Fitbit Charge 2: great buy?

Best way to shoot for a healthier lifestyle?

With the rise of awesome smartphones, comes the cool wearables and smartwatches too. One of the greatest pros of having one is the health benefits it can give. Did the Fitbit Charge 2 catch your attention? Looking to get yours? Get more info below!


It’s definitely considered as an upgrade from its predecessor. The display is four times larger, which is a huge plus--- you get to see more info in just one glance. You can also customize the comfier rubber straps from the following styles: Classic, Luxe leather and their Special Editions. Making it more fashionable.

And choose from 3 sizes: small, large and XL.

The device can also automatically track if you’re exercising so you’ll continue to be in the zone.

One great highlight for the Fitbit Charge 2 is the PurePulse Heart Rate tracking technology without having to wear a chest strap. US Consumer Reports backed up the device’s reasonable level of heart-rate accuracy.


While a great firstthe Guided Breathing feature helps improve your condition---releasing stress or for cooling down.

Another awesome new feature is the VO2 Max that measures your heart rate based on your age and gender.

All standard fitness tracking data are also present and considered correct in the app. The app is also in easy to read format. Overall a solid successor fitness tracker.


It’s water resistant but not waterproof folks. It’s not also recommended by Fitbit to use while in the shower.

Interacting with the OLED display may also mean jabbing or poking it since it uses the accelerometer to tell when you’re hitting it since it’s not touch screen.  


How much is it?


The price starts at $149.95, so are you totally sold on buying one? Great! With that bigger screen comes greater responsibility to protect it - with the poking included too. Good thing Tech Armor has your back! ;) We’ve got the HD Clear Screen Protector in 2-pack! You could probably use the other one as spare or share with a fellow-Fitbit Charge 2 user!


Speaking of fitness, make sure to get moving too! Achieve a lifetime of movement with our friends from Motus EdgeStretch and warm-up with their Resistance Bands, while giving yourself extra protection with their Compression Sleeves!  

Decided to try Crossfit? They got a Starter Kit for that!


As always, Tech Armor has you covered! ;)


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