1. WWDC 2018: keynote highlights and more!

    WWDC 2018: keynote highlights and more!

    WWDC 2018: keynote highlights and more!

    Apple’s got something new to show!

    The new iPhones may be months away but Apple’s announced huge software updates during the WWDC 2018 keynote that are definitely worth checking out! Don’t fret as we’ve got them outlined below for you!


    Updated operating systems

    iOS 12

    Facing backlash from a less than stellar experience with iOS 11, Apple want to make a comeback with the iOS 12 operating sytem. They are going for a more user-friendly experience with features like privacy settings while browsing the web. Plus, they're making devices faster with performance boosts to accessing the camera and faster app launch even with heavy phone usage.


    The tech giant is also getting more in-depth with AR by introducing ARKit 2. With this new feature you can have the same augmented reality environment in different devices and in their own point of view! Cool! For Animoji lovers, they’ve also added in new animals plus you can create an Animoji of yourself or Memoji (Samsung ring a bell?) ! These are now also supported on FaceTime and you can communicate with 32 people at the same time

    One developer poked around the iOS 12 and saw references of the Face ID feature coming to the iPad which has long been rumored.


    macOS Mojave

    Some might have been waiting for hardware changes but for now, we’ve got an updated OS. So from macOS High Sierra, we now go to macOS Mojave. They also focused on desktop security with strengthened privacy features, especially while you’re browsing on the internet or “fingerprinting” will be more difficult to track by ads firms.


    There’s also the Continuity Camera feature that allows you to take a photo with your iPhone and directly place it on a file in your Mac. Speaking of that connection, Apple also introduced a sneak peak of a shared app platform to migrate iOS apps to macOS apps with minimal code changes.


    Apple Watch OS 5

    One of the notable features is the instant audio messaging app called Walkie-Talkie where you can chat with someone through your Apple watch. Sounds a bit James Bond right? Hardware-wise we only got cases and Apple Watch bands… seems they’re saving the best for the September event!


    That’s it for the overview! Don’t forget to update your Apple devices with the new operating systems so your data is secured with the latest privacy features! As for the hardware, you can update your device protection with us! Check out the Tech Armor Website for all the devices we’re currently protecting… or go to our Amazon Storefront Page if you prefer prime shipping.


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  2. WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    WWDC 2018 and the next iPhones: what to expect?

    Special rumors edition with WWDC in tow!

    New iOS? New devices? A lot of rumors coming up for the WWDC this June! Get caught up with all the info you need just in time for the event!


    The only sure known info right now is it will be on June 4-8 at the Mc Enery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Their teaser page promises a series of sessions, hand-on labs, consultations and guest speakers (none listed by name). 

    Now for the WWDC rumor mill bits:

    As a developer’s conference, we might get to see the iOS 12 where Apple redeems itself from the issue of the previous software version. The tech-giant will be focusing on improvements like the Face ID, being able to unlock the phone sideways or landscape mode. Plus more Animojis!


    They may also focus on the universal app feature for macOS 10.14 and iOS 12--- making apps compatible for both operating systems---hence, more apps available for Macs. You may remember that Apple purchased Beddit May last year, so we may get to see a sleep-tracking feature on watchOS 5 among other updates.

    What rumors for the devices?...

    The iPhone SE 2 is still a “will they, won’t they” device. If not during the WWDC, it may come out during the third quarter of the year or along with the other iPhones. You can expect a notch and no Touch ID on this one, folks! 

    Speaking of no Touch ID and notch, we may get to see iPad Pros (both the 12.9 and the 10.5-inch models) start to utilize this design too. Though it might not get an OLED display due to supplier issues.


    Now for some iPhone Rumors


    So far everyone seems to agree there will be 3 sure iPhones coming out this year: a refresh to the iPhone X, a larger "plus" version and a smaller, budget-friendly phone model

    A new development maybe the iPen which will support one (or two) of the iPhones. Sounds like the Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t it?


    Phew! That’s a lot of new (and surely expensive) devices!


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  3. Kevlar®-Reinforced Lightning Cables: your next must-have!

    Kevlar®-Reinforced Lightning Cables: your next must-have!

    Kevlar®-Reinforced Lightning Cables: your next must-have!

    Tech Armor is stepping up the charging game to help you out!

    How many lightning cables do you have at home? Or maybe a better question is how many have you broken over the years? That will definitely be a thing of the past with our newest lightning cable line!

    Made with Kevlar®?

    Yes, folks! We’ve added Kevlar® on the interior of our cables to provide a stronger, more durable charge and sync solution for your Apple devices. This material is known for for being featherweight while having 8 times the tensile strength or resistance force of a steel wire.  It’s commonly used to create bulletproof vests, car tires, car breaks and strings of archery bows just to name a few.

    As with our other lightning cables, these are also MFi-Certified; they have endured the rigorous testing from Apple and met all their standards. So it’s safe to charge and sync various iPhones and iPads without worry.


    Using products approved by Apple is a great investment since there is strict quality control for these accessories. Plus, starting with the iOS 7, the device can already detect several “fake” cables ensuring your safety from unwanted damage either to your device due to power surges or to you (electric shock, etc.).

    We developed this new line with our signature, external braided nylon jacket for added strength while preventing tangles/crimping. And to put the extra cherry on top, we added a “strain relief” connector on both sides of the cable to prevent breakage at the most vulnerable area: the ends! That’s true 360-degree protection!

    But hold on, we didn’t stop there: these cables also have our Limited Lifetime Warranty, just like our screen protectors, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered!


    Awesome! Are they available now?

    Yes to that too! You can get yours on our website or on (to take advantage of that sweet Amazon Prime shipping). You can choose from Black or Space Gray in 2 ft or 6 ft sizes. Whether you’re looking for a home, office or travel solution, we’ve got you covered!

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  4. Apple goes back to school

    Apple goes back to school

    Apple goes back to school!

    And with updated tech too for students


    It may be Spring Break (and with summer just around the corner), but Apple surprised everyone by having a “field trip” at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago for special announcements.


    From the iPhone X late last year, the Cupertino giant went back to its roots: helping with education.

    Read the rundown below!


    Apple highlighted how the iPad and the different apps have helped students throughout the years. To add, they also said a popular choice is the 9.7-in iPad released last year.


    To take it up a notch: the tech-giant announced a refreshed and more powerful 9.7-in iPad that now also supports the Apple Pencil.


    It uses Retina display with 2048x1536 resolution and powered by Apple’s A10 Fusion chip to aid in multi-tasking and graphic needs on the tablet. The tablet’s price starts $329 for consumers while schools can buy it at $299.


    And the tablet is available now!!!

    Although the Apple Pencil costs $99, there is some good news: Logitech released an alternative called Crayon that’s priced at $49.


    On the software front, Apple also announced updated apps for a more engaging experience for students. To name a few: they gave a sneak peak to Smart Annotation for Pages for commenting and editing papers.


    Also, bringing Digital Book Creation to the iPad that can be customized by the users with images videos and drawings with the Apple Pencil. The latter can also be shared with others for collaboration. There is Boulevard AR where students can view museums and paintings up close and Froggipedia where everyone can check and dissect a frog without hurting real one.


    It’s “more powerful than virtually every chromebook” was said during the presentation (pretty much an answer to the Chromebook garnering 60% of new machines in schools last year vs Apple)


    For Shared iPads, students just tap their name and picture on the tablet to open their account. When they log off, the iPad will be ready for the next student who’ll use it.


    Another highlight coming from the event is increasing the iCloud storage for every Apple managed ID from 5GB to 200GB!


    While the Classroom app for teachers is available on iPad and will be available on Mac as beta in June, there’s also a brand new app called Schoolwork that will be available in June. Here you can place handouts, check student progress and integrate apps like a worksheets.


    There was also emphasis on keeping all data private (i.e. only teachers can see the progress). Apple’s passion about security in all their devices was a recurring theme in the event.

    This all sounds great! Will you buy one for your child?  Or one for YOU?... it’s still quite hefty price


    Not to worry as we’ve got you covered! Our existing screen protector for the iPad 9.7 will also fit the new 2018 model and (like the new model) it’s available now!


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  5. What’s New From Apple? iOS 11.3, New Models and More!

    What’s New From Apple? iOS 11.3, New Models and More!

    What’s New From Apple? iOS 11.3, New Models and More!

    They sure have been busy!

    We’re still just in February and we’ve got a lot of announcements from Apple! (and a few more rumors too) ;)


    What have they been up to?


    The tech giant released a second iOS 11.3 beta with new updates like a few more animojis. Here are a couple! :)



    Plus, you can choose to get all your messages synced in all your macOS and iOS devices by storing it and encrypting it on iCloud. The official iOS version is expected to be released sometime this Spring.


    But starting now you can get your device ready for the new update with some info from GottaBeMobile. A few tips they provide are clearing some device storage for the new update and keeping your device charged to start the installation process (we can help out with that last one).


    Speaking of charge, a lot of Apple fans are pretty upset that the tech giant DOES secretly throttle with its older iPhones. In the new iOS they’re trying to address the situation in the battery settings section.

    And Apple is giving the option of buying a new battery at $29 (from the original $79 price). If you choose the latter, it’s reported there’s now a shortened time period for getting the battery replacements.


    There’s also talks about being on team Touch ID and team Face ID.  Both has its pros and cons (from the looks of it, Face ID is the future for Apple), so it’s just a matter of what your cup of tea is...for now.

    If you’re trying to save a few bucks but want a great iPhone, Apple’s now selling refurbished iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices and at a great steal according to the Business Insider.


    You can pair that too with refurbished Apple Watch Series 3. It’s also Apple certified like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus so not much to worry on the quality.


    Of course how can we forget: the Apple HomePod is here! It got some hits like Siri’s quick response to your commands and always has your music requests covered plus 360 degree room filling sound.


    And some misses too like limited commands you can give Siri unlike with Amazon’s Alexa. The HomePod also leaves marks on wood furniture which can be caused by reaction of the silicone base and the surface table.


    What could be next?


    Even this early, everyone’s already excited with the next batch of iPhones! It’s been previously rumored that there’ll be 3 iPhones launched this year.

    What we can add right now for that is the next batch might have smaller notches. Apple is currently trying to adjust the TrueDepth Camera to make it happen.

    Most talks in the rumor mill currently are for the iPhone X SE or also known as the budget friendly edition version. Rumor has it that model will replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and sell a total of 100 million units according to Ming-Chi Kuo. And the price can be as low as $699


    We also have a few info for the upcoming iPad Pro. Its new design would mostly be based on the iPhone X. Don’t worry about the notch part--- reportedly none would be in the tablet. We’ll probably get to see the new iPad Pros this summer.


    Wow, not sure which one to pick!


    Whichever you choose, Tech Armor will always have you covered! We’ve got everything you need to keep all your Apple devices safe from drops and scratches!  That’s not all, we’ve got the perfect accessories to pair your phone or tablet with! Check out our Apple Lightning Earbuds, Car Mounts, Powerbanks and Apple MFi Certified Cables.


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