1. WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    Special rumors edition with WWDC in tow!

    New iOS? New devices? A lot of rumors coming up for the WWDC this June! Get caught up with all the info you need just in time for the event!


    The only sure known info right now is it will be on June 4-8 at the Mc Enery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Their teaser page promises a series of sessions, hand-on labs, consultations and guest speakers (none listed by name). 

    Now for the WWDC rumor mill bits:

    As a developer’s conference, we might get to see the iOS 12 where Apple redeems itself from the issue of the previous software version. The tech-giant will be focusing on improvements like the Face ID, being able to unlock the phone sideways or landscape mode. Plus more Animojis!


    They may also focus on the universal app feature for macOS 10.14 and iOS 12--- making apps compatible for both operating systems---hence, more apps available for Macs. You may remember that Apple purchased Beddit May last year, so we may get to see a sleep-tracking feature on watchOS 5 among other updates.

    What rumors for the devices?...

    The iPhone SE 2 is still a “will they, won’t they” device. If not during the WWDC, it may come out during the third quarter of the year or along with the other iPhones. You can expect a notch and no Touch ID on this one, folks! 

    Speaking of no Touch ID and notch, we may get to see iPad Pros (both the 12.9 and the 10.5-inch models) start to utilize this design too. Though it might not get an OLED display due to supplier issues.


    Now for some iPhone Rumors


    So far everyone seems to agree there will be 3 sure iPhones coming out this year: a refresh to the iPhone X, a larger "plus" version and a smaller, budget-friendly phone model

    A new development maybe the iPen which will support one (or two) of the iPhones. Sounds like the Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t it?


    Phew! That’s a lot of new (and surely expensive) devices!


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  2. Improved Charge N’ Go Lightning Earbuds: Ready to Go!

    Improved Charge N’ Go Lightning Earbuds: Ready to Go!

    Improved Charge N’ Go Lightning Earbuds: ready to go!

    Because the TA Nation always deserves the best!

    When Apple introduced a no-headphone jack phone design (starting with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus), things got quite tricky to use earphones… especially if you’re not a fan of the  $159 AirPods that need to be charged (and get lost or misplaced) or using the included adapter just to insert standard 3.5 mm headphones. Besides, if you’re like most of us, that adapter gets lost in the first few weeks after buying the phone!!

    To help out the iPhone users here in TA Nation, we designed our Charge N’ Go Earbuds! Simply connect the earphones to any Apple device with an 8-pin Lightning connection and you’re good to go! Oh and one more thing, you can charge your device with the separate charge port we added! Finally, you don’t have to worry about running out of power while listening to your favorite tunes or making important calls.

    But we didn’t stop there: we’ve improved our initial design for a better listening and charging experience!

    So, what’s new?

    The immediate change you’ll see would be the wires. We used flat cables to make them more durable compared to the standard round audio cables. Plus they’re now less likely to tangle--- providing more durability when you keep these in your pocket or in your bag!

    The shape of the earbuds also changed to provide a more comfortable fit. This is definitely helpful for those long [solo] trips so you can listen to some music and answer calls while giving your undivided attention.

    Lastly, the location of the charge port has also changed to a more ideal place---now located in line with one of the wires, instead of being separated into its own wire as in the first version. Now it’s easier to use and there’s less clutter around your phone.

    Word on the Street

    Don’t take our word for it… tech reviewer J. Williams got a first glimpse of the new set! You can watch his review here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRCgl3qyZQk

    These are available right now on our website and the 2.0 design will be coming out real soon on Amazon for everyone to enjoy!


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  3. Next iPhones: what’s new in the rumor mill?

    Next iPhones: what’s new in the rumor mill?

    Next iPhones: what’s new in the rumor mill?

    Is there a cheaper iPhone X refresh in our midst?


    Yes you read that right! Read on to learn more!


    Digitimes reports that Apple managed to lower the production cost of a 5.8-inch OLED phone which will be the upgrade to the iPhone X. Because of the price reduction and evidently lower specs, this version might be positioned as the cheapest version in the batch instead of the 6.1-in LCD oneA key player for the lower production is that Samsung Display was left with a lot of OLED displays at their disposal due to less demand of the iPhone X. Apple then reached an understanding with the Korean giant so the price won’t rise on the panels.

    For now this can mean one of 2 scenarios: Apple could keep the $999 price tag as the lowest or lower the price by around $100 to continue a price scheme similar to previous years. Originally, the cheapest rumored model in the batch, the 6.1-in was estimated to be around $800. Hopefully we get a lower price tag (fingers crossed!)


    For those not a fan of the usual black and silver color options, we might also get a new color! The Cupertino-tech giant is rumored to be manufacturing a Bush Gold color for the device.


    Leaked design for the iPhone X SE or iPhone SE 2?


    There have been talks that the two are different devices...but there are also talks that they’re the same device (potato-potato pronunciation kind of matter). But as of now, it’s still a quite debate. A user from Weibo is rumored to have leaked the video of the iPhone SE 2. Looking from the video, it looks nearer to the 4-in display of the iPhone SE than the 6.1-in LCD display of the said iPhone X SE but with a refreshed design similar to the iPhone X (hello notch, goodbye Touch ID)BGR also got exclusive sketches that is pretty similar to the video. Macworld goes on to say that if there is to be and iPhone SE 2, it would mostly be available for lower-end markets. While there’s still the running theory that the iPhone X SE is the 6.1-in LCD

    Although these rumors have been swirling around for months, we might get something new on March 27 when Apple goes to Chicago for a “field trip” . The topic up for discussion here will likely center on cheaper models of the MacBook and iPad, but we’re hoping for a little iPhone teaser too!


    That’s about it for this rumor roundup! Tune in for the next one after Apple’s announcement.


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    iPhone X? Definitely!

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  4. The Next iPhone: wildfire of rumors

    The Next iPhone: wildfire of rumors

    The Next iPhone: wildfire of rumors

    What can we expect from the new phone?

    With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ launched and about to be released, all eyes are now on Apple for their upcoming flagship phone. Although it’s still a few months out, rumors are pouring in like waterfalls! Read on to get on track!

    Just exactly what will the phone be called?

    First, do they have a name yet? A number of names are circulating all over the web. There’s the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and even the iPhone Edition pairing it with the recently released Apple Watch Edition. But for now, let’s go with the iPhone 8 as that is the most popular rumor.

    The New iPhone: Time for a refresh

    A great change in design is probably what everyone is hoping for in Apple’s upcoming phone. Many websites seem to agree that several prototypes are being tested for Apple’s next flagship phone.

    MacRumors report that Apple will be releasing 3 versions for the iPhone 8. Two versions with the standard LCD displays (4.7-in and 5.5-in models) and one with the major and premium redesign.

    The one with the major redesign is expected to have an edge-to edge screen display based on the sketches said to be made by a factory employee knowing of the plans. It similarly looks like the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones.

    This leaked schematics may be the origin of the sketches as it shows the bezel-less design. Another notable feature from the sketches is it implies the Touch ID sensor is embedded in the screen.

    Apple has taken into consideration of placing the sensors in front to beneath the display for quite some time and already has this U.S. Patent on how they’ll do just about that.

    Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also agrees to rumors that one version (most probably the premium one) will use a curved AMOLED display. This version will have a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen. 5.2-inch will be the usable area in the phone.

    Next question: who will be supplying the display screens? The Korea Herald reported that Apple has already ordered plastic OLED displays from Samsung Display. Yes, you read that right!

    Apple may or may not be bringing the Smart Connector to the new iPhone. This may be used for augmented/virtual reality accessories. It’s added that new Apple TV Streamer and Airplay may be on the way that supports AR/VR.

    Other possible specs we might see in the new flagship screen are: the True Tone Technology, Apple’s next generation processor: the A10X or A11 and a shift from aluminum to a glass and stainless steel body.

    As everyone is excited for the upcoming anniversary phone, many renderings of the device have circulated; the retro or reminiscent look to the very first iPhone is quite popular in the web.

    News on the launch and release date?

    Launch and preorder is still expected to push through on September. But Apple analyst Brian White says deliveries for the 5.8-inch starts “several weeks later.” Although it might have some delay, it’s expected to be here on or before this year’s holiday season. The reason for the delay is said to be regarding the 3D-sensing technology.

    How much will the new iPhone be?

    Rumored prices start at $850-$900 USD for the entry level or 64GB model. There have been talks that the price may spike up to $1,000 USD---as of now there’s no confirmation about this yet.

    Wow, it just keeps getting and getting more expensive…

    That means screen replacement will likely be more costly as well. Don’t worry because Tech Armor will always have your back! We will have lots of products for you to arm your future iPhone 8 with like our signature Ballistic Glass and 3D Curved Ballistic. Without worries you can keep on playing and we’ll do the protecting! ;)

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