on using headsets, peripherals and software.


    Other new possible perks?


    Everyone might just be in luck as the LG V30 may also sport two 13MP rear cameras just like the G6 has.


    Another rumor that’s come up is the device will have a glass back to feature wireless charging.


    Any leads on the release?


    Lots in the web agree that LG will be launching the new device on August 31. As they all share the sentiment it’s what’s being hinted in the invite the tech giant sent out.


    Another important question: how much?


    As of now price range goes from $699 to likely over $700 USD and even upto $750


    That’s still pretty expensive!


    We totally understand that getting a great phone is no walk in the park. Especially with the price getting higher.


    So here at Tech Armor, we’ll make sure you get the best possible protection at just a fraction of the price! Pretty neat right? ;)


    So not to worry as we’ll be able to help you out if you plan to get the LG V30. We’ll be ready with our screen protectors so the phone’s awesome screen will stay amazing.


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  2. LG G6 or LG G6+: which is the one for you?

    LG G6 or LG G6+: which is the one for you?

    LG released a G6+ version too! Is it the one for you?

    LG G6 is one of the first flagship phones released this 2017. And now just months after, we have the LG G6+!

    Now deciding which to get? Let Tech Armor help you out! Read on to know more! ;)

    What’s on LG G6 again?

    Let’s take a recap on LG’s 2017 flagship phone.

    The device was revealed in this year’s Mobile World Congress. It attracted a lot with the less-bezel screen sporting a 18:9 aspect ratio---a first for a smartphone. It also has a Quad HD+ display with a 2,880 x 1,400 resolution. And powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor.

    Another notable feature is that LG went back to basics compared to its riskier predecessor. It exhibits a simple unibody metal design--- which means we had to say goodbye to the removable battery. Oh, and the phone supports Netflix HDR too.

    Other specs include 3,300 mAh non removable battery and Full Vision Display.

    How will the LG G6 Plus (LG G6+) be different?

    Off the bat, one of the popular said upgrades in the new device is the 128GB storage compared to the 32GB in the LG G6.  Also, folks will get to enjoy hi-res audio as LG included a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC headphone port.

    Plus you’ll have more color options: Optical Astro Black, Marine Blue and Terra Gold. These color options will have a lenticular film on the back of the phone for an optical effect. But other than that, hardware specs is still quite the same with the LG G6: the 5.7-inch QHD display with rounded corners, the Snapdragon 821 processor and the 3,300 mAh battery.

    Next 2 questions you might have in mind are: when will it be available and for how much?

    Rumored price for the LG G6 Plus so far is around $890. And still no word/rumors when the phone will be globally available.

    Now here’s a quick rundown of the specs for both:

    Hold on. There’s more! Both the LG G6 and the LG G6+ versions will be getting:

    • “Face Print” Software where you can unlock your phone using facial recognition
    • “Low Power Consumption” to help manage the 3300mAh power
    • “Covered Lens Warning” so you’ll know if you’re blocking the dual lens camera

    Seems like both are sweet phones!

    They sure are! Here at Tech Armor, we want to make sure that all your gadgets are safe for any kind of scenario! The great news is we’ve got the LG G6 covered too! ;) Since the screen size/shape didn't change from the original LG G6 model, our current Ballistic Glass Screen Protector fits both models!

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  3. iPhone 8 Rumors: no more Touch ID?

    iPhone 8 Rumors: no more Touch ID?

    iPhone 8 Rumors : no more Touch ID?

    That might even just be the tip of the iceberg for the iPhone 8.

    Down to the last few months before the new iPhone 8 is launched! Don’t worry, we’ve got a rundown so you’ll be in the know! ;)

    Houston, we may have a problem. Maybe even a lot of them.

    With an all-screen display a popular rumor, where will the Touch ID be placed on the iPhone 8?Bad news: there might not be one. Apple might drop it if they won’t be able to embed the fingerprint sensor in the screen.

    Folks, there’s more... Known KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Apple won’t be able to embed the Touch ID in the screen. The feature may be removed totally on the next-generation phone. While his other predictions are quite the same with other rumors in the web. It may then be replaced by a facial recognition system --- instead of placing it in the back like the Galaxy S8. An alleged device photo leak from Weibo also shows now Touch ID in the back.

    There seems to be tense air too in the Apple HQ. Hardware is good to go but software is still on the rocks. The source said this caused panic to the California-tech giant’s team just this June.

    The 3D camera sensor and the wireless/induction charging software are the problems still being fixed. If not fixed in time, it might either cause delay of phone launch or the softwares would be launched at a later time.

    But there’s a bright side! The phone just might have a rear-facing 3D laser for AR apps and improved autofocus.

    Price? Unfortunately, pricey is likely. Previous rumors said starting price will be around $1,000. Now, entry-level price may start at $1,200.

    Though analysts say there may be a slight chance of getting it at a discounted price.

    $1,000 is already a LOT. Now rumors have the iPhone 8 around $1,200?!

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  4. Your Phone is FILTHY! How to Properly Clean Your Smartphone

    Even if your phone looks clean, trust us, it's NOT. Read below to learn more about the dangers that lie on your device and how to keep a clean phone screen.

    In the last decade alone, thanks to a vast increase in mobile data speed and availability coupled with an explosion of apps and programs, the smartphone has evolved beyond simple conversation and web browsing. Our business and personal culture has shifted into a multi-task environment with the smartphone at its core. From work emails to social media and online shopping, the need to be connected has vaulted the smartphone to a digital personal assistant- one that is accessed thousands of times daily.

    One study suggests that we touch our phones 2600+ times per day, while another has this number MUCH higher at 5400. Either way you slice it, anywhere we go, the phone is not far away. Every new location and each of the thousands of daily touches add another opportunity to increase the amount of bacteria and germs on your phone. It is no surprise that research indicates our phone screens are 10x dirtier than a toilet seat. So, how can we change/reduce this?

    Limit the germs on your phone

    • Maintain a clean environment for your phone at home by regularly cleaning your counters/tables/surfaces with antibacterial cleaner. If your phone is constantly tossed into a purse or bag, make sure the interior is emptied weekly, quickly sprayed with Lysol (or equivalent) and wiped down.
    • Avoid using your phone in the bathroom and don’t place it on a sink or other bathroom surface while you’re in there. 
    • It sounds obvious to wash your hands regularly, but honestly how often do we really wash our hands unless we need to? By sticking to a regular schedule of hand-washing throughout the day, you can reduce the amount of germs you transmit to your phone.
    • Absolutely clean your phone regularly, especially after letting your children use it. A wet tissue or towel is a good start, but using a formulated solution or wet wipe is best. The Tech Armor Cleaning Kit provides a variety of tools to make sure you keep your phone cleaned at home and on the go.

    Limit the exposure to your phone

    Anytime you touch your phone, whether to your face (while talking) or simply touching the screen, you are allowing germs and bacteria to access your system. However, recent technology makes it possible for us to access and use our devices with limited tactile input. 

    Unlocking your phone

    Obviously it’s important to keep your phone locked to keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. However, each time you unlock it with a long, complicated code you pick up the germs on its surface. Using Face Unlock on certain Android phones or Iris scanner on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will eliminate this exchange. Even Touch ID on Apple iPhones/iPads reduce the contact to one, simple touch.

    Talking/texting on your phone

    Using headphones or a bluetooth headset to talk on your phone will eliminate direct exposure to your face, while the latest voice recognition apps can easily create texts/emails with limited touches.

    Digital Assistants

    Using inherent software like Siri on the Apple iPhone or the newly-launched Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8, we can also access a wealth of information without a single touch.

    More about the Tech Armor Complete Cleaning Kit

    The Tech Armor Cleaning Kit uses TechClean Purify Go products for maximum care of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices! The Purify Go formula cleans your screen, while providing a lasting, clear coat finish that makes your device screen smoother to the touch.

    Both Alcohol and Ammonia Free, our formula is safe for all high-tech device screens and works with all Tech Armor Screen Protectors. TechClean Device Cleaning Wipes are pre-moistened tissues designed for people on the go. The Tech Armor Cleaning Kit washes away harmful germs and bacteria to keep your devices as safe as possible. In addition to keeping your personal phone germ-free, this kit is excellent for:

    • Children's tablets / readers
    • Portable gaming devices (like the new Nintendo Switch)
    • Laptop screens, keyboards and trackpads
    • and MANY more!

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  5. Galaxy Note 8: Yes, it’s just around the corner!

    Galaxy Note 8: Yes, it’s just around the corner!

    Are you ready for what Samsung has in store for the Galaxy Note 8?!

    What does Samsung have under its sleeve for the Galaxy Note 8? We got you covered! ;)

    What’s new from the rumor mill?

    Update: New Galaxy Note 8 leak just came up from Slashleaks! Although still not confirmed if this render is the final phone design, it quite agrees with all other information that have come up.

    First off, the fingerprint scanner. Remember its awkward placement in the Galaxy S8/S8+? Unfortunately, the Note 8 will probably have the same fate. Yep, at the back beside the camera too.  But there’s a bright side! The upcoming phone will feature a 6.3-inch curved edge infinity displayAnd for the first time, dual cameras might be a go for a Samsung phone! It’s said to be 12MP with optical image stabilization.

    Samsung is reportedly working with Qualcomm for plans of the Note 8 utilizing a Snapdragon 836.There’s also another rumor that the Note 8 will be powered by a 3,300 mAh battery--- which is smaller than the battery used in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 7. Since we’re on the topic (and we’re pretty sure you’re also wondering), is the battery going to be legitimately safe? So far outlooks are positive. Especially with the Korean giant’s 8-Point Battery Safety Check.

    Some of the other rumored specs are: 6GB RAM, USB-Type C connector and a 3.5mm jack. While available colors are black, blue and gold.

    When will the phone be launched? Estimates over the web are either August, September. Though AndriodAuthority specifically reports it’ll most likely be August 26 in New York City.

    Another magical question is: how much will this new phone be? BGR’s source says it’ll be just under a $ 1,000.

    Is it truly the rise of $1,000 smartphones?!

    Oh yes, the price is on the rise folks. The upcoming iPhone 8 is also in this category... We totally understand that paying that huge amount of money for a great device is no joke. And we know it’s best to have that investment safe from any harm.

    Not to worry! Tech Armor will always have your back! For just a fraction of a price, we’ll be there to protect your phone from drops, scratches and even the daily wear and tear! As for the Galaxy Note 8, stay tuned as we just might have what you need to make sure your gadget is all safe and secured! ;)

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  6. iPad Pro 10.5”: the reviews are in

    iPad Pro 10.5”: the reviews are in


    iPad Pro 10.5”: the perfect computer replacement?

    Is Apple’s newest iPad an awesome must-have? Short answer? YES

    Just this WWDC 2017, the California-tech giant released the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch!

    Apple has been pushing the iPad as the perfect replacement for a computer. Is it worth it? How are the reviews so far? And as always we’re here to help you out!


    The less-bezel display is considered as one of the new eye-catching features in this iPad Pro generation. One review considered it as the perfect middle ground for your iPad needs. While another called it the Goldilocks tablet.

    Both are giving a nod to the upgrade in the display without sacrificing the weight. It still weighs around less than a pound too! Making it more portable and versatile. Another display pro is the ProMotion Technology which smartly adjusts the refresh rate up to 120Hz for smoother scrolling and motion.

    While the tablet is also considered future-proof. Especially with the upcoming iOS11 upgrade. It has better interface on reading print handwriting to for those who take notes. There’s more room for typing too thanks to the full-size on-screen keyboard or full-size Smart Keyboard. The added 10.6 millimeters really helped according to this review.

    Other notable specs are: 600 nits brightness, ultralow reflectivity and wide color gamut to name a few.


    One probably big con for this reviewer is the price. It starts at a whopping $649 for Wi-Fi only and $799 for Wi-Fi and Cellular.

    Another discusses the TrueTone display as just making the color of the display more yellow. The Smart Keyboard is also considered expensive at $159 which is a must for professionals to maximize use of the tablet.

    While this mentions we might have not yet seen the full power of the tablet until iOS11 is released. And to just wait until then if this is worth buying.

    There are still some reviews like this one claiming this iPad Pro is still not ready as a laptop replacement. Especially with its price just a stone throw away from the Macbook Pro which has more possibilities right now.

    Seems Apple’s not kidding with the high prices...

    Here at Tech Armor we understand just how much you’re willing to invest to get the best gadget possible. That’s why we want to help you make sure your new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is secured and ready for any kind of scenario!

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  7. WWDC 2017: New Apple releases!

    WWDC 2017: New Apple releases!

    WWDC 2017: New Apple releases!

    All Apple lovers and fans are in for a treat! 

    The California tech-giant made waves for its 6 major announcements in the WWDC. We’ve got them all covered here! Read on for the rundown!

    New Devices

    New Tablets

    Say hello to iPad Pro 10.5-inch! The previous rumors were quite right on the screen and tablet size. Screen size is 20% larger with less bezels. Plus the tablet has a new feature called ProMotion which can double refresh rate up to 120 Hz.

    For those who love the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, don’t worry it  was not left behind. They also gave updated internal specs which makes it on  par with the 10.5-inch. The best news: you can already order both today.

    New MacBook Pro and MacBook specs

    All MacBooks are getting a refresh by upgrading the entire line to the Kaby Lake or 7th-gen Intel Core plus up to 50% faster SSDs. They’re all available for purchase today!

    New iMac and iMac Pro


    It’s desktops also finally got an upgrade since October 2015. The whole iMac line will be upgrading to the 7th-gen Intel Core and adding 2 USB-C Connectors which supports ThunderBolt 3 to name a few.

    Apple showed they didn’t forget about their Pro users with the iMac Pro. Safe to say an intense upgrade was done on this machine. Price is at $4,999 and will ship on December.


    Everyone was in for a treat with the newest device from Apple: the HomePod. It’s competing with the Amazon Echo but has stronger privacy protection claimed by Apple. It will be available in two colors: White and Grey. It will start shipping in the US this December.

    Other updates

    iOS 11

    By Fall this year, Apple will be releasing iOS 11 across iPhones and iPads as a free upgrade! There are several new features but the iPads will have the most perks.

    High Sierra

    The iMac will also have an upgrade with the High Sierra. One new feature is the Top Hits in Mail, which puts most relevant emails on top of the list. Another is being able to add tables to Notes.


    Apple Watch users are also in for a treat with the announcement of the watchOS. Free upgrade will be given for all this coming Fall.

    So many new (and expensive) gadgets....

    We at Tech Armor totally understand where you’re coming from on that. So we’ll make sure that your devices are always good to go and ready for any kind of scenario!

    Still thinking which of the new iPad Pro to get? Whichever you choose, we’ve got screen protectors for you!

    Planning to buy one of the refreshed Macbook Pros? Keep your data safe with our easy to install privacy screen protectors! ;)

    Need spare cables to connect your gadgets with? Not to worry, we got those for you too!

    Definitely no time for scratches  Take your pick between our Ballistic Glass and High Definition Screen Protectors!

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  8. Can the LG G6 Compete With the Galaxy S8?

    Can the LG G6 Compete With the Galaxy S8?

    LG G6: does it have what it takes?

    Can LG’s flagship phone compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S8/S8+?

    LG also released its new flagship phone this year: the LG G6.


    It’s also one of the first phones that came out this year---which was then followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and in the coming months, the new Apple flagship phone.

    So what’s new on the LG G6?

    Read on to find out more!


    One of the main highlights from LG’s flagship phone is its 18:9 FullVision Display, having an 80% body to screen ratio. That’s a 10% increase on body to screen ratio from last year’s LG G5.

    How’s the reviews?

    The step up in the display style was not amiss in this review. It showed very little bezels  and creating the screen more vertical which is helpful for viewing lists like Facebook and other apps. Plus the narrow body is easier to hold.


    Trusted Reviews also talked about how the LG G6 went back to basics for the design--compared with the G5. This year’s flagship has a sleek look plus a fingerprint scanner that’s not awkwardly placed like of its rival the Galaxy S8/S8+.


    Performance-wise, it features the older Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset though there’s not lag evident or concerns when playing high-powered games like Asphalt.


    While this review agrees that no problem with the older CPU. It’s also quite easy to use since the phone is thinner that it seems. The software also took advantage of the 18:9 ratio making 2 equal squares for split views.


    LG’s Always On Display is a great feature said in this review-- one of the best in the mobile industry.

    LG vs Samsung

    The two Korean Giants continue to compete as the best Android phone around.


    LG right now is in a good shape by reaching an all time high US market share, slimming the gap between them Samsung. So what updates are there between the two?


    Netflix fans are in for a treat if they get the LG G6. So far it’s the only Android phone where you could stream HDR and Dolby Vision!


    Both phones have single speakers at the bottom which can easily be covered by the hand. But sound quality goes to the LG G6 as it has much fuller and better sound speaker compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.  


    If you’re using lots of Google services, you’re in luck with the LG G6 since it has the Google Assistant natively. Major pro in this is it’s easier to search what you’re looking for in the web. Compared to Bixby which helps out more in controlling your phone.


    Easier location of the fingerprint unlocker and wide angle option photos also gives a win to the LG G6 compared to the Galaxy S8.


    Speaking of photos, after using both this review says macromode is better on the G6 with more features and details. Stabilization is better too. While the Galaxy S8’s photos are more realistic, takes better selfies and has better colors. The overall image is also smoother.


    Despite the awesome display the LG G6 has, we can’t ignore the Infinity Display in the Galaxy S8. And in this reviewer's perception, Samsung is overall more stunning with just a little cost gap. One feature is for the full screen extension function on the Galaxy S8.


    Digital Trends agrees on this when they compared the phones on the following topics: Specs, Design, Display, Software and additional perks.


    For the specs, Galaxy S8 is quite better--like having latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 for the US on paper. The software also has the capability of making your phone a mini-CPU with the DeX. And includes AKG earphones just to name a few.


    The LG G6 doesn’t even come with earphones in the box. But both use the 3.5mm headjack so at least that’s a win!!!


    One of the other important questions is the price: so just how much are they?


    Price range for the phones are:


    LG G6 at $650-$720

    Galaxy S8 at $720-$750

    Galaxy S8+ at $840-$850


    Wow, they’re all so expensive…


    We understand your sentiments on that (especially with the larger glass screens) so as always, we’ve got you covered!


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    Buying the Galaxy S8? You can get either our 3D Curved Ballistic Glass Full-Coverage or 3D Curved Ballistic Glass Case-Friendly Screen Protectors!


    Chose the Galaxy S8+ among the three? No worries as we have that covered as well! We’ve got 3D Curved Ballistic Glass Full-Coverage for the phone!


    Bonus! Need an extra charger for the phone? We also have Type C Chargers you can choose from!


    And if you think you might run out of battery charge while out on the field, bring one of our Powerbanks with you! ;)


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  9. iPhone 8 Rumors: final design leaked?

    iPhone 8 Rumors: final design leaked?

    And the leaks continue!

    September may still be quite far away but the leaks just keep on coming!  To find out what’s new, just read on! ;)

    What’s new from the web?

    Trending the most are leaked photos relating to Apple’s upcoming phones: iPhone 7S/7S Plus and the iPhone 8. But for this post, let’s focus on the latter.


    This leaked phone mold photo is believed to already show the final shells of the devices. The camera being placed vertically on the iPhone 8 mold supports previous rumored designs.  


    From molds we go to a real thing! Exclusive photos from BGR show a mockup phone which reportedly features the final design. This also shows the same camera placement. Although it’s believed not all buttons or markings are featured on this yet.


    Where will the Touch ID be placed? There’s no consensus around so there are still several ideas floating where the fated Touch ID will be:

    • Below the Apple logo at the back (quite similar to the Galaxy S8),
    • Embedded to the OLED display in front (fingers crossed!)
    • New theory of incorporating the sensor in the power button at the side


    New perks might be found in the 10th year anniversary phone. Augmented reality functions may be found in the new device. As the new device will use glass in the front and back, wireless charging may also be possible.


    Is there a final launch date? No announcement from the California tech-giant so far. Though the investment bank Morgan Stanley says high chance Apple will launch in September.


    Is the price really in the $1,000 range? More or less as it’s already reported that manufacturing the iPhone 8 is 150% more expensive than previous iPhones.

    150% more expensive? Yikes!

    There’s no way to go but up for price tags these days…


    Not to worry! Tech Armor’s here to keep your devices protected and safe from the drops, scratches and even the daily wear and tear! ;)


    Screen Protectors? No problem! You’ll be able to choose from various Tech Armor Screen Protector options such as the Edge-to-Edge Glass, Matte-Antiglare and Prime Screen Protector made with Accessory Glass 2 by Corning®!


    If you’re always on the go, our ActivePower power banks will be there to help you out too!


    You Play, We Protect! ;)


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  10. iPhone 8 Rumors: New rendering sighted... could this be it?

    iPhone 8 Rumors: New rendering sighted... could this be it?

    iPhone 8 Rumors: could this be it?

    It’s getting more intense as the launch approaches! The 10th anniversary phone from Apple may just be a few months away! Have you heard the latest? Read on below to get on track! ;)

    Updates on the new phone

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently granted the California-based tech giant several patents. Edge to Edge Display and Touch ID under the Display are 2 of the approved that we may (and hope to) see in the upcoming phone.

    There is also a new render of the upcoming device using a highly detailed CAD file of the phone’s chassis from Engadget showing the phone in a sleek black color along with the dual camera’s new orientation.

    How much for the new phone? Expected prices are still high. Analyst Simona Jankowski and her team estimates it’ll cost $999 USD for the 128GB and $1,099 USD for the 256GB model (although this is the same as the previously rumored price range).

    The specific launch and release date for the new phone is still under wraps. One rumor says it could be launched earlier than expected- this coming June just like when the first iPhone was released. It may or may not be during Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference this June 5-9.

    Another says it’ll push through in September, just as in the last five years. There’s also the possibility of a delayed launch pushing for November.

    Woah. That’s REALLY pricey…

    We understand just how huge of an investment everyone gives to their phone. That’s why Tech Armor does its best to make sure your phone’s armed for any kind of drop or scenario your phone might face! Ever hear about the time our case and screen protector saved a phone that was run over by a riding lawnmower??

    We’ll be ready to give you a variety of choices that you can protect your phone with like our 3D Curved, Ballistic Glass and RetinaShield Screen Protectors! So you can enjoy your new device every day with no cracks, no scratches and no problems! 

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