Will it use OLED displays too?

LG might just release a new phone on their V series line. Exactly your cup of tea? Let us help you out to get the latest on the rumor mill! ;)

Specs to expect: lots of upgrades

Display: joining the bandwagon?

The Investor reported earlier this year that LG will also start using OLED screens,

beginning with the LG V30. Which may look like the Galaxy S8.


Though it’ll still have the V series signature second screen. But this time it might slide out from under the main screen.  


What’s under the hood?


The new LG phone will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 835, along with 6GB of RAM. And the device will have an audio boost with the upgraded Quad DAC.


It’ll also be one of the first devices to be Daydream-ready. It’s Google’s new virtual reality platform that revolves on using headsets, peripherals and software.


Other new possible perks?


Everyone might just be in luck as the LG V30 may also sport two 13MP rear cameras just like the G6 has.


Another rumor that’s come up is the device will have a glass back to feature wireless charging.


Any leads on the release?


Lots in the web agree that LG will be launching the new device on August 31. As they all share the sentiment it’s what’s being hinted in the invite the tech giant sent out.


Another important question: how much?


As of now price range goes from $699 to likely over $700 USD and even upto $750


That’s still pretty expensive!


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