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  1. iPhone 2018 Rumors: what’s new?

    iPhone 2018 Rumors: what’s new?

    iPhone 2018 Rumors: what’s new?

    The rumor mill doesn’t sleep folks!

    Could the new iPhones set to release in 2018 be a bit cheaper this year? Will there be an iPhone SE 2 in 2018?  Let’s see what the rumor mill has to say about these!


    Cheaper iPhone?


    The 6.1-in LCD display device may be in the works now as Apple made a panel order with Japan Display. And according to Business Insider, this 6.1-in LCD is cheaper to produce, so this iPhone may sell for as low as $550 and as high as $650… that’s for a single-sim model. Yes folks, there may be a dual-sim standby option for this budget-friendly device in the works. But is expected to be a bit more expensive with $650-$750 price range.


    What About the 2nd gen iPhone X?


    Apple has been bargaining with Samsung to lower the cost of the OLED displays, in  hopes of lowering the cost of the next generation iPhones too. Apple’s has also had talks with LG for OLED display production though they are currently having difficultiesIf LG won’t be able fix the issues in time, Samsung would have the monopoly and firm control over the prices of the display...and the iPhones just like last year.

    The 5.8-in OLED display model will be quite similar to the existing iPhone X. The 6.5-in display is the one that said to possibly have additional features like dual-sim card design and use of an “iPen” that may be similar with the Apple Pencil. ( A potential nod to the Galaxy Note series?)


    A May or June iPhone release?


    You read that right! As early as May or June 2018 (at the Worldwide Developer Conference), we may be seeing the iPhone SE 2! There’s been a pattern that after Apple registered devices on the Eurasian Economic Commision database, an announcement of those devices are not far afterFor those who are more into a way more budget friendly phone, this one’s especially for you! It’s said to be quite similar with its first generation, with Touch ID BUT without the headphone jack. (Don't worry we have you covered there with our Lightning Earbuds.) For those with clumsy hands, be careful: the iPhone SE 2 may also have a glass backing.

    Phew! Everything’s going glass….much more breakable!

    We totally understand where you’re coming from... that’s why Tech Armor will always have your back! We’ll protect your iPhones from the daily wear and tear and those heart-stopping (and heartbreaking) drops and scratches!

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  2. Rumored iPhone Models for 2018

    Rumored iPhone Models for 2018

    The latest rumors on the next iPhones: yes, not just one (or two)!

    How many new iPhones will Apple launch?

    It’s been just months since the iPhone X was launched and they’re already rumors about the next batch of phones!

    Rise of the new design

    So far, the rumor mill is going for 3 or at most 4 iPhones being released by Apple this year. There’s still no clear names so for now, let’s go with:

    Of the 4 phones, the iPhone SE 2 is the most uncertain if it sees the light of day this 2018. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo report that should this push through, we’ll mostly just see internal updates like a faster processor.  If ever, a hardware change that we might see is a glass back for wireless charging like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And its release can be as early as May or June 2018.

    The main reason is the California tech-giant’s focus is on the 3 other models to avoid last year’s shipment delay concerns. The iPhone X (2nd gen), iPhone X Plus and iPhone X SE are expected to be launched on September, Apple’s usual cycle on their smartphones.

    We might have to say goodbye to the Touch ID as these 3 phones are said to feature the Face ID as they will be equipped with the TruDepth camera system.  The iPhone X (2nd gen) and iPhone X Plus will have 4GB of RAM and made with Stainless Steel Frame Material.


    The iPhone X SE will represent the affordable version of the 3, having an aluminum frame material, single lens camera and uses LCD display. But LCD display that’ll be used may only require ultra-slim 0.5mm bezels on all sides!


    Excited to see the new phones?! (But not really about the rising price…)

    The prices are pretty wallet-denting (with the iPhone X at the $1,000 price range), but on the bright side, you don’t have to pay a flagship price for the best protection for your devices! As promised, Tech Armor will always be here to help you out!


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  3. Phone Showdown: iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus vs Pixel 2 XL

    Phone Showdown: iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus vs Pixel 2 XL

    Phone Showdown: iPhone 8 Plus vs Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X

    Which is the best for you?

    Google and Apple released great new phones just this past month! Are you going Android or iOS? Touch ID or Face ID? We’re here to help you out with a rundown of the pros and cons of each!

    Display (Battle of the bezels...or slowly the lack of them)

    The iPhone 8 Plus has minor screen improvements compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. The screen is a 5.5 inch, 1080p LCD panel, but now includes the iPad’s True Tone technology that changes colors based on the lighting in surrounding. Oh, and this model still has thick bezels around all sides.

    iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8 Plus


    Meanwhile, the Pixel 2 XL uses a Quad HD 2880x1440 panel, which has the OLED benefit of intense black levels. It’s mostly fantastic for this reviewer. Most progress is found on this phone with the smaller bezels like the iPhone X. The screen size is 6 inches compared with the 5.8 inches of the iPhone X…. and they are almost at identical weight.

    Google Pixel 2 Google Pixel 2

    Apple stepped up its game by using an OLED display with the iPhone X. Though not necessarily a larger display from previous iPhones, just an elongated 18.5:9  aspect ratio.


    Where it does stand out is the contrast ratio, power savings combined with the True Tone Technology and it also strikes the best balance between realism and saturated colors. The display can be cropped out because of the cutout “notch” on the top sensor bar which may be a con for some.



    In terms of DxOMark scores, the Pixel 2 XL gets above the rest by setting the new record. It may just have one camera at the back a 12.2MP f/1.8, but has both optical and electronic image stabilization (the front-facing camera is 8MP f/2.4).


    This reviewer prefers the Pixel 2 XL as the device knows when to saturate colors and when not to.


    The iPhone 8 Plus has a dual-lens camera at the back: 12MP f/1.8 wide-angle camera and 12MP f/2.8 telephoto camera ( no optical image stabilization for either cameras). The front camera is just 7MP f/2.2.


    The iPhone X has the same 12MP wide angle camera as the iPhone 8 Plus but the second 12MP telephoto camera is faster and includes optical image stabilization. However, the highlight is on the front camera: the 7MP TrueDepth camera. This technology enables the new Face ID technology and the popular Animoji feature.

    iPhone X iPhone X

    Both iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are capable of augmented reality, which is still in its infancy, but promises more to come in 2018.


    Hardware/Repair Concerns


    The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are made of glass front and back. And the latter is right now considered as the priciest to repair. It’ll cost you $279 for screen repair and $549 for other damages (like the glass back). The iPhone 8 Plus is not far behind with screen repair at $169 and $399 for other damages. Meanwhile, the Pixel 2 XL’s screen repair is at $220 and for the small glass panel at the back, it’ll cost you around $160.


    Drop Tests


    The iPhone 8 Plus glass back shattered in just 1 drop. Yikes! While the Pixel 2 XL gets just a few scratches.

    And in a face drop, the Pixel 2 XL gets the most damage, shattering the top portion and even missing some glass parts.

    iPhone 8 Plus vs. Google Pixel 2 Drop Test iPhone 8 Plus vs. Google Pixel 2 Drop Test

    While in our previous blog, we got to check out how iPhone X will have practically the same result as the iPhone 8.


    Expensive but great phones! Though that’s A LOT of cracks in a beautiful screen.

    Not to worry as Tech Armor is here to make sure that doesn’t happen! Arm your Google Pixel 2 XL and iPhone 8 Plus with us so you won’t worry about any part of the screen go missing!

    And for your iPhone X, we’ve got the best screen protectors and cases to keep all your glass intact, while showcasing that new and awesome phone. ;)


    Tech Armor: You Play, We Protect!

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  4. iPhone X: worth the wait and the risk?

    iPhone X: worth the wait and the risk?

    iPhone X: worth the wait and the risk?

    After the [very] long wait, it’s finally here! And the reviews are in too!

    One of the biggest risks Apple went with for their anniversary phone is switching to Face ID from Touch ID. Plus concerns were raised. Was it worth it though?


    Is the new phone worth denting your wallet over? Not to worry as we’ve got more info to help you out!


    Pros of the phone?


    Going back to the Face ID...overall it has good reviews so far! It works well when this reviewer brought it to Disneyland for a test run. While another did several face cover-ups and experiments and got good results. We tried ours out in the office with different hats and sunglasses and (so far) no issues! For many, this has been considered as a fine and perfectly workable replacement to the Touch ID (even better for many others!).


    Another new feature we see is the OLED Display. The 5.8-in screen shows great black levels and color. Its 2,436 x 1,125-pixel resolution is also razor sharp. The iPhone X is by far the best screen on an iPhone.

    iPhone X

    While it’s also comfortable in the hand compared to the iPhone Plus phones. Overall, quite a perfect size with edge to edge screen.


    There’s also the popular Animojis! It uses the iPhone X 3D-mapping sensors and ARKit with surprising accuracy and they are super fun.

    iPhone X animojis

    As advertised, the cameras are also better as they let you do much more than previous versions  with the 12-megapixel wide-angle lens with an f./1.8 aperture and the 12-megapixel telephoto lens with f/2.4 aperture.


    What’s not so great about the new phone?


    With an ultra-fast processor and several new features and gestures, the battery does take a hit. On battery life, 1 charge would just last you around a single day. (TA Note: we’ve got powerbanks and chargers to help you out there!)


    Some may find the notch on top where the True Depth, 3D-sensor cameras are found a bit distracting with the whole screen experience (especially when using non-native apps that haven’t been adjusted for the screen yet).


    And yes… obviously, cost! The iPhone X is expensive in every sense possible. The 64GB capacity costs $999 while the 256GB is priced at $1,149. Plus, if you break it, Apple can charge you around $549 for repair!!


    And folks the iPhone X can easily break.


    This review mentioned the chrome frame seems destined to get scratched and dinged, while CNET’s first drop test already showed a VERY visible (and painfully expensive to repair) damages on the phone. That’s just from pocket height or 3 feet. SquareTrade rated it as the most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone, ever. Their face down drop test at 6 feet showed OLED screen malfunction, shattered and loose glass in the phone. And that’s just 1 drop.

    iPhone X drop

    And to put the icing in the cake, many people have already broken theirs in less than a few hours of having it.


    I think the iPhone X is for me but the possible damages are SCARY.


    If you want to go with the iPhone X, you never have to worry about drops and scratches as Tech Armor has you covered! Sure, you might have put down a little extra money for Apple Care or another insurance plan, but if you break it you still have to be without your phone while it’s being repaired. Why not shield it from drops and scratches?


    You’re all set with us as we rolled out our Ballistic Glass Screen Protector and FlexProtect case to keep your new phone safe!


    Installation Hack!!

    Last week when the phone was launched, we received feedback from many people about challenges installing our Ballistic Glass. We get it, there’s no speaker cutout AND no home button anymore, so how can you possibly line this up correctly?? Not to worry, we created a new instructional video with an easy tip that will have your iPhone X screen protector lined up perfectly.

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  5. Apple Event 2017: 3 iPhones launched and more... Hello, iPhone X!

    Apple Event 2017: 3 iPhones launched and more... Hello, iPhone X!

    Apple Event 2017: 3 iPhones launched and more... Hello, iPhone X!

    Apple lovers were in for a treat!

    After months of speculation and rumor, the new iPhones are now launched! And we were in for a twist with the official names! Plus even more!

    For months we’ve been circulating rumors and imagery about the new front face of the iPhone 8? Well, it’s officially called the iPhone X! What about the phones rumored to be called iPhone 7S and 7S Plus? That’s tofficially he iPhone 8 and 8 Plus!

    Read on as we give you the rundown of the Apple Event!

    First up are the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

    The iPhone 8 has a 4.7” widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display with a 1334-by-750 pixel resolution at 326 ppi, while the iPhone 8 Plus sports a 5.5” widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display and a 1920-by-1080 resolution at 401 ppi.

    Both phone displays have the Retina HD Display with True Tone Technology, they’re powered by the ultra powerful A11 Bionic Chip and they are calibrated for Augmented Reality. The iPhone 8 Plus has dual cameras, Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting (although still in beta)

    And folks, these 2 phones still have Touch ID.

    Both will be available at 64GB and 256GB capacities. Price for the iPhone 8 starts at $699. While the iPhone 8 Plus at $799. Preorder starts September 15 and will be available by September 22.

    And now for the phone that has been widely rumored: the iPhone X (or called as the iPhone Ten)!

    The phone boasts of a 5.8 inch all-screen OLED Multi-Touch Display and a 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi. Apple has coined this as the first to have the Super Retina Display. The device is powered by the A11 Bionic chip too.

    Here we have to say goodbye to the Touch ID. The iPhone X now has a remarkable Face ID that is enabled by a sensor array called the TruDepth Camera for facial recognition. Other than unlocking your phone, this will be used for Apple Pay and stunning selfies! Like the iPhone 8 Plus, this also has the Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting.

    Augmented Reality is also pushed for this phone. One notable new feature is the Animoji! Check the Apple website for the most detailed account of all specifications.

    The iPhone X will be available at 64GB and 256GB capacities, while pricing starts at $999. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait awhile… preorder for the phone starts on October 27 and will be available by November 3.

    So we have this current iPhone line:

    And there’s more than JUST phones!

    Apple Watch

    What’s new for the Apple Watch is the capability of cellular built right in. You can connect your iPhone number to the watch and don’t have to bring your phone! Although the case for Series 3 is the same for Series 2, the new features are crazy! You can stream 40 million songs directly to your watch, monitor your health stats and elevate your workouts with a host of new fitness apps. Price starts at $329 for GPS enabled only and $399 for the one with both GPS and cellular built-in. Preorder starts Sept 15 while it’ll be available by September 22.

    Apple TV

    This has also been upgraded with combination of 4K and High Dynamic Range for a more lifelike view. Live sports, live news will now also be streamed in the TV App. It’ll be available at 32GB and 64GB capacities. Price starts at $179.

    Ok, as rumored, these phones are seriously expensive!

    We totally understand how this can put a dent on your wallet. (The $999 price for the iPhone X is quite huge.) That’s why we at Tech Armor want to make sure that your devices are as protected as possible!

    For the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus our top-rated iPhone 7 and 7 Plus screen protectors are ready to protect your devices!

    Not to worry about the iPhone X! We got this covered with screen protectors and an awesome case too!

    Here at Tech Armor, we’ll always make sure your devices are protected so you can keep on playing! ;)

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