iPhone 8 Rumors: final design leaked?

And the leaks continue!

September may still be quite far away but the leaks just keep on coming!  To find out what’s new, just read on! 😉

What’s new from the web?

Trending the most are leaked photos relating to Apple’s upcoming phones: iPhone 7S/7S Plus and the iPhone 8. But for this post, let’s focus on the latter.


This leaked phone mold photo is believed to already show the final shells of the devices. The camera being placed vertically on the iPhone 8 mold supports previous rumored designs.  


From molds we go to a real thing! Exclusive photos from BGR show a mockup phone which reportedly features the final design. This also shows the same camera placement. Although it’s believed not all buttons or markings are featured on this yet.


Where will the Touch ID be placed? There’s no consensus around so there are still several ideas floating where the fated Touch ID will be:

  • Below the Apple logo at the back (quite similar to the Galaxy S8),
  • Embedded to the OLED display in front (fingers crossed!)
  • New theory of incorporating the sensor in the power button at the side


New perks might be found in the 10th year anniversary phone. Augmented reality functions may be found in the new device. As the new device will use glass in the front and back, wireless charging may also be possible.


Is there a final launch date? No announcement from the California tech-giant so far. Though the investment bank Morgan Stanley says high chance Apple will launch in September.


Is the price really in the $1,000 range? More or less as it’s already reported that manufacturing the iPhone 8 is 150% more expensive than previous iPhones.

150% more expensive? Yikes!

There’s no way to go but up for price tags these days…


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