Nintendo Switch: new ways to play

It’s taken the world by storm! Read on to know more about this awesome device!

Nintendo launched a new game console taking everything to a whole new level: the Nintendo Switch.  

Players get to enjoy their games by being able to “switch” the new hybrid console in 3 ways. So far the addiction is real!!

Get to play in 3 ways

The game console itself is a 6.2-inch LCD touch screen. Its display is 1080p, depending on which mode is used.

How to play the Tabletop mode? Open the stand at the back then place the console on any tabletop. Use the Joy-Con™ to control the game. Don’t forget to attach it on the strap or grip provided!

Switching to TV mode? Just slide the console to the Nintendo Switch dock. Then use the USB Type-C to connect it to the TV (need an extra connector? We got you covered!). Then take your pick with the strap or grip.


Handheld mode’s your choice? Slide the Joy-Con™ to the side of the device. And you’re good to go! Pretty neat right?

Sold out welcome for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced that a whopping 2.74 million consoles were sold just last March. This number went above official and unofficial projections.


Nonetheless there is still a high demand present. And just to keep up, some consoles were even shipped through air, though that was still not enough.  


GameStop even said that the Nintendo Switch is not getting sold out in a day or so... but JUST HOURS. They expect for this kind of demand will be evident for quite some time.


Still searching for yours? Some tips we found is ALWAYS to check availability or any announcements from the stores. And if you need to line up to get the game, wear your most comfortable shoes and arrive at least an hour before the store opens.


The good reviews may have had its fair share of making the demand for the consoles this high!

One review says that there’s already so much that can be done even with the initial small game list. Another states that its touch screen is also easy to use and quite an upgrade when compared to previous Nintendo consoles. Another plus is just how HD the screen is (we’ll show you how to KEEP it that way below).

CNET finds it a pro that you can share screenshots of your game directly to Facebook and Twitter! And if you previously bought Amiibos, you’re in luck! You can use them in the Switch.

This unbox review also showed the fun you can have with the Nintendo Switch--- showing the the different games you could play with it.


Though one very hard to ignore con is that the console itself is quite expensive at $299 USD. (Not to mention its accessories).

What can we expect to happen?

Fans of the Zelda game line were in for a treat since there was a voice pack update that was just released. You can now listen to the game in one language then use another language for the subtitles simultaneously.

Blaster Master Zero will also be getting an update making new downloadable characters available and access to an even a harder mode of gameplay.

The game Yooka-Laylee is also making it’s way to Switch. And is reported the console will get a better version of the game.

There has also been a list of games that will be added to the console this 2017. Some of the games are: Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, Sonic Mania, NBA 2K18 and Super Mario Odyssey.

There’s also a rumor that Pokemon might also be added to the list of the games! The tech giant posted about the Pokemon Stars in their official pages. Although there’s a possibility that this will also be specially released in the 3DS.

Another perk that we may find in the Nintendo Switch soon is the Rainway App. It’s a downloadable app that will let gamers play PC games in portable devices---which can include the Nintendo Switch. Though no confirmation yet if this will be available in the eShop.


We’ve got great news for you...

By popular demand, Tech Armor now has a glass screen protector for the device!!! We’ve created the perfect screen protector by using our signature Ballistic Glass.

This will make sure that even from the heavy daily wear and tear, you never have to worry about cracks on the screen. And we’ve made it HD clear so it won’t affect the crisp graphics when using it in tabletop or handheld mode.

Nothing but the best protector for one of the most awesome consoles right? ;)

We’ve got MORE great news for you!

In addition to our signature glass, we’ve added some accessories to help keep your Nintendo Switch charged and ready. Our SMART 3-Port Wall Charger allows you to charge your switch without fear of overvoltage using our SMART I.D AND still have room to charge two more devices/accessories (like the Joy-Con Grip). Looking to keep your young gamers entertained on the road? Our Type C Car Charger is an excellent way to make sure your Nintendo Switch stays charged and ready (did we mention the extra USB port for your phone??). Finally, our Type C to USB-A cable provides a superior connection between all charging devices. Grab this as a spare when you’re out and about or just to have around the house.


So you can keep on playing and we’ll always be protecting!

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