With just WEEKS away from September, what’s new in the web for iPhone 8?

We’re pretty sure everyone (including us ) really had a blast with the iPhone 8 leaks coming from the HomePod. But for now folks, let’s see what’s new this week! We might get lucky again right? ;)

More info found in the HomePod?

And yes we do get lucky again! The developers who found lots of info from the HomePod last time have more news for us! Developer Steve Troughton-Smith kept digging onto the HomePod and found that the home button in the upcoming iPhone:

Troughton-Smith also discovered metrics regarding the status bar on the edge-to-edge iPhone, including notch height and ear width. Olivier Charavel was quick enough to create a mockup with the numbers. This is what may be expected to be the touch screen part on the upcoming iPhone:

Hold on folks, there’s more! Developer Guilherme Rambo saw codes from the HomePod that the phone will suppress notification sounds when you’re looking at it.

Plus the known coded Pearl ID:

Copper turned Gold?

Known-leaker Benjamin Geskin says the iPhone 8 will only be in 3 colors: Black, Silver and so far Foxconn’s internal name “Blush Gold”. This info was also released from Weibo and will only be sold with 64GB or 128GB.

Though several reports bounce between the phone being color: Copper, “Copper-Gold” and Gold. Then there’s also the term Rose Gold for the same color.

Hands on with a dummy phone

MacRumors got hold of a dummy phone that gives a clear look on how the upcoming iPhone will look like. It’s based on leaks, CAD drawings, etc. that came out this July.

Still have to ask: price?

Sad to say it’s still at around $1,000. Yup, that high. :(

So Apple’s really doing this are they? Going $1,000 high? We know, we know. It’s A LOT of money to invest on. That price is no joke. Best to keep it as safe as possible. Phew!



Don’t forget that Apple is ALSO likely to release updated versions of the iPhone 7 (rumored to be called the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus). Fortunately Tech Armor already has these screens covered as the device hardware should remain the same. However, a new report indicates there may actually be a slight change to the body size (roughly 0.1mm on all sides). While this may seem insignificant, it could produce problems with existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases fitting these new devices. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more!

When it comes to protecting devices, Tech Armor takes it seriously: so you can keep on playing! ;)

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