Holiday Shopping Tips: getting ready for the rush!

Especially with Cyber Monday just around the corner too!

It’s that time of the season again folks for all the big sales and discounts! Are you geared up for the rush? Don't worry, we’ve got tips here that can help you out!


1. Have your Christmas Shopping list ready before Cyber Monday arrives

  • Writing one now might be a good idea. So as soon as all the deals come rolling around, you already know what to buy to score great deals too!

2. Sign up as early as now to newsletters

  • Some companies give out exclusive deals to their mailing list (maybe like us ;) ) that you might miss out on!

3. If shopping online: keep website open in multiple devices.

  • With lots of people browsing for deals, websites crashing may happen. But there’s a possibility it’s still available on other devices like on mobile or tablet.

4. Another online shopping tip: check online shops at different times

Tech Armor Amazon Storefront Tech Armor Amazon Storefront

5. If you’re planning to go to the stores: compare prices to get the best deals

  • With several deals trying to get your attention and maybe a hundred people making things crazier in the mall, best to know where to go.

6. One more for store buying: call for availability of the item you want

  • Probably the last thing everyone wants is staring at empty shelves of what you were planning to buy. Some may even let you reserve the item.

7. Prioritize protecting your identity

  • Keep track of all your expenses anywhere and everywhere you go while shopping. Keep watch on any fraudulent charges or even identity theft. (A Privacy screen protector will help you out here)

8. Also, pay with a credit card

  • Should someone steal your credit card info and use it, you’d have zero liability on those charges… check the terms and conditions with your cardholder to keep you protected!

9. A little heads up for the Tech fans: this might be a great time to buy an iPhone or TV!

10. Track and save order confirmations

  • Save it online and offline if you can! It can help you track down with your expenses (especially when your credit card bill knocks on your door) plus for exchange purposes too.


There you have it! We hope all this info help you out at one of the busiest times of the year!


As always, Tech Armor will always have your back! Plus make sure your trusty sidekick for the holidays (aka your phone) is armed and ready!

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