iPad Pro 10.5”: the perfect computer replacement?

Is Apple’s newest iPad an awesome must-have? Short answer? YES

Just this WWDC 2017, the California-tech giant released the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch!

Apple has been pushing the iPad as the perfect replacement for a computer. Is it worth it? How are the reviews so far? And as always we’re here to help you out!


The less-bezel display is considered as one of the new eye-catching features in this iPad Pro generation. One review considered it as the perfect middle ground for your iPad needs. While another called it the Goldilocks tablet.

Both are giving a nod to the upgrade in the display without sacrificing the weight. It still weighs around less than a pound too! Making it more portable and versatile. Another display pro is the ProMotion Technology which smartly adjusts the refresh rate up to 120Hz for smoother scrolling and motion.

While the tablet is also considered future-proof. Especially with the upcoming iOS11 upgrade. It has better interface on reading print handwriting to for those who take notes. There’s more room for typing too thanks to the full-size on-screen keyboard or full-size Smart Keyboard. The added 10.6 millimeters really helped according to this review.

Other notable specs are: 600 nits brightness, ultralow reflectivity and wide color gamut to name a few.


One probably big con for this reviewer is the price. It starts at a whopping $649 for Wi-Fi only and $799 for Wi-Fi and Cellular.

Another discusses the TrueTone display as just making the color of the display more yellow. The Smart Keyboard is also considered expensive at $159 which is a must for professionals to maximize use of the tablet.

While this mentions we might have not yet seen the full power of the tablet until iOS11 is released. And to just wait until then if this is worth buying.

There are still some reviews like this one claiming this iPad Pro is still not ready as a laptop replacement. Especially with its price just a stone throw away from the Macbook Pro which has more possibilities right now.

Seems Apple’s not kidding with the high prices...

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