These days it's easy to take our tech devices for granted. We rely on them so frequently that they've become a part of our lives that we can't imagine living without. But that level of constant use and the fact that we take them for granted means that it's easy to overlook important things that we should be using along with them.

A perfect example of this is battery backup. Were you aware that about 85% of the people who use mobile devices today don't carry any kind of backup for their batteries? That's a huge number of the population, and it also means that only 15% of us are ready when we suddenly run out of battery power.

You've probably already experienced this problem for yourself, and being left with just a few bars on your battery power indicator can lead to serious stress. Potential issues associated with losing power include:

  • • No phone at all for those who use their mobile phone exclusively with no land line
  • • No way to contact work or complete your work if your mobile device plays a role in your job
  • • No way to contact help if an emergency arises
  • • Potential loss of data due to a sudden shut down
  • • Commuters can lose GPS functionality and other tools that help get them through their day
  • • And more


All in all, losing power is a major problem. It's also something that can happen easily. Today's apps are designed to prolong life as much as possible, but they can still lead to serious power drains in some cases. You might lose power before you know it, leaving you with little options.

A charger for a car is a good idea for most, but going even further with a portable powerbank is an even better idea. Our powerbanks allow you to get a full charge quickly and start using your device again no matter where you are. Even if you have no access to a car's power outlet or a wall charger, you'll be able to charge up fast. Check out our full range of powerbanks to see this affordable solution to a growing problem for yourself.