Kevlar®-Reinforced Lightning Cables: your next must-have!

Tech Armor is stepping up the charging game to help you out!

How many lightning cables do you have at home? Or maybe a better question is how many have you broken over the years? That will definitely be a thing of the past with our newest lightning cable line!

Made with Kevlar®?

Yes, folks! We’ve added Kevlar® on the interior of our cables to provide a stronger, more durable charge and sync solution for your Apple devices. This material is known for for being featherweight while having 8 times the tensile strength or resistance force of a steel wire.  It’s commonly used to create bulletproof vests, car tires, car breaks and strings of archery bows just to name a few.

As with our other lightning cables, these are also MFi-Certified; they have endured the rigorous testing from Apple and met all their standards. So it’s safe to charge and sync various iPhones and iPads without worry.


Using products approved by Apple is a great investment since there is strict quality control for these accessories. Plus, starting with the iOS 7, the device can already detect several “fake” cables ensuring your safety from unwanted damage either to your device due to power surges or to you (electric shock, etc.).

We developed this new line with our signature, external braided nylon jacket for added strength while preventing tangles/crimping. And to put the extra cherry on top, we added a “strain relief” connector on both sides of the cable to prevent breakage at the most vulnerable area: the ends! That’s true 360-degree protection!

But hold on, we didn’t stop there: these cables also have our Limited Lifetime Warranty, just like our screen protectors, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered!


Awesome! Are they available now?

Yes to that too! You can get yours on our website or on (to take advantage of that sweet Amazon Prime shipping). You can choose from Black or Space Gray in 2 ft or 6 ft sizes. Whether you’re looking for a home, office or travel solution, we’ve got you covered!

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