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  1. Fitbit Charge 2: great buy?

    Fitbit Charge 2: great buy?

    Fitbit Charge 2: great buy?

    Best way to shoot for a healthier lifestyle?

    With the rise of awesome smartphones, comes the cool wearables and smartwatches too. One of the greatest pros of having one is the health benefits it can give. Did the Fitbit Charge 2 catch your attention? Looking to get yours? Get more info below!


    It’s definitely considered as an upgrade from its predecessor. The display is four times larger, which is a huge plus--- you get to see more info in just one glance. You can also customize the comfier rubber straps from the following styles: Classic, Luxe leather and their Special Editions. Making it more fashionable.

    And choose from 3 sizes: small, large and XL.

    The device can also automatically track if you’re exercising so you’ll continue to be in the zone.

    One great highlight for the Fitbit Charge 2 is the PurePulse Heart Rate tracking technology without having to wear a chest strap. US Consumer Reports backed up the device’s reasonable level of heart-rate accuracy.


    While a great firstthe Guided Breathing feature helps improve your condition---releasing stress or for cooling down.

    Another awesome new feature is the VO2 Max that measures your heart rate based on your age and gender.

    All standard fitness tracking data are also present and considered correct in the app. The app is also in easy to read format. Overall a solid successor fitness tracker.


    It’s water resistant but not waterproof folks. It’s not also recommended by Fitbit to use while in the shower.

    Interacting with the OLED display may also mean jabbing or poking it since it uses the accelerometer to tell when you’re hitting it since it’s not touch screen.  


    How much is it?


    The price starts at $149.95, so are you totally sold on buying one? Great! With that bigger screen comes greater responsibility to protect it - with the poking included too. Good thing Tech Armor has your back! ;) We’ve got the HD Clear Screen Protector in 2-pack! You could probably use the other one as spare or share with a fellow-Fitbit Charge 2 user!


    Speaking of fitness, make sure to get moving too! Achieve a lifetime of movement with our friends from Motus EdgeStretch and warm-up with their Resistance Bands, while giving yourself extra protection with their Compression Sleeves!  

    Decided to try Crossfit? They got a Starter Kit for that!


    As always, Tech Armor has you covered! ;)


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  2. OnePlus 5: worth buying?

    OnePlus 5: worth buying?

    OnePlus 5: worth buying?

    Could this be your new phone?

    Still checking the phone market to see which would be the best for you? If you're not onboard with the latest Apple phones, then the OnePlus 5 might just be the one! We’ve got some reviews and info that might help you out!


    The OnePlus 5 is one speedy and minimalist phone. Jumping in and out of apps are lightning quick and efficient. It’s considered as the fastest phone this reviewer used. The company did not hold back as the phone is powered with the latest Snapdragon 835. Plus with the Ardeno 540 GPU for a great gaming experience.

    Old-fashioned but not your typical 1080p 5.5-inch AMOLED panel with 16:9 resolution. It has vibrant colors and can get very bright that you can check your phone even under the sunlight.

    It’s a first for the company to manufacture a phone that’s rocking the dual-lens camera. The main camera is 16MP with super-wide aperture of f/1.7. The other is the 20MP telephoto lens with aperture of f/2.6. These cameras are especially useful for Portrait Mode and shooting faraway subjects.

    For gamers, the Gaming Do Not Disturb mode would be a great plus where you can turn off all notifications while playing. For everyone who’s missing the 3.5mm headphone jack on recent iPhones… this one has it!

    While its Oxygen OS has lots of customizable perks like the notification shade easily customizable.


    No folks this phone is still not waterproof like other phones today. So best to keep it away from bodies of water.

    The OnePlus 5 also has no expandable memory. So you might have to make a second check on which you’d choose: the 64GB or 128GB storage?

    Hardware (and partly software) might kind of be reminiscent of other phones like Apple and Oppo, if this can be a deal breaker for you.

    The price may be neutral ground starting at $479, which is still quite cheaper than Apple’s iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxy 8/8Plus or Note 8. Not a bad phone...for that price too! Looking to purchase one? Before it runs out in the wild, it”s best to keep the screen safe from drops and scratches!

    Tech Armor has you covered with our Edge-to-Edge glass Ballistic Glass Screen Protector! ;)

    And if you’re always on the go, we’ve got Universal Car Mounts and our Bike Mount to help you out!

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  3. Apple Event 2017: 3 iPhones launched and more... Hello, iPhone X!

    Apple Event 2017: 3 iPhones launched and more... Hello, iPhone X!

    Apple Event 2017: 3 iPhones launched and more... Hello, iPhone X!

    Apple lovers were in for a treat!

    After months of speculation and rumor, the new iPhones are now launched! And we were in for a twist with the official names! Plus even more!

    For months we’ve been circulating rumors and imagery about the new front face of the iPhone 8? Well, it’s officially called the iPhone X! What about the phones rumored to be called iPhone 7S and 7S Plus? That’s tofficially he iPhone 8 and 8 Plus!

    Read on as we give you the rundown of the Apple Event!

    First up are the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

    The iPhone 8 has a 4.7” widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display with a 1334-by-750 pixel resolution at 326 ppi, while the iPhone 8 Plus sports a 5.5” widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display and a 1920-by-1080 resolution at 401 ppi.

    Both phone displays have the Retina HD Display with True Tone Technology, they’re powered by the ultra powerful A11 Bionic Chip and they are calibrated for Augmented Reality. The iPhone 8 Plus has dual cameras, Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting (although still in beta)

    And folks, these 2 phones still have Touch ID.

    Both will be available at 64GB and 256GB capacities. Price for the iPhone 8 starts at $699. While the iPhone 8 Plus at $799. Preorder starts September 15 and will be available by September 22.

    And now for the phone that has been widely rumored: the iPhone X (or called as the iPhone Ten)!

    The phone boasts of a 5.8 inch all-screen OLED Multi-Touch Display and a 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi. Apple has coined this as the first to have the Super Retina Display. The device is powered by the A11 Bionic chip too.

    Here we have to say goodbye to the Touch ID. The iPhone X now has a remarkable Face ID that is enabled by a sensor array called the TruDepth Camera for facial recognition. Other than unlocking your phone, this will be used for Apple Pay and stunning selfies! Like the iPhone 8 Plus, this also has the Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting.

    Augmented Reality is also pushed for this phone. One notable new feature is the Animoji! Check the Apple website for the most detailed account of all specifications.

    The iPhone X will be available at 64GB and 256GB capacities, while pricing starts at $999. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait awhile… preorder for the phone starts on October 27 and will be available by November 3.

    So we have this current iPhone line:

    And there’s more than JUST phones!

    Apple Watch

    What’s new for the Apple Watch is the capability of cellular built right in. You can connect your iPhone number to the watch and don’t have to bring your phone! Although the case for Series 3 is the same for Series 2, the new features are crazy! You can stream 40 million songs directly to your watch, monitor your health stats and elevate your workouts with a host of new fitness apps. Price starts at $329 for GPS enabled only and $399 for the one with both GPS and cellular built-in. Preorder starts Sept 15 while it’ll be available by September 22.

    Apple TV

    This has also been upgraded with combination of 4K and High Dynamic Range for a more lifelike view. Live sports, live news will now also be streamed in the TV App. It’ll be available at 32GB and 64GB capacities. Price starts at $179.

    Ok, as rumored, these phones are seriously expensive!

    We totally understand how this can put a dent on your wallet. (The $999 price for the iPhone X is quite huge.) That’s why we at Tech Armor want to make sure that your devices are as protected as possible!

    For the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus our top-rated iPhone 7 and 7 Plus screen protectors are ready to protect your devices!

    Not to worry about the iPhone X! We got this covered with screen protectors and an awesome case too!

    Here at Tech Armor, we’ll always make sure your devices are protected so you can keep on playing! ;)

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  4. iPhone 8: announcement date set!

    iPhone 8: announcement date set!

    iPhone 8: we got a date!

    September 12 folks! Set your calendars...

    The internet is abuzz as we finally got a date for the iPhone 8! Read on to know more! The day we’ve all been waiting for! Apple officially announced that September 12 is the Keynote 2017 for (presumably) the iPhone 7S/ 7S Plus and iPhone 8 (or whatever it will be called).

    Days before, Wall Street Journal may have just confirmed this straight from Tim Cook himself. Contributor at Forbes Gordon Kelly also has the same tune. While TechCrunch is affirming this is the date Apple is aiming for.

    Other dates to remember?

    With September 12 being right on the money, Mashable hypothesized this will be the timeline based on Apple’s previous launches:

    • Sept. 15 - Preorders will start
    • Sept. 19 - first reviews of the new iPhones will come out
    • Sept. 20 - iOS 11 will be available for download
    • Sept. 22. - iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will go on sale (the new Apple watch too should it be announced in the Keynote)

    What about the iPhone 8?

    The same site reports that Apple might say it will be available “later this fall”, however BGR says otherwise. They're claiming it will run alongside the 7S/7S Plus as it’s the only way it’ll hit its target revenue for the month.

    Where will it be held?

    Apple will be launching at the Steve Jobs Theater, which is still under construction.

    There were previous talks that if construction won’t finish in time, they may opt for the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco where previous iPhone events were held.

    OK, is the price really $1,000 for the iPhone 8??

    No official word yet. But current rumor has it that the 64GB Capacity could start at $999. Then go as high as $1,199We at Tech Armor totally understand that this may bring about a huge dent into your wallet. Even if you choose the possible iPhone 7S/ 7S Plus, that's still quite a huge amount and that kind of large investment deserves the utmost protection. Good news is we’ve got the just what you need!

    For all your iPhone 8 protection needs, it’s all in just one page here!

    The Tech Armor Ballistic Glass, Matte-Antiglare and Privacy Screen Protector will be ready! Best to pair that with our upcoming FlexProtect Case too!

    Complete your gadget accessories for the ultimate experience! The ActivePower power bank will always be ready wherever and whenever you need to charge your device!

    Make drives and road trips even more fun! Car charger, check! Car Mount? Got that too!

    You’ll always have no worries on your device as everything’s taken care of by us! ;)

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  5. iPhone 8 Rumors: more info from HomePod?

    iPhone 8 Rumors: more info from HomePod?

    iPhone 8 Rumors: more info from HomePod?

    That device is a gold mine!!!

    More rumors and discoveries are abound with the upcoming iPhone close to knocking on our doors...or wallets to be more precise. Now let’s go head on!

    More info from the HomePod

    Developer Guilherme Rambo dug deeper within the HomePod firmware code/iOS 11 beta and found videos within on how we might just live without the Touch ID and physical Home button.

    The first video he posted shows an iPhone accessing the Control Center by swiping from right to left. Though sacrificing the shortcut to the camera.

    The second video he tweeted demonstrates how you can access the app-switcher with swipe up gesture.  Just a little extra: he also added videos displaying how the HomePod can be configured, the Apple TV and Whole House Audio using any device with an Apple ID. Though it makes a lot of sense, it might be best to take it with a grain of salt for the mean time.


    Facial Recognition: Apple’s final choice? 

    This can be considered as pretty sure as the Korea Herald reported the phone will advanced facial recognition scanner plus 3-D sensors for AR applications.

    The 3-D facial recognition sensor can sense your face in millionths of a second. It’ll be used to unlock the phone and make payments. And is practically instant too according to known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

    Bloomberg also showed rumored schematics for the iPhone 8 :

    Plus there’s this photo from Slashleaks showing what appears to be the 3-D sensor in the flesh!


    Great! So about the price...?

    Definitely no going back with the $1,000 price range folksAlright, alright, time to make sure the wallet’s ready for that huge dent! We know where you’re coming from on this. That’s why we want to make sure that no dents, dings, scratches or whatsoever ever comes close to your new device.

    For that sweet phone, we will be providing the ULTIMATE AND COMPLETE Tech Armor signature protection! It’s all in one page too! ;)

    Best to pair it with Tech Armor’s FlexProtect Case which we will be releasing real soon too! Other than that, we’re prepared for any cable Apple may use. Plus we’ve got the Active Power Series power banks, our car chargers and our new Universal Car Mounts too!


    Protecting your device will always be taken seriously here at Tech Armor: so you can keep on playing! ;)


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  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: bigger and better

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8: bigger and better

    Galaxy Note 8: bigger and better

    It’s finally here folks!

    After the explosion (literally) of last year’s Note 7, Samsung’s finally back with the Note 8! Planning to buy yours? We’ve got you covered with this announcement rundown from Unpacked 2017!

    What’s awesome on the phone?


    The Galaxy Note 8 has a bigger display with 6.3 inches and 2960 x 1440 resolution. It’s got the AMOLED Infinity Display like the Galaxy S8 and a 18.5:9 aspect ratio.


    Phone Features/Highlights

    App wise there’s App Pair where you can create shortcut and simultaneously launch 2 apps at once in a MultiWindow.

    There’s the Screen Off Memo and pin to always on display screen update. Just double tap the note you pinned on the screen with the S Pen and start writing. You can write until 100 pages. Speaking of S Pen, Samsung made it have a finer tip and better pressure sensitivity. You can also translate sentences by hovering over the sentence with the S Pen.

    The S Pen can now make messages animated with Live Message. It can be added to photos. It’s in a standard animation format, easy to share with everyone.

    Samsung literally doubled the camera power by powering the phone with Wide Lens and Telephoto Lens. They’re proud to say it’s the first smartphone to also have Dual Optical Image Stabilization available for both lenses. They even compared it with the iPhone 7 camera:

    And just like the Galaxy S8, Dex, Gear VR and Gear 360 is also for the Note 8. Knox is also placed in the device to secure the phone. And of course Bixby.

    Oh, did we mention it’ll also have earphones from AKG.

    How about the battery? It’s powered by a smaller 3,300 mAh battery (pretty sure just to be on the safe side).

    Under the hood it’ll be powered by 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 10 nm processor in the US. It’ll have 6GB RAM and choice of 64/128/256 GB storage, expandable up to 256 GB.

    When’s it available?


    It’ll be out by September 15! Though you can already preorder today and get some awesome perks.

    Colors Midnight Black and Orchid Gray will be available in the US. While no announcement made yet where Maple Gold and Deepsea Blue will be.

    No official price yet in Samsung’s Page as of this writing. Though several carriers have posted their outright prices:

    • Verizon: $960 off contract for 64GB model
    • AT&T: $950 outright
    • Sprint: $999.99 full retail

    ALMOST $1,000?! No kidding…

    Unfortunately, we aren’t kidding on the price. With that kind of price, it definitely deserves the best protection. Especially that awesome screen!!! No worries, Tech Armor has just what you’ll need!

    We’re also taking preorders for the 3D Curved Ballistic Glass Screen Protector! It’ll be here just in time when you get your Note 8. We’ve got your other accessories covered too to keep your Galaxy Note 8 charged, synced and ready! Need extra USB-Type C Devices? We’ve got lots for you to choose from!

    Going on a road trip? Make sure you’ve got a Dual USB Car Charger and a Car Mount!

    And if you’re always on the go and 3,300mAh is not enough, keep it charged with our ActivePower Power Bank!


    We’ll always have your back! ;)


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  7. iPhone 8 Rumors: third color and more (thanks again HomePod)!

    iPhone 8 Rumors: third color and more (thanks again HomePod)!

    With just WEEKS away from September, what’s new in the web for iPhone 8?

    We’re pretty sure everyone (including us ) really had a blast with the iPhone 8 leaks coming from the HomePod. But for now folks, let’s see what’s new this week! We might get lucky again right? ;)

    More info found in the HomePod?

    And yes we do get lucky again! The developers who found lots of info from the HomePod last time have more news for us! Developer Steve Troughton-Smith kept digging onto the HomePod and found that the home button in the upcoming iPhone:

    Troughton-Smith also discovered metrics regarding the status bar on the edge-to-edge iPhone, including notch height and ear width. Olivier Charavel was quick enough to create a mockup with the numbers. This is what may be expected to be the touch screen part on the upcoming iPhone:

    Hold on folks, there’s more! Developer Guilherme Rambo saw codes from the HomePod that the phone will suppress notification sounds when you’re looking at it.

    Plus the known coded Pearl ID:

    Copper turned Gold?

    Known-leaker Benjamin Geskin says the iPhone 8 will only be in 3 colors: Black, Silver and so far Foxconn’s internal name “Blush Gold”. This info was also released from Weibo and will only be sold with 64GB or 128GB.

    Though several reports bounce between the phone being color: Copper, “Copper-Gold” and Gold. Then there’s also the term Rose Gold for the same color.

    Hands on with a dummy phone

    MacRumors got hold of a dummy phone that gives a clear look on how the upcoming iPhone will look like. It’s based on leaks, CAD drawings, etc. that came out this July.

    Still have to ask: price?

    Sad to say it’s still at around $1,000. Yup, that high. :(

    So Apple’s really doing this are they? Going $1,000 high? We know, we know. It’s A LOT of money to invest on. That price is no joke. Best to keep it as safe as possible. Phew!



    Don’t forget that Apple is ALSO likely to release updated versions of the iPhone 7 (rumored to be called the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus). Fortunately Tech Armor already has these screens covered as the device hardware should remain the same. However, a new report indicates there may actually be a slight change to the body size (roughly 0.1mm on all sides). While this may seem insignificant, it could produce problems with existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases fitting these new devices. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more!

    When it comes to protecting devices, Tech Armor takes it seriously: so you can keep on playing! ;)

    For your iPhone 8 needs, we got them all on one page! ;)

    • Screen Protector? We’ll be ready with our Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors! While our Matte-Antiglare and Privacy will be just around the corner!
    • Case? Most definitely having that too! Our FlexProtect Case will be here just in time to protect the device!

    Whichever cable Apple decides to use, we’ve got them too! And you can easily connect it with the ActivePower Series Power banks, car chargers and our new car mounts too!


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  8. Road Trip Essentials

    Road Trip Essentials

    Here are some must haves for that stress free and fun road trip!

    Whether it’s one last hurrah before going back to school or you and your friends and family just want to hit the road, it’s always better to be prepared for any kind of scenario!

    Here’s a checklist of what to bring during a road trip!

    Car concerns:

    Basic need for your overall use:

    (folks, you can never go wrong with food! Preferably the healthy options especially if you have kids on the trip)

    • Water

    (staying hydrated is important especially for the driver)

    • Spare Money

    (spare change can be a big help in toll fees!)

    (safety should always be a priority)

    • Umbrella

    (for when the sun’s just too strong)

    • Sunscreen

    (so no worries about those painful sunburns!)

    (specifically for the driver to fight against the sun’s glare!)

    • Toiletries
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Lip balm
    • Mini hairbrush

    Must haves for your gadgets and devices (here Tech Armor can definitely help out!):

    (so no getting lost in the middle of nowhere!)

    (phone gets to stay in place plus using the navigation apps just got easier!)

    (in this case the driver and the one who called shotgun gets to charge their devices!)

    (Device use may be at all time high! Plus with the selfies and all ;) )

    (Germs and adventure are never a match!)


    There you have it folks! Do you have some Road Trip Essentials or tips you want to add? Share them with us!


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  9. iPhone 8: Breakthrough leaks?

    iPhone 8: Breakthrough leaks?

    Special thanks go directly to Apple for this latest iPhone 8 rumor! ;)

    Bad news is someone or maybe a whole team in Apple is in hot water after the web exploded with the leaks coming from themGood news is: we benefit from confirmed information! Read on to learn more. ;)

    Apple leaked iPhone 8 data?

    Well, Apple pushed out the firmware for the $349 HomePod surprisingly way ahead of its release in December. (Fun fact: it’ll run on iOS 11.0.2, currently two patches ahead of what’s available for the public.)

    So far 2 developers took the opportunity to check out the code. Little did they know, they’ll be discovering gold nuggets on the iPhone 8.

    What did they discover? “Pearl and D22”

    Face Recognition may certainly be a go for the iPhone 8. Steve Troughton-Smith discovered code name “Pearl” along with the lines of: BKFaceDetectOperation, settooCloseToCamera and setTooFarFromCamera to name a few. With all of the rumored trouble Apple was having with integrating Touch ID into the iPhone 8 screen, it appears that face recognition will take its place.

    He also found mentions it’ll be using infrared camera which is more user friendly since it works well in low-light situations, compared to ones used in Galaxy S8 and likes.

    While Guilherme Rambo found code name “D22” and rendered the phone icon available for it:

    Looks pretty familiar right? ;)


    No new leaks on the price?

    Unfortunately, none coming from the horse’s mouth on that, although rumors are still at $1,000 to $1,400.

    No going back with the $1,000 price range?

    Seems that way folks. But look at the bright side! Tech Armor promises to keep your huge device investments safe from drops and scratches!

    We’re currently testing and perfecting our Screen Protector line for this upcoming device. So by the time you get Apple’s new flagship phone, you can immediately arm it with us!

    We'll have an awesome case too so you definitely get the best from signature Tech Armor Protection! ;)

    Will you be needing additional accessories for your phone? We’ve got just what you need ;) We’ve got cables for at home and on the go needs and awesome ActivePower Power banks when you’re always moving about!

    Always on the road? Our car chargers and car mounts would be perfect for you!

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  10. LG V30: launching this August 31?

    LG V30: launching this August 31?

    Will it use OLED displays too?

    LG might just release a new phone on their V series line. Exactly your cup of tea? Let us help you out to get the latest on the rumor mill! ;)

    Specs to expect: lots of upgrades

    Display: joining the bandwagon?

    The Investor reported earlier this year that LG will also start using OLED screens,

    beginning with the LG V30. Which may look like the Galaxy S8.


    Though it’ll still have the V series signature second screen. But this time it might slide out from under the main screen.  


    What’s under the hood?


    The new LG phone will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 835, along with 6GB of RAM. And the device will have an audio boost with the upgraded Quad DAC.


    It’ll also be one of the first devices to be Daydream-ready. It’s Google’s new virtual reality platform that revolves on using headsets, peripherals and software.


    Other new possible perks?


    Everyone might just be in luck as the LG V30 may also sport two 13MP rear cameras just like the G6 has.


    Another rumor that’s come up is the device will have a glass back to feature wireless charging.


    Any leads on the release?


    Lots in the web agree that LG will be launching the new device on August 31. As they all share the sentiment it’s what’s being hinted in the invite the tech giant sent out.


    Another important question: how much?


    As of now price range goes from $699 to likely over $700 USD and even upto $750


    That’s still pretty expensive!


    We totally understand that getting a great phone is no walk in the park. Especially with the price getting higher.


    So here at Tech Armor, we’ll make sure you get the best possible protection at just a fraction of the price! Pretty neat right? ;)


    So not to worry as we’ll be able to help you out if you plan to get the LG V30. We’ll be ready with our screen protectors so the phone’s awesome screen will stay amazing.


    If you’re always driving and on the go, you can get our car charger so your phone will always be powered up!

    A great combination to that will be our universal magnetic car mounts. You can choose from our 4 options to which best fits your needs!

    Oh and don’t fret about germs on ALL your devices with our germ cleaning kits!

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