The official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be on February 21st, but in the lead-up to the main event itself a lot of information about it has been “leaked” as a way to drive up buzz.  The following tidbits are currently floating around the technology pressrooms (and keep in mind that all these facts map prove untrue):

  1. 1. The Micro USB Remains

While the new Type C USB cables were all the buzz at CES in January, it seems that Samsung has decided not to incorporate this new universal standard as a recently leaked image shows the phone with the same standard connection as the GS6 model.

  1. 2. Water Proof?

With the debate still ongoing as to whether the S7 Edge+ will remain available or if the S7 Edge will stand alone, one interesting feature seems to be included on the new models: water resistance! It appear someone "accidentally" leaked this video, on an unlisted Samsung Indonesia channel showing "The Next Galaxy" with no actual mention of the phone model. The sustained shots of the phone in the rain could confirm the rumor that this new model is water proof (or at least resistant).

  1. 3. The Price Is Lower

According to a European rumor mill, the Galaxy S7 is going to retail at 699 euros, and the S7 Edge will add 100 to that for a total of 799.  This is roughly 50 euros less than how much the Galaxy S6 cost when it was first introduced, and it undercuts the iPhone S6 by about the same as well.  Thus, unless Apple plans on cutting its own prices for the iPhone S7 by the same mount, the Galaxy is going to be seriously cheaper.  The exact numbers in American dollars aren’t out just yet, perhaps in part due to the way every carrier has a slightly different price, but it’s expected to follow Europe’s example.

  1. 4. The Battery Is Bigger

This one we’ve got a pretty good grasp on since it’s a government agency disclosing some official information.  While previous models of the Samsung Galaxy were content with 2600 mAh, the new S7 is going to jump up to 3600 mAh.  This means the S7 can provide 6 more hours of calls, 5 more hours of video playback, or 19 more hours of audio playback than the S6,

  1. 5. The Glass Animal Is Different

Instead of sticking with the industry standard Gorilla Glass, the Galaxy S7 may be using a new variety called Turtle Glass, a name which Samsung registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in September of 2015.  According to some rumors, Turtle Glass may even be a real contender for the toughest mobile device glass available and not just a way for Samsung to insource its glass production.

  1. 6. The Camera Size Is Changing

Physically, the Galaxy S7’s camera is going to be smaller and flush with the back of the phone instead of sticking out the way it does with the S6.  However, this smaller size may have led to a smaller resolution – unless it hasn’t.  The current Galaxy S6 uses a 16 megapixel resolution, and while some rumors expect this to grow to 20 megapixels, others claim it will drop to 12 instead.  Either way, it’s expected that the color depth and light balance technology will be taking a step forward.

Something else you can expect to be coming out soon is Tech Armor’s Galaxy S7 screen protectors and accessories.  While Turtle Glass may turn out to be tougher than the original Gorilla, the fact is that glass is still glass and a bad drop onto concrete or a sandy beach will likely mean an expensive repair or replacement, and even if it’s covered under your warranty it’ll mean having to wait days as the phone goes through a round trip for its repairs.  But if a screen protector takes the damage instead, you’re only out a few dollars while your phone is still good to go.

Statement:  Samsung is leaking like a faucet as the Galaxy S7 prepares for primetime.