The rumors have been flying around for weeks now, but one thing we know for certain: Apple will announce a new iPhone (rumored to be the 6s) next week on September 9th.

Here’s everything we’ve heard so far:

Tech Radar reports that recent leaks from two major German carriers state the 6s will go on sale on September 18, however an earlier leaked Vodafone email claimed that it will be later in the month on September 25. Either way, it seems likely that the newest Apple flagship phone will likely be available before October.


Far from the leap between iPhone 5 and 6, the iPhone 6s is rumored to be almost identical in size with a reported 0.2mm increase in thickness to accommodate a more robust battery, Force Touch technology and upgrades for Touch ID. Even with the increase, we’re happy to report that existing Active Series and FlexProtect case lines from Tech Armor will still provide complete protection for the new model as well.

Force Touch
While 9to5Mac speculates Force Touch will be called something else when it's announced on the iPhone, many sites agree that it will be a part of the new device. Already in use on the track pad on the latest MacBook Pro models along with the Apple Watch, Force Touch technology expands on screen response to determine the difference between a tap and a press. This will open up a host of new UX applications on the latest device as well as further drive home the need for a quality screen protector to withstand the increased pressure. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass and HD Clear screen protectors (available in conjunction with the new model release) offer superior protection while retaining maximum clarity and force touch sensitivity.

In the wake of the “selfie” trend, Apple looks to be bolstering its front-facing camera from the existing 1.2 MP up to 5 MP according to Digital Trends who also predict an upgraded rear camera with the potential for 4K video.

All sources seem to indicate a similar price structure to last year’s launch of the iPhone 6 as Apple will likely keep the 16GB model in this next upgrade.

Why pay full price for the new Apple model?? There are several channels available today for you to resell your existing phone and drastically offset the cost of the new one. Here are a couple recent sources of information:

Important Note Regarding Resale:
The single largest factor that will limit your buyback is the condition of the screen and (secondarily) the body of the phone. Arming your device with a Tech Armor screen protector and case is the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the most value for your phone when the time comes to switch.

At Tech Armor we’re ready to rock as soon as Apple makes the big announcement, so stay tuned for a big announcement of our own when the new device hits shelves including how you can register to win a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus!