iPhone 8: Breakthrough leaks?

Special thanks go directly to Apple for this latest iPhone 8 rumor! 😉

Bad news is someone or maybe a whole team in Apple is in hot water after the web exploded with the leaks coming from themGood news is: we benefit from confirmed information! Read on to learn more. 😉

Apple leaked iPhone 8 data?

Well, Apple pushed out the firmware for the $349 HomePod surprisingly way ahead of its release in December. (Fun fact: it’ll run on iOS 11.0.2, currently two patches ahead of what’s available for the public.)

So far 2 developers took the opportunity to check out the code. Little did they know, they’ll be discovering gold nuggets on the iPhone 8.

What did they discover? “Pearl and D22”

Face Recognition may certainly be a go for the iPhone 8. Steve Troughton-Smith discovered code name “Pearl” along with the lines of: BKFaceDetectOperation, settooCloseToCamera and setTooFarFromCamera to name a few. With all of the rumored trouble Apple was having with integrating Touch ID into the iPhone 8 screen, it appears that face recognition will take its place.

He also found mentions it’ll be using infrared camera which is more user friendly since it works well in low-light situations, compared to ones used in Galaxy S8 and likes.

While Guilherme Rambo found code name “D22” and rendered the phone icon available for it:

Looks pretty familiar right? 😉


No new leaks on the price?

Unfortunately, none coming from the horse’s mouth on that, although rumors are still at $1,000 to $1,400.

No going back with the $1,000 price range?

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