Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Officially Announced!


The Mobile World Congress started off with a bang as Samsung launched their Galaxy S9 and S9 PlusLet’s dive in with some initial reviews and features!


What’s new?


Let’s go first with their tagline: Camera ReimaginedImproved camera features include the super slow-mo that captures 960 frames per second. They went further by offering automatic Motion Detection that lets the phone start recording when it senses the movement.

They also have the AR Emoji (we’re guessing their answer to Apple’s Animojis) where you take a selfie and the phone will transform you into an emoji. You can change its mood and background that you can practically send to anyone.  Plus, they’ve added an Intelligent scan which is combining the Iris Scanner and Face Scanner so the phone will automatically have 2 ways of unlocking with you just looking at it (a response as well to Apple’s Face ID). Though CNET notes it’s not secure enough for mobile payments yet.


Now focusing at the back of the devices, you could also immediately see the fingerprint scanner placed below the camerathe singular camera for the S9 and the dual-camera for the S9 Plus.  

Samsung also gave the devices a form of surround sound audio with one of the microphones acting as second speaker. Trustedreviews goes on record saying it’s in the running to be the best phone of 2018.


What stayed from the previous Galaxy models?


The Infinity Display with the Galaxy S9 still boasts a 5.8-in screen and a 6.2-in for the Galaxy S9 Plus like their predecessors. Also the same: an 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen. Headphone jack lovers rejoice: it’s still on both of the flagship devices, which is also definitely approved by CNET. Another approval is the IP68 water resistance for both phones.


There’s also the formal and fun colors for both devices namely: Lilac Purple, Coral Blue, Midnight Black and Titanium Gray. The first 3 will be available in the US.


Ok, I’m sold! Now, how do I get the phone?


You can get yours by pre-ordering on Samsung’s website, but be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. The Galaxy S9 costs $719.99, while the Galaxy S9 Plus starts at $839.99. If you pre-ordered through the Shop Samsung App from March 2-5, you’ll get a guarantee delivery of March 14, however the global release is set at March 16.

Plus, the Verge also found other ways and places you can buy your phone like Best Buy. Read through their choices and pick the best one for you!


Hold on, how much is the phone again?


We know it’s quite pricey (no way to go but up as they say). But don’t worry as we’ve got your screen covered!


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