iPhone 8 Rumors: more info from HomePod?

That device is a gold mine!!!

More rumors and discoveries are abound with the upcoming iPhone close to knocking on our doors...or wallets to be more precise. Now let’s go head on!

More info from the HomePod

Developer Guilherme Rambo dug deeper within the HomePod firmware code/iOS 11 beta and found videos within on how we might just live without the Touch ID and physical Home button.

The first video he posted shows an iPhone accessing the Control Center by swiping from right to left. Though sacrificing the shortcut to the camera.

The second video he tweeted demonstrates how you can access the app-switcher with swipe up gesture.  Just a little extra: he also added videos displaying how the HomePod can be configured, the Apple TV and Whole House Audio using any device with an Apple ID. Though it makes a lot of sense, it might be best to take it with a grain of salt for the mean time.


Facial Recognition: Apple’s final choice? 

This can be considered as pretty sure as the Korea Herald reported the phone will advanced facial recognition scanner plus 3-D sensors for AR applications.

The 3-D facial recognition sensor can sense your face in millionths of a second. It’ll be used to unlock the phone and make payments. And is practically instant too according to known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Bloomberg also showed rumored schematics for the iPhone 8 :

Plus there’s this photo from Slashleaks showing what appears to be the 3-D sensor in the flesh!


Great! So about the price...?

Definitely no going back with the $1,000 price range folksAlright, alright, time to make sure the wallet’s ready for that huge dent! We know where you’re coming from on this. That’s why we want to make sure that no dents, dings, scratches or whatsoever ever comes close to your new device.

For that sweet phone, we will be providing the ULTIMATE AND COMPLETE Tech Armor signature protection! It’s all in one page too! ;)

Best to pair it with Tech Armor’s FlexProtect Case which we will be releasing real soon too! Other than that, we’re prepared for any cable Apple may use. Plus we’ve got the Active Power Series power banks, our car chargers and our new Universal Car Mounts too!


Protecting your device will always be taken seriously here at Tech Armor: so you can keep on playing! ;)


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